Classy Men

Liam is an ordinary guy: great friends, nice apartment, good-paying job. There's just one un-ordinary thing about him.
Liam works as a stripper at PJ's Club in Los Angeles, and despite his pretty average and satisfactory life, there has always been something missing.
Anna, a devoted Christian since her youth, finds herself on an unsure path of faith. When she meets Liam, he is so unlike any guy she has ever met.
Will the two ignite the sparks between them or will their much different paths lead them in opposite directions?
(One Direction not famous)


3. Angry Men

When the cowboy birthday party is over, I return backstage to find Louis, Zayn, Harry, and Niall all wiping their bare chests.
They hand me a towel so I can wipe my own oil of my chest, abs, and stomach.
Paul walks backstage and hands us each an envelope with our pay in it.
I open my envelope and look at my paycheck.
It's the same amount as always, so I don't know why I bother checking.
The real fun is counting how much tips we make.
We play a game, the five of us, where whoever makes the most money in a night has to buy us the rest of us drinks.
I take out all the singles from my speedo, pants, and shoes and start counting.
"146," I say when I finish counting.
"89," Niall says.
"125," Harry says.
"I got 92," Louis says.
I hold my breath, waiting for Zayn to finish.
"One," he says slowly.
I nod my head.
"Forty," he says even slower.
I punch his arm.
"Two," he says, pumping his fist in triumph.
I roll my eyes, and punch him in the arm again.
Then all the boys start laughing, punching me playfully.
"Be here tomorrow at 4!" Paul yells as we walk out the back door.
We walk towards the nearest bar, McDuffy's, as Harry and Louis hold hands.
A car approaches us when we're near the bar and slows down when it's next to us.
The passenger window rolls down.
"Homosexuality is a sin!" we hear a guy yell, though we can't see his face, "You're going to hell!"
Harry and Louis remain silent, but Zayn, Niall, and I are too angry.
"Shut the fuck up!" Zayn yells.
"Who are you to judge?" Niall asks.
I'm about to open my mouth to say something, when I notice who's in the driver's seat.
She's a beautiful girl, and she looks incredibly unhappy. Our eyes meet, but she drives off before saying anything.
I couldn't tell if she felt guilty or not.
"Liam?" Zayn asks, shaking my shoulder, "You all right?"
"Yeah," I say, trying to clear her from my mind, "let's go get some drinks."
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