Summer Love

18 year old Samantha Payne grew up with her brother Liam and 4 special boys. Sam and Liam's best friends: Niall, Zayn, Louis, and Harry. Liam and Sam's dad left them when they were just kids, and they never knew why. Their mother was a mess since. She was never there for them, then one day she was gone without a goodbye. Niall, Zayn, Harry, and Louis were always there, and had been like a family to them. But people grow, change, develop feelings; love, hate, jealousy, and feelings they thought were impossible to ever feel. What happens when Sam starts to develop "feelings" for 1..or 2 of their life long best friends? Or if one of them ends up falling for her, but Liam's big brother instincts begin to kick in? These group of friends are going to have to find their way through many things. But together, they might just be able to make it. ~Summer Love (NOT FAMOUS) a Harry Styles and Niall Horan FanFiction~


2. The Girls


Sam's POV: We all sat on the round carpet in the middle of the floor, discussing everything we did since we last saw each other 2 weeks ago. "Oh it was cra-zy! Niall took the whole cake and shoved like, half of it in his mouth!" Harry was telling the story of when El baked a cake that was supposed to be a surprise for the boys, she let it cool off for like 3 minutes. Then Niall found it, and, well, I think you get what happened next.. We were all on the floor laughing our heads off. That's when the doorbell rang and we all immediately stopped. Before anyone was even able to take another breath, my excitement went into over drive. I went all crazy ninja, jumping over couches and furniture trying to get to the door. I opened the door and took the girls in a massive hug. And before long, the boys joined in too. "Sam! Li! We missed you guys like crazy!!" El shouted. "We missed you too! Oh this is gunna be great!!" I said back. We sat and talked for a bit. The girls told us about their car ride and we told them about how the bags fell on Liam. When we were done, the boys hugged their girlfriends and I rushed them upstairs to show them the huge room we were all gonna share. Usually we use that room to hang out but the guys thought it would be nice if I hung out with them alot since it's their first summer here. "And voila!" I swung the door open to reveal a huge room, with 6 walls, a slanted roof on the side, 3 ceiling high windows, 4 queen size beds (yeah the boys added those in..), a flat screen TV, a stereo system, and 2 giant walk in closets that both connect to a double sized bathroom. "Woah, there may be 4 of us but that's a giant crap load of space anyways!" Dani mumbled. Niall's POV: This summer is gonna be fantastic! Once again, I get to spend another entire Summer with Sam...and NO, I don't like her...ok fine maybe a little. Or a lot..we've known each other since we were babies. I helped go through her issues with her parents, school, boys, friends, insecurities. I've always been there for her, and she's always been there for me. No one ever actually says it, but we all know that if anything, me and Sam would probably go to each other for really important things. We never actually say it out loud, but we all know that we're the closest. We've just always had a special bond. And screw me for liking her, I can't ruin this friendship. Besides, no way would a girl as beautiful and wonderful as Sam ever go out with me. I'm just Niall Horan. (just wanted to add, that he is NOT "just Niall Horan" he is an angel sent from heaven above because his sexiness was to overwhelming so they sent him back down here. Back to the story..) But I used to always tell her when we were little that one day I would marry her. I was little, so I was probably just being a weird kid, but I'm pretty sure I meant it. Because I sure do now, not that she would remember any of that. Sam's POV: Wow, the room was beautiful! I can't believe they pulled this off! It looks so good. It was so sweet of them. Niall even left a card saying that he left us little "girl gifts" (as he called them) on each bed for us. They included: facial masks, new nail polish, and some other spa stuff. Oh that's Niall for you, he's so adorable. Always doing the sweetest things. He's as cute as a button and I can't wait to spend the Summer with him. The truth is, I've had a crush on Niall since I was probably 4. We all used to pretend to be a family or pretend to get married. Me and Niall were always the ones getting married, or we always played the mom and dad. Niall used to always promise me that he would marry be someday. He probably doesn't remember that, but I sure do. I always secretly hoped he remembered and meant that. Liam's POV: "Do you think the girls like the room we set up?" I asked the boys. "Well, yeah. They have to! It took forever but it turned out great" Louis replied. All the boys nodded in agreement. We headed upstairs to see how the girls liked the room. When we walked in they were watching TV and Sam was reading a little paper. "Hey girls, like the room?" I asked them. "We love it! We can't thank you enough!" Perrie said back. "Yeah, it's incredible, thanks!" Dani replied.  El and Sam nodded in agreement. "Hey, watcha got there Sam?" Harry asked her. "Just a card Niall left, thanks Niall! The presents were really cute!"  Niall smiled and blushed, "Thanks, I thought you guys might like to have a girls afternoon so I picked those out for you."  "Aw, Niall you're too sweet." El said. "Yeah thanks!" The other girls added. Sam's POV: "Well, we'll leave you guys to do whatever girls do..see you guys later." Liam said over his shoulder as he walked out.  The other boys followed. Harry stayed back for a minute. "Well, you know the tradition Sam. See you guys later." Harry told us before he left the room. "What's gonna happen tonight?" Perrie asked me. "We just kick off the summer with a huge dinner. We do it the first night of Summer every year. You guys are gonna love it!" After that, we turned up the music and started our little "girl's afternoon". ------------- Author's Note: second chapter, hope you enjoyed!

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