Classy Men

Liam is an ordinary guy: great friends, nice apartment, good-paying job. There's just one un-ordinary thing about him.
Liam works as a stripper at PJ's Club in Los Angeles, and despite his pretty average and satisfactory life, there has always been something missing.
Anna, a devoted Christian since her youth, finds herself on an unsure path of faith. When she meets Liam, he is so unlike any guy she has ever met.
Will the two ignite the sparks between them or will their much different paths lead them in opposite directions?
(One Direction not famous)


2. Classy Girls

I finish the scarf I'm knitting and hand it to my mother.
"How many is that?" I ask.
"24," she replies.
"Ugh, one more," I say as I grab for more yarn.
My mom stops my hand.
"I've got it Anna," she says, "you go."
"Ya sure mom? I can make one more."
"It's fine. I have to clean up anyway. You can go."
I smile at my mom the best way I can, kiss the top of her head, get up, and leave.
I copy down the address of the children's shelter and leave it on the table for my mom.
I know she'll forget if I don't.
I pour coffee into my travel mug and add just a bit of sugar- exactly how I like it.
I get in my car and drive to my church, where I know he will be finishing the scripture class he leads.
The class he keeps begging me to join.
The class that I always tell him I'm too busy for.
The class that gives me a two hour break from him every week.
When he's finished, he walks out to my car, waving to his friends as he gets in.
"Hey darling," he kisses my cheek, "how was scarf making with your mom?"
I fake a smile.
"Great, we finished. They should be mailed out by tomorrow."
I start to drive to the restaurant.
We mostly talk about his class, but by now I know the bible so well that any story he's read I already know by heart.
That's just the life of a preacher's daughter.
But he forgets that sometimes.
We get to the restaurant, and the host who seats us is obviously gay.
"Ugh," Rick exclaims, "they couldn't have gotten normal people to work here?"
I roll my eyes at him, ignoring his comment.
I've never known a gay person, and most of my life I've heard everyone around me talk about them badly.
I don't really have an opinion- I've never had to have one.
But Rick is a homophobic Christian.
He's the type of person that gives the rest of us Christians a bad rep.
But I know there's nothing I can do to change his mind.
But my mom hooked us up.
She wants me to be happy, especially now.
She just wants me to date a nice, clean boy.
That's what classy girls do.
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