Classy Men

Liam is an ordinary guy: great friends, nice apartment, good-paying job. There's just one un-ordinary thing about him.
Liam works as a stripper at PJ's Club in Los Angeles, and despite his pretty average and satisfactory life, there has always been something missing.
Anna, a devoted Christian since her youth, finds herself on an unsure path of faith. When she meets Liam, he is so unlike any guy she has ever met.
Will the two ignite the sparks between them or will their much different paths lead them in opposite directions?
(One Direction not famous)


5. Protective Men

When the boys are done at the bar, meaning after they've drank through most of my tips from the evening, I invite them over to my house.
I call the cab, but when it arrives, Harry and Louis give me a look.
"What?" I ask, though I already know.
"We're gonna go back to our place," Louis says.
Harry winks.
I laugh, "Of course. Here, take this one. We'll get another. Call us if you need anything."
They both nod their heads before climbing into the back of the cab.
I hand Harry a fistful of cash.
"That should cover it; get home safely."
I've always been the caretaker of the five of us. Sometimes they even call me 'Daddy' as a joke because I'm so protective of them.
What they don't understand is how lonely I feel when they're not around.
They're like my brothers, have been since the first day on the job three years ago.
I remember the day perfectly.
I was extremely nervous, as I had never done anything like it before, but Zayn was a professional, the best in the business, so he taught me the ropes.
"Don't be nervous, man," he said, "You'll do great."
"How do you know?"
"Lift up your shirt," he instructed, and although I hesitated, I did it, exposing my smooth six pack.
"You'll do great," he said.
I smiled, relieved that I had made a friend.
Niall showed me how to eat.
"The trick," he said, "is to eat whatever you want."
"What?" Louis protested.
"Yessir," he confirmed, "I've eaten everything I've wanted for as long as I can remember."
He lifted up his shirt. Six pack.
"I think the key is to eat food that makes you happy, instead of food that makes you healthy."
"And that works?" Harry asked.
Niall lifted his shirt again, "Works for me."
All of our jaws were pretty much on the floor.
"I think you're part-God," Louis said.
I nodded in confirmation, still nervous and shy.
"You don't speak much brown eyes," Harry tried flirting.
Louis poked him in his side, "You're not available."
I raised my eyebrows at them.
"Are you two-" I cleared my throat.
"Gay?" Louis asked.
I nodded my head with apologetic eyes.
"Only for him," Harry says before kissing Louis's cheek.
"Is that cool?" Louis looked nervous.
I nodded my head, then turned to see Niall and Zayn do the same.
From then on, we were best friends. We bond over anything and everything. We spend most of our time together. We confide in each other.
But it's so lonely when they're not around.
Probably because I've always been lonely.
And I think that's why I'm so protective.
I can't afford to lose them.
They're all I have.
But somehow I still want something more.
I just don't know what.
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