save you tonight

Molly is not a regular 18 year old girl. she used to be, why isnt she? well because her "father" well john to her, abuses her and drinks. a lot. but what happens when shes running his errands? will Niall Horan change her life for good? read and find out :)


5. love birds

Mollys POV:

before i walk out i wash my face to try to take away the ugly red and tear stains down my cheeks when i have no success i just go first i open the door a crack to check if anyones out there but the boys are downstairs talking i can barley hear but i do hear i think its liam say "zayn your such an ass! i cant believe you did that to her! you shouldnt have said anything!" he whisper-yells at zayn then i cant hear because they start whispering again so i make my way over to Nialls room....oh boy this is going to be awkward.....i knock very lightly then hear some shuffling inside and he opens the door for me without saying anything i walk in "im sorr-" with both say at the same time we both laugh awkwardly then i gesture for him to go "im really sorry molly they're just ass holes sorry i didnt tell you im just...shy around girls i guess" i think for a minute then start "oh no its not your fault im sorry i didnt say anything to you before today i mean ive already been here for a week and i saw you that night and i should have something to you but im a wimp and didnt say anyt- he cut me off "i really,REALLY like you molly..." he leans in and i decide to grow some balls and i put my lips on his and close my eyes i think hes shocked at first, so am i but then he puts his arms around my waist and i put my hands on his chest with my fingers curled in and move my lips against his. he sits down on his bed and i sit across  his lap we dont go further then that, im not ready for anything sexual..yet we just keep kissing when they boys come up neither of us hears them they come right in "hey ni- OOOOOOHHHH DAAAAAMMN GET SOME!!!!!!!!!" they all start laughing and walk back out i pull away my face red as ever and catch my breath "that was amazing..." niall grins "i know" im grinning too now and i whisper "you just gave me my first kiss" he smiles "well im honored" i smile and kiss him one more time before getting up and going to my room to change as i walk i can feel him looking at my ass so glance behind me and i was right hes basically drooling "my eyes are up here niall" and wink his face gets red and i walk out. i go to my room, close my door and sink down against it, haha wow girls really do, do that like in the movies hah. i get up still grinning and change into a pair of sweatpants and one of nialls tee shirts for bed i go back into his room to find him changing he had pants on but he had just took off his shirt and threw it on the ground i stare and he obviously notices he mimicks my tone "my eyes are up here molly" and pretends to flip his hair and wink at me "oh! im um...sorry..."  he laughs "its fine, come on" he takes my hand and we go downstairs to face the guys....awkward.... when they see us holding hands they 'oooh' like 3rd graders when someone gets in trouble we sit down, me on nialls lap again but this time the guys dont harass us because they know either me or niall would kill them then liam says "soo love birds first of all your welcome and second of all you two are so cute together!!!" then i say "your welcome? for hat? causing me embarrassment and emotional insanity?" that shut him up but then he said "no for getting you two to get the balls to say something you wouldnt have been eating each others faces if i hadnt asked niall if he fancied you" ok he has a point there but i dont want to admit it. i just shut up while the other guys talk and draw little designs with my nails on nialls chest, niall watches me and plays with my hair when the other boys call it a night they decide to stay over because its late. im about to lay down on the couch when nill interupts me "what are you doing?"  "um...sleeping liams in my room tonight so ill stay down here its fine Ni-"  "come sleep with me in my room" i think about it "oh no no no not like that i-im sorry i didnt mean that at all!" i laugh and decide why not? he wont and hasnt forced me to do anything with him and we'll only be sleeping..."niall calm down its fine i would love to thanks" he takes my hand and we go up to hi room he closes the door and locks it so none of the guys can mess with us anymore we sit down on his bed, against the head board just talking and messing around he looks into my eyes and leans in im less afraid this time so i smash my lips onto his and they move together perfectly i smile into the kiss because im so happy and that causes him to smile to i sit on his lap facing him with my legs on either side and my hands in fists on his chest his tongue traces along my bottom lip lightly and i give him permission ive never done this before so hey why not? he explores my mouth and i do to, he has his hands on my hips and apparently me being on his lap making out with him 'excites' him because i start to feel him under me i laugh to myself thinking that i turn him so i pull away and say "thats enough for you tonight babe" and wink at him hinting that i knew what he wanted but i wasnt ready he finaly calms down and catches his breath and lays down next t me we are facing each other, hes playing with my hair and im tracing his chest and his abs with my fingers he whispers to me "molly do you know tht you are amazing?" i blush and answer "no i didnt but thanks" i giggle and say "did you know that you are the best thing thats ever happened to me?" i tear up thinking about john and how much he has physically and emotional scarred me. Niall notices me getting up set and he wraps his stong arms around my waist and whispers in my ear "shhh its ok im never going to let him hurt you again, ever, im here now ok? shhh"  "im scared Niall w-what if h-he f-finds me" i get out in between tears he strokes my hair with one hand and rubs my back with the other "hey dont think like that if he finds you im going to teach him to never hurt you and anybody else ever again. i promiss" 

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