Classy Men

Liam is an ordinary guy: great friends, nice apartment, good-paying job. There's just one un-ordinary thing about him.
Liam works as a stripper at PJ's Club in Los Angeles, and despite his pretty average and satisfactory life, there has always been something missing.
Anna, a devoted Christian since her youth, finds herself on an unsure path of faith. When she meets Liam, he is so unlike any guy she has ever met.
Will the two ignite the sparks between them or will their much different paths lead them in opposite directions?
(One Direction not famous)


4. Classy Drive

I try to enjoy my meal with Rick, but find it difficult when all he does is talk about himself the whole evening.
When we finish our meal, I offer to pay, and he doesn't even blink an eye before getting up to start the car.
Typical Rick, won't even try to pretend that he's not a cheapskate.
I leave the tip, pay the bill, and join Rick in the car before driving off.
We drive for a little while, before we pass by a local bar, McDuffy's.
A group of guys are walking towards it.
"Slow down the car," Rick tells me.
"What?" I ask, still obeying.
Rick rolls down the window, "Homosexuality is a sin! You're going to hell!"
I finally notice that two of the guys are holding hands.
Two of their friends scream at Rick, but another catches my eye.
He's pretty muscular looking, with brown really short hair. He's not tall, but definitely not short. He has deep eyes.
I find myself staring, until I remember what's just happened.
I hit the gas.
I've never felt like this before, this desire to know someone. To be so attracted to someone.
This must be what I've always wondered about, one of the seven- lust.
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