Classy Men

Liam is an ordinary guy: great friends, nice apartment, good-paying job. There's just one un-ordinary thing about him.
Liam works as a stripper at PJ's Club in Los Angeles, and despite his pretty average and satisfactory life, there has always been something missing.
Anna, a devoted Christian since her youth, finds herself on an unsure path of faith. When she meets Liam, he is so unlike any guy she has ever met.
Will the two ignite the sparks between them or will their much different paths lead them in opposite directions?
(One Direction not famous)


1. Working Men

I get up, brush my teeth, and comb through my hair.
I throw on some clothes and head to work.
It's not like it matters what I wear anyway.
I'm just going to have to change into a speedo when I get there.
I pick up my usual coffee from the café down the street- black, with 2 sugars for just a touch of sweetness.
I never understood the point of drinking coffee with a ton of cream in it.
It's just crap- coffee needs to be strong and bitter.
I take the subway downtown, and stop in the deli next door to my job.
I order a ham and cheese sandwich with lettuce and mayo, and while I wait for it to be made, I read the newspaper.
Another protest said to be led at PJ's Club.
Once the sandwich is complete, I take it outside and hand it to Scotty.
"Here ya go Scotty," I say to the 40-something unemployed homeless friend of mine, "the usual."
He nods his head and fakes his gap-teethed smile of his.
I grab his free hand and turn it so it's palm up.
I place a twenty in his hand.
Starting to walk away, I say, "Buy yourself some soda."
He grunts, swallows his sandwich, and turns on his side where he starts to snore contently.
I walk in the back door of PJ's, only to be confronted by the big man himself.
"Hey Paul," I say, "is Becky here yet for makeup?"
"Yeah," he says, leading me backstage, "and I want you to dress for rodeo today. Got a bachelorette party for a soon-to-be country bride."
When I get into my dressing room, Becky starts on my makeup.
When I'm about halfway through, Paul yells at me from somewhere backstage.
"Liam!" he yells, "Get dressed!"
I get up from my chair and slip on the speedo, assless chaps, and the cowboy hat.
Another long day as a working man.
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