save you tonight

Molly is not a regular 18 year old girl. she used to be, why isnt she? well because her "father" well john to her, abuses her and drinks. a lot. but what happens when shes running his errands? will Niall Horan change her life for good? read and find out :)


7. i love you

Mollys POV:

i wake up in a black room i can hear the people around me but i cant open my eyes whats happening? i listen to what they're saying but i dont get it at first (p=person n=niall h=harry ect.)

p:im afraid the diagnosis is a coma i dont know when or if she will wake up but if she doesnt wake up within the next week theres nothing we can do. im very sorry.

n: w-what? i can hear him sniffling h-how c-c-could this h-happen? then he brakes down and starts crying

i wish i could hold him, hold his hand tell him im ok i just cant get my damn eyes to open! in my mind im screaming at him to hear me please!! niall im here!!! im here niall why cant you hear me?!?!?! answer me!!!

h:im so sorry mate it will be ok i have to go love you

n:ok i love you to 

no they arent gay but they do love each other they're practically family.

then something weird happens i feel someone take my hand and i hear a beautiful  irish voice stay talking *sniff sniff* "molly if you can hear me wich i really hope you can, i want you to know that you are the best thing that has ever happened to me in my whole life i love everything about you your laugh, your smile, your extreme beauty, the way you care for people and love them, your confidence that comes out of you when you are passionate about something, your beautiful body even though you think your fat, your not, your little quirks and insicurities make you even more perfect witch i dont think its even possible but i guess it is because it keeps happening when we kiss i fall for you all over again theres these crazy fireworks that go off in my heart when we touch and i dont ever want those fireworks to die out.then he begins to play the guitar and sing:

oh, yeah, mmmm,id wait on you forever and a day hand and foot your world is my world yeah aint no way your gon get any less then you should cause baby you smile , i smile oh cause whenever you smile i smile hey,hey,hey youre lips, my biggest weakness shouldnt have let you know im always gonna do what they say, if you need me ill come running from a thousand mies away cause you smile, i smie woah, you smile i smile baby take my open heart and all if offers cause this is as unconditional as it'll ever get you aint seen nothin yet i wont ever hesitate to give you more cause baby when you smile i smile woah you smile i smile hey hey hey you smile i smile i smile i smile you smile i smile make me smile baby, baby you wont ever work for nothing you are my ins and my means now with you theres no in between im all in cause my card are all the table and im willing and i able but i fold to your wish cause its my command hey hey hey you smile i smile woah you smile i smile hey hey hey you smile i smile i smie i smile you smile i smile oh

you smile,i smile i, smiiiiile

molly, i love you please come back to me baby." he kisse my forehead and i think he falls asleep because he starts lightly snoring i go insane in my mind niall i love you to i want you to come back!! i need help though!! please niall!! i love you!! i just scream. i scream untill i cant scream anymore then i hear people talking again i guess the person earlier is a docter (d=doc n=niall you know the drill..)

n;this is good right? shes trying to say something? 

d;yes its a sign of improvement but that means something bad is happening in her mins so if she does wake up she might not be....the same

n:are you saying she might go crazy? 

d:its a possibility

n:well i dont care if shes crazy when it happens i just want her to wake up. then the docter leaves NIALL IM HEAR LISTEN TO ME PLEASE IM STUCK IN HERE!!!!! im not crazy!!! im just trying to get out!! help me!! then niall starts talking again

"baby please come back i love you so much and i want to be by your side every second of every day.if you die im going to die to be with you." NIALL DONT DIE IM ALIVE I CANT GET OUT OH MY FUCKING GOD HELP!!!! then he kisses me, on the lips and i feel something and i see fireworks before me in my mind then he rips away "DOCTER COME IN HERE HOLY SHIT!!!" what just happened? i ask myself then he starts again "baby i know your in there if your kissing back your in there somewhere i just know it baby please come back to me" then he kisses me again and i can tell im kissing back now then the doctor come in again "wha- oh im sorry"  "No its fine she kissed me back! she kissed me back! shes in there!" he says excitedly "oh my! that is a wonderfully large improvement to her condition!" he claps his hand together and leaves the room then niall talks again "its kind of awkward being the only one talking..." i laugh in my head and i guess out loud too "YESS YOU ARE IN THERE!!! baby come on fight harder you can make it back!" i do as he says and look down the dark coridor and i can see a faint light at the end i force myself up and stumble towords it and trip i lay there for a while but i hear his voice again "come on baby you can do it" and kisses my cheek, somehow i think he knows whats happening, that im trying to get back to him. i run, towords the growing light, where my nialler is i reach the light and i cn make out a door frame and for some reason i know that niall is behind it i swing the door open but then its too bright so i have to close my eyes again but force myself to squint "babe? HOLY FUCK YOUR AWAKE!!!!! MOLLLLYYYYYYYYY!!!!!!!!!!" im attacked by niall when i finally get my eyes fully open i notice my hospital room a mix of whites greens and blues and a chair across from my bed wich i guess is where niall has been sleeping "niall!! oh my god!" i put my hands around his neck and put my head on his shoulder and squeeze him as close as humanly possible then pull away from the hug and smash my lips on his full of passion love and hunger oh how i have missed the feeling of his lips on mine he finally pulled away panting "damn i guess you really missed me hahaha"  "oh shut up ans come here" i pat the bed next to me and he obeys and gets under the blanket its a smallbed so we are very close, im glad because imm freezing and theres only a thin white blanket and niall is like the sun im basically in his shirt im so cold "im freezing" i say and pout niall laughs and puts his arm around me so his bicep is a pillow/extra warmth "niall i missed you so much i could hear you the whole time but i was stuck in a dark room all by myself, well it was my mind and i heard you singing to me and kissing me ..and...talking to me" he knows what im talking about, him saying he loves me "i love you too niall" and kiss him for about 10 seconds then we pull away panting and smiling and blushing 

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