save you tonight

Molly is not a regular 18 year old girl. she used to be, why isnt she? well because her "father" well john to her, abuses her and drinks. a lot. but what happens when shes running his errands? will Niall Horan change her life for good? read and find out :)


4. meeting the boys and truth or dare?

Mollys POV:

Niall got up to get the door so i sat down on the couch. when he came back he had 4 extremely attractive guys behind him "guys i want you to meet Molly" he said with a smile. i looked at each of them one of them had very short brown hair and gorgeous chocolate eyes he was wearing black skinny jeans with a grey tee shirt "hello im liam its nice to meet you" he held out his hand so i shook it "thank you, you too" the next was very tall and had amazing green eyes,perfect dark brown curls, and has adorable dimples when he smiles a cute crooked smile "hi there im harry but you can call me tonight" i laughed at his corny pick up line but Niall gave him an evil glare from across the room, he didnt think it was that funny... next in line was a very striking man with darker skin, black hair, beautiful light brown eyes nd perfect bone structure  this one was simple beautiful, "hello im zayn" he said with a smile i shook his hand "nice to meet you"  "you too" the last was a very handsome guy, he had light brown wind swept hair, luscious blue eyes and smooth tan skin he was dressed a little odd though...but whoam i to judge the way people dress "hey there love im louis the tommo tomlinson!" he shook my hand "nice to meet you"  "the pleasure is alllll mine" he said with a wink did i mention they all have sexy brittish accents? ya well they do but nialls is cuter.. once all the greetings were done we sat don on the couch it fit all of us but i had to sit on nialls lap..... . the bays made fun of him at first things like "oooh nialls got a girlfriend" and "niall and molly sittin in a tree" ect. mine and nialls face were both beat red and finally he said "ok guys shut up its now like that ok" but the funniest thing was when louis shouted after that "ya nialler GET SOMMEE!" in a hick voice he gave louis a death glare and i swear if looks could kill louis woud be on the floor right now twitching and dying. after a minute of awkward silence harry perks up and says "who wants to play truth or dare?" then louis shouts from the kitchen and runs in like a maniac "MEEE I DO I DO I DO!!!!!!"  we all sit in a circle on the floor, im in between louis and niall...this should be fun... louis starts "OKAAAY!" and claps his hands together "hmm... LIAM! truth or dare?" liam thinks a minute "i choose....dare!" thn all the boys gasp "well liam it looks like you've grown a pair!" and slaps his bck then he contiunues "hmm ok i dare you to...strip down to your boxers and run around in the street yelling 'my milkshakes bring all the boys to the yard damn right they're better then yours' as loud s you can he thinks a minute then takes his tee shirt off and all i can say is damn. this boy has a very sexy body for a 19 year old acrually they all do! once hes in his boxers im staring in awe and his face get red, the other boys notice and laugh and i am now officially a tomato. they settle own and next thing you know "MYYY MILKSHAKES BRING ALL THE BOYS THE YARD DAMN RIGHT THEY'RE BETTER THE YOURS!" while pointing at different house meaning his 'milkshakes' are better then theirs. then hipthrusting after every time he says it and dead....its funnY because he was being all shy and quiet and now...damn. "liam come on back in mate your gonna freeze your nuts off!" louis shouts ar him he obeys and comes in, shivering we laugh at him and he puts his clothes back on "ok" liam says "umm niall truth or dare" i look at niall he thinks for a minute "truth" liam nods "ok umm do you fancy molly?" he says with a rape face on and pumps his fist up and down as if hes hip thrusting. nialls face turns bright red as does mine "u-um m-maybe" he scratches the back of his neck liam says "niall answer the questionnn hehehehe" niall looks at his shoes "yes....." i didnt think it could be possible for my face to get more red..but it does it looks as if every drop of my blood is in my face right now wait..he said yes! he does like me! yessss!! should i tell him i like him? all of the sudden all of the boys look at me and try not to laugh nialls face is more red and he looks away  trying to hide his embarrassment then zayn says "wait, he does like me? yesss? should i tell him i like him?" oh shit. i said that out loud fuck my life!!!! then i cover my mouth and start to cry and run upstairs and lock myself in the bathroom i hear them come up they knock on the door the first one is zayn "molly please let me in im so sorry" i dont let him in. next louis and hary "molly, babe come out its ok we're sorry please come out" i dont even budge. then liam knocks lightly "molly come, let me in please" he says in a sweet gentle voice i dont let him in but i open the door a crack to see if Niall's out there and when i see he is we make awkward eye contact and i shut the door again after a few more minutes of knocking and pleading they leave but thee is still a shadow under the door then...knock.knock. this time its niall. "molly please let me in or come out" when i dont respond he says "im going to be in my room please meet me in there when your ready to come out" god damn why does he have to be so sweet! i curse myself for opening the door and going to his room.



moo hahahaha! >:3 DUN DUN DUUNNN whats gonna happen next?

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