save you tonight

Molly is not a regular 18 year old girl. she used to be, why isnt she? well because her "father" well john to her, abuses her and drinks. a lot. but what happens when shes running his errands? will Niall Horan change her life for good? read and find out :)


8. nightmares

nialls POV:

i love molly so much but i dont know how to show her. maybe ill take her on a romantic date when she can come home and shes feeling better, ya! thats what im going to do i text liam because hes the most level-headed and probably knows what to do for this sort of thing (l=liam n=nial)

n:hey mate im gonna stay at the hospital with molly again tonight but can you help me with something?

l:ok and ya 'course i can what do you need help with?

n:i want to take molly on a romantic date on friday :)

l:aww ;) ok ill see what i can think of love uuuu tell molly we say hi!

n:haha ok i will thanks ;)x

i laugh to myself "the guys say hi haha"  "oh well hi guys!" we laugh and talk for the next hour until a nurse come in "oh! your awake! well its good to have you back ms.felds, but ill need you to take this pill for me can you do that?"  "yes m'am" she hands her a little white pill and  cup of water and the nurse leaves then she whispers to me "niall"  "ya?"  "ive never had to swallow pills what if i die!"  "haha its ok babe you wont die just put it in your mouth and drink the water and swallow it its easy"  "yous sure?"  i giggle "here ill do it too hold on" i go out to one of the nurses and ask for a tylonol cause i have a 'headache' she gives it to me "thanks" i go back to mollys room where she is insecting and sizing up the pill haha aw shes so cute i laugh when i see her "what? dont laugh at me!" she pouts at me "aww babe im sorry but the pill isnt an enemy you dont have to glare at it" she gives me a small smile "ok i got a tylonol haha we're gonna swallow them together ok?"  "ok" i put the little pill on my tongue and she does the same i close my mouth and take a big swig of the water and swallow it she squeezes her eyes shut and swallows it "yaaay!!!" i clap and she lust smile and laughs "that wasnt even as bad as i though!" she states "see i told you, you coud do it" we sit up against the wall and talk, i have my arm over her shoulder while she lays on my chest and i play with her hair "niall"  "yes?"  "can i tell you something?"  "of course you can"  "the night you found me in the store.."  "ya..."  "the night before, john raped me" tears form in her eyes, "it was horrible, that was the one thing he hadn't taken away from me that was the one this i thought he would grant me, my innocence, but no!" i stroke her hair and rub her back "that fucking ass hole had to take away my virginity from me! i hope he burns in the fiery pits of fucking hell!" she shouts "hey its ok quiet down dont worry im going to make sure he does ok?" she calms down a bit "ok you promise?" "i promise" and with that she falls asleep on my  chest so i decide to sleep to, i havent slept in days, i close my eyes and drift off 

Mollys POV:

i see him drive up in his truck. i hurry to the living room he unlocks all three lock and whips the door open "MOLLY" "yes john" he grabs me by my hair, i shriek "SHUT THE FUCK UP YOU LITTLE CUNT MAKE A NOISE AND ILL KILL YOU" i did what i was told and shut my my mouth as he dragged me up the stairs and kicked open my bedroom door he throws me on the floor and i hit my head, i think its over but its not he lifts me back up by my hair and throws me on my bed and sits on top of me "no no! stop!!!" i try to stop him but he doesnt "SHUT THE FUCK UP!!!!" he rips off my shirt and smirks he puts his disgusting lips on mine to try to make me shut up i punch his chest and squirm but it does nothing he rips off my pajama pants and touches me i knee him in the groin and wriggle my my way out "YOU GET BACK HERE RIGHT THIS FUCKING INSTANT!" i run down the stair and throw things behind me as i go i can hear him nearing behind me so i stop at a window and try to open in, locked, locked! ,locked!! DAMN IT!! he catches up to me and throws me so my head hits against the floor, hard. i lay on the ground helpless and bleeding he rips off my underwear and slams into me i cry and scream in pain and agony, hoping someone comes to my rescue, but no one does he trusts into me many times before he is satisfied he leaves me on the ground sobbing and rocking back and forth trying to un-live the previous moment i get up and my whole bottom half is sore im still sobbing and i make it to my room and black out on the mattress, the last thing i see is a pair of headlight driving peacefully down the road outside my window.

i bolt up in the bed and scream at the top of my lungs, im shaking and covered in sweat. niall falls off the bed then punches the air around him, he comes to his senses "oh my god molly are you ok? what happened??" im still shaking "i h-had a n-nightmare" he calms down and sits next to me and hold me "i, it was about john when he-"  "shh you dont have to say it, its ok im here now" i just ry into his chest as he strokes my hair, and whispering comforting things in my ear i calm down a bit and reach up and kiss his cheek "i love you niall"  "i love you too molly" the rest of the day we just talk in bed, holding hands i take my hand away and hold it up, at first hes confused but then he gets it he puts his hand up against mine and damn his hands are giant! he makes a funny monster noise and curls his fingers ove the tops of mine to show how much bigger his hands are we laugh and the doctor comes in "sorry to interrupt but if you want to you can leave today after we get your prescription ready"  "yes that would be great thank you" aftr he walks out me and niall jump up and down like two little kids when the doctor comes back in he winks and gives me an orange bottle filled with little white pills just like the one i took earlier "what are these anyway?"  "they are a special type of steroid that dont affect your body but eases out the tension from all of your mental trauma" (i have no idea if there is actually anything like this i just made it up) "oh ok thank you very much i appreciate everything you have done for me" i shake his hand and after i walk out i hear niall "thank you again i dont know what i would do with out her" and walks out of my room i pretend i didnt hear anything and intertwine my fingers with his and walk out to his car with him he opens my door for me, i smile and say in a funny accent "what a gentleman!" he laughs and jogs across the front and hope in he holds out his right hand and i twist my fingers in with my left hand and we start driving but not twords his flat i ask him "where are we going?"

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