save you tonight

Molly is not a regular 18 year old girl. she used to be, why isnt she? well because her "father" well john to her, abuses her and drinks. a lot. but what happens when shes running his errands? will Niall Horan change her life for good? read and find out :)


1. meeting him

Mollys POV:

my name is molly felds and i hate my life. why? oh just because my dad is a drunken dead beat who beats me every day and night. thats why. well right now im cleaning the living room while hes out getting drunk with his pot-head buddies at a bar somewhere he should be back in a little while so while i finish i actually get to sneak in a snack! i go to my room with a bare mattress with a blanket and oe pillow, no pictures, no shelves and one small window its always locked. i check just for shits and giggles and...Its open!! oh my god this is my chance! i grab a small bag and put one change of clothes about 100 dollars one extra pair of socks, and a photo of my mother and I when i was 9 years old..3 months before it happened. her murder. i freeze and get cold thinking about it oh right! i pack an extra jacket because its freaking November! i put on a long sleeved shirt, and warm-ish pajama pants and my mothers jacket. it was always my favorite ,brown leather with 5 buttons down the front and warm faux fur on the inside i finish and look out the window its about a 10 foot drop i grow a pair and jump. "OWW!! GOD DAMN MY FUCKING ANKLE!!" I lay on th ground for about 5 minutes when i hear it. the sound of the 2002 Toyota pick-up truck john bought about 4 years ago. i know because of the sound of the low pur of the engine i know so well. i force myself to get up and run through our neighbors back yard trying to make as little noise as possible i hide behind a small tree witch covers my whole body i probably weigh about 85 pounds im just skin and bones. i wait until he unlocks the three locks on the front door and when he calls my name a shiver runs down my spin, ugh the disgust and hatred i have for this one man is incredible. he slams the door and calls my name once more when he realizes im not there he shouts "IM GONNA GET YOU, YOU LITTLE WHORE! I WILL FIND YOU!"  i run. as fast as i can and as quiet as i can to the little convienient store down the road thats open 24-7 i burst through the doors and everybody looks at me its only about 7pm so there are about 5-10 people in here the first one i notice is a tall thin blonde/brown haired boy with beautiful peircing eyes that make me melt i flit my blue/green eyes away and walk in awkwardly like nothing happened and pretend to look at soe chips, thinking about what im going to do when i feel a body behind me. this is it i think, its going to be john and he is going to kill me for running. but to my surprise i hear a very hot irish accent in my ear say "excuse me miss but are you ok?" i turn around to see the boy i saw when i came in and hes even cuter up close but i cant help but feel like he looks familiar i realize hes waiting for an answer "o-oh ya i-im fine thank you" lie. i am not fine i am the opposite. he reaches out his hand  and says "hi im Naill" and flashes an adorable smile with a hint of silver braces i give him a weak smile and say "um h-hi im um Molly" and shake his hand, its warm and strong and may i say he has amazing biceps! ok im being awkward so i say "i um have to go nice to meet you niall" and try to get past him but he stops me "um can i erm have your phone number maybe?" and scratches the back of his neck awkwardly and i say "i would give it to you but i dont have  phone, sorry..." now its my turn to be embarrassed... he asks out of nowhere "do you have a place to stay tonight?" i think about it a moment i mean where am i going to go so i answer truthfully " dont" his eyes light up and he says joyfully "you can stay at my house with me tonight!" then stands awkwardly again and says "well i mean if you want, you dont have to if yo-"  "id love to thank you niall" and give him a small smile, something i haven't done in a long time and he leads me out to his car damn! he looks freakin' rich! well pretty much every body to me looks rich... he opens my door and i step in he jogs around the front and hops in and after about 2 minutes i say "you look familiar" he looks kind of confused and then says "well im in One Direction..."  "oh right! i saw a picture of you guys on the newspaper before!" i felt like an idiot saying anything to him obviously i wasn't allowed a phone, internet, even to listen to the radio! but john read the newspaper a lot and ive seen them before on the cover of one i remember john saying "ha these little fags wont make it a full year!" well that was 2 years ago... then niall says "i'm surprised you havent heard of us before we are the biggest boy band in the world..." now i feel like an idiot -.- to make it less awkward niall turns on the radio and gets excited and turns it up and says "this is one of our songs actually its called Little Things" he begins singing and im pretty sure i died he sounds like an angel made from Jesus himself sent to this earth to sing i listen to the words and when he finishes i wait and come back to reality "wow..that voice is amazing!" he smiles and blushes ok he is too cute "thanks..oh here we are!" he pulls into a long drive-way that lead to a ginormous house!! holy shit this place is like a castle! i just stare in awe when finally he says "erm shall we?" and gestures for me to go inside i trip on my way up and he catches me and looks into my eyes oh my god i could just watch his eyes for the rest of my life if they didnt melt my soul like that! "woah there careful" and laughs even his laugh is amazing!! my face turns to a legit tomato " i-um thanks" and laugh awkwardly he unlocks the door and leads me inside. ho-ly-shit. first of all this place is HUGE second of all he must be pretty damn rich! oh wait hes in a band, right "are you tired?"  "umm ya kind of" "ok ill show you your room" he smiles and goes up the stairs and i follow him he brings me into a room with a giant bed, dresser, an attached bathroom!, a nightstand and so much more "oh niall i can sleep on the cou-"  "no yur fine sleep in here i have 4 extra rooms for when the guys come over its ok i promiss"  "ok if you say so, thank you so much niall you have no idea how much this means to me" i smile and he goes in for a hug but i stop him "im sorry its just..i have a heard time- i start to choke up like i do when i cry- umm trusting people i guess since my..previous home.." "its ok shh dont cry" he sits down on my bed with me any comferts me while i cry until i fall asleep where my nightmares await.

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