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Molly is not a regular 18 year old girl. she used to be, why isnt she? well because her "father" well john to her, abuses her and drinks. a lot. but what happens when shes running his errands? will Niall Horan change her life for good? read and find out :)


11. downhill to the funny farm

an:sorry i havnt updated guise i got my laptop taken away :( but i got it back so expect chapters again! :D


mollys POV:

shit. holy shit. i cant believe this. how could this be happening to me?! niall whispers to me "molly who is this???" i can barley studder it out "j-j-john" the minute he hears this he gets in front of me and clenches his fists and his knuckles turn white john being his ass hole self strolls right in looking around "nice place you faggots got here" nobody says anything "but i didnt come here to chit chat give me the little whore and nobody will end up in the ground" he flashes us a knife in his back pocket probably about  6 inches long with a thick black handle that he slips back into his belt and walks in more "witch one of you is neil? the one fucking her" niall stiffens and im surprised about what he does next "im niall" john laughs and walks over to him and me behind his back if he didnt know i was here before he knows now becuase he's right in front of us "ahhh heres my little girl" he smirks and tries to nudge past niall but hes a brick wall in front of me and i didnt even notice that all the other guys have made a circle around me shoulder-to-shoulder backs, facing me so john cant get past "what the fuck? who the fuck do you little faggots think you's is?!" he shouts but all of them remain expressionless and cement solid surrounding me i take another look around and realize el and dani arent here where did they go?, louis who is opposite of john and niall notices my confusion and whispers "they're ok they are in the bathroom they locked the door and are trying to reach the police" i calm down a bit but am still scared shitless about what john will do "MOVE OUT OF MY FUCKING WAY!!!!!" he shouts in nialls face he pulls out the knife from his belt and points it at him then moves it around the air motioning to the guys "one of you fuckers move or ill cut blondie" i panic and before john does anything i nudge lunge past niall and in front of john but before i reach him i hear all of them shout in unison "NO!" its too late im in front of niall with john towering over me he has an evil smirk plastered on his face "your gonna pay for running away from me you little cunt" he grabs my hairand starts to drag me out the door when  niall leaps forward and jumps on johns back and makes both of them fall forward so nialls on top, he turns him over so hes sitting on his chest "WHAT THE FUCK?!?! GET THE FUCK OFF OF ME!!!'' he doesnt and the other boys come over and sit on his legs and hold down his arms while niall beats the shit out of him but before he throws the first punch i hold his arm "allow me" i say and smirk at john i make a fist with a ring on my middle finger while now sitting on him where niall was hold his shirt with my other hand to lift his head off the ground and punch him with all of my strength right in the nose "WHAT THE FUCK YOU LITTLE CUNT YOUR GONNA PAY FOR THI-" i punch him again i shake the pain out of my knuckles make fist again and keep hitting him harder and harder i punch him in the jaw for about the 10th time and i think his nose is broken hes just staring at me refusing to let me win he had blood all over his faace i stand up and lift up my foot and bring it down on his stomuch i kick him in the balls as hard as i possibly can i kick him in the back now hes in a ball and im still kicking ad screaming things at him "HOW DOES THIS FEEL JOHN? HUH?!! I BET IT FEELS GOOD DONT IT!!!" i keep kicking him the stomach until hes coughing up blood "I HOPE YOU FUCKING DIE AND ROT IN HELL YOU FILTHY MOTHER FUCKER!!!!" i continue to beat the shit out of him now hes unconsious but im still screaming at his vulnerable body on the ground the boys are just staring at me in awe, probably surprised i have his much rage and fury and am capable of beating the shit out of a 45 year old man "HOW DOES IT FEEL!!! WHAT WAS THAT?! ANSWER ME! I BET IT FEELS FUCKING AMAZING DOESNT IT!!!! " i begin giving him a kick in the back for every time hes hurt me "THIS IS FOR THE BURNS ON MY BACK FROM THE OVEN" "THIS IS FOR THE BROKEN ARM WHEN I WAS 13 THIS IS FOR MAKING ME CUT MYSELF THIS IS FOR TAKING AWAY MY VIRGINITY" the boys think im done because they try to drag me away still kicking and screaming but i get out of nialls arms and run back to him and with all my might i tke his knife and stab him in the chest "THIS IS FOR KILLING MOTHER YOU FUCKING FREAK I HATE YOU!!!! IM NOT GOING TO YOUR FUNERAL BUT IM GOING TO GO TO YOUR GRAVE AND FUCKING DANCE ON IY YOU FILTHY BASTARD!!!!!!!!!!!!" everybody is now staring at me shocked because ive never told them that before not even niall. i take the knife and continuously stab his chest over and over again sobbing and screaming niall rushes over and picks me up im still thrashing in his arms and screaming my lungs out he opens up my fingers that wer still clenched around the silver and dark red blade in my hand and throws it and just wraps his arms around me and pushes me onto the floor, propping me against the wall both sobbing into his chest and him crying into my shoulder "its ok now your going to be ok sweety shhh" he repeats in my ear "naill?" i ask still crying "yes sweet heart?" "do you hate me now?" shock covers his face "you know for watching me murder him are you scared of me?" he doesnt answer for a minute "im scared for you." "what does that mean?! do you think im fucking crazy or something?!?!'' i shout at him i try to get up but he wont let me "no your staying here and ambulance and the police will be here soon" "NIALL ANSWER ME DO YOU FUCKING THINK IM CRAZY OR NOT?!?!?!?!" "no i dont i just think you got so angry and hurt for bottling everything up for so many years you lashed out" he answers the other boys are now in here in front of us crying along with el and dani "DO ANY OF YOU THINK IM CRAZY?! HUH? DO YOU!!?" they all leave the room and i just sob louder and harder getting some blood on nialls shirt from my hands but he doesnt seem to care about 5 minutes later an ambulance shows up and puts john on a stretcher i laugh and yell through tears "I WOULDNT BOTHER HES ALREADY DEAD!" they put me on a stretcher as well "only two people can ride are any of you coming?" the man asks niall and el step forward "we will" they both step up into the back of the ambulance and hold one of my hands whie i stare up at the wall and laugh while singing 'the funny farm' song to myself they look at each other worried then el asks " funny?" she laugh nervously and i reply "THEYRE COMING TO TAKE ME AWAY HAHA THEYRE COMING TO TAKE ME AWAY HOHO HEHE HAHA TO THE FUNNY FARM WHERE LIFE IS BEAUTIFUL ALL THE TIME!" they both keep crying and give each other worried looks i just keep laughing that song is so damn funny!! HAHAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHA we arrive to the funny farm and the young men in their pretty white coats (the parimedics) take me away yay! this means my life will be beautiful all the time "HEHE HAHA HOHO" i shout and laugh everybody looks at me witch makes me laugh more i feel a pinch in my arm and yell OW CHARLIE THAT RELLY HURT!" mimicking the little boy and laugh some more when everything goes black


hope you guys liked my DUN DUN DUN DUNNNNN dramatic chapter ;) <3

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