Summer Love

18 year old Samantha Payne grew up with her brother Liam and 4 special boys. Sam and Liam's best friends: Niall, Zayn, Louis, and Harry. Liam and Sam's dad left them when they were just kids, and they never knew why. Their mother was a mess since. She was never there for them, then one day she was gone without a goodbye. Niall, Zayn, Harry, and Louis were always there, and had been like a family to them. But people grow, change, develop feelings; love, hate, jealousy, and feelings they thought were impossible to ever feel. What happens when Sam starts to develop "feelings" for 1..or 2 of their life long best friends? Or if one of them ends up falling for her, but Liam's big brother instincts begin to kick in? These group of friends are going to have to find their way through many things. But together, they might just be able to make it. ~Summer Love (NOT FAMOUS) a Harry Styles and Niall Horan FanFiction~


10. Poor Harry


  Liam's POV: Wait, what? Harry likes Sam? I looked at Harry, he was already crying again. I can't believe I never knew. I always know when someone likes someone, especially if it involves my sister or my best friends. I pulled him into a tight hug, trying my best to comfort him. "Shh, there there Haz. Okay, now take a deep breath and answer me something." I said to him calmly. He sighed, "What is it?" he asked, before wiping his nose with his sleeve. "How long has this been going on?" Harry's POV: I was surprised by how calm he was. Especially after I saw his reaction when we only thought  that Niall liked his sister. I went along with it. I'd rather him be calm then pissed off at me. "Since we were little.." I told him. " He looked down, confused..or disappointed? I couldn't tell. "How come you never told me?" he asked, looking up at me with hurt in his eyes. He wasn't confused or disappointed, just hurt. I was suddenly feeling even worse. I just hurt my best friend. I feel so terrible now. Look at me, what am I doing? "I just knew that Niall always liked her too, and it seemed like she liked him back. I knew if they liked each other, then I'd have no chance with her. I thought that the sooner I get over her, the better. All those girls were never real. Even that one girl that I was with for a long time." I told him, recalling all those girls I went out with over the years. None of them met the standards that Sam set. "But I thought that you really liked that girl?" he asked, confused. "I did, but she started to remind me of Sam. It was too much for me to handle. I couldn't do it anymore. I had to let her go before it she got even more attached. She wasn't actually clingy like I told you guys. I'm sorry I lied about that.." I confessed ashamed. "It's okay Harry. I understand why you did that. But, what are you planning on doing now?" I sat there for a minute. What am I going to do? "I, I don't know." I was probably just as confused as Liam was at this point. "Well Haz, you can't come in between her and Niall, you know that right?" "Yeah I know. I wouldn't do that." and I wouldn't. Niall and Sam are my best friends. They deserve to be happy, even if it means that I have to suffer. "I know you wouldn't Harry." There's only one solution that would work, "I'm just going to do what I always did. I'm just not going to think about it. I can't, or it will just get worse. And Liam, please don't tell anyone that I like her. I can't let this ruin things for her and Niall." He stood up, "Don't worry, I won't. I'll let you rest. Goodnight Haz." he said as he walked across the room. "Li," he turned around, "Yeah?" he asked. I smiled, "Thank you. For coming up to talk to me." I said to him gratefully. "Anytime. Remember, I'm always here if you need to talk again." he said before exiting the room. I crawled into bed, feeling a lot better than I did an hour ago. I slowly drifted off to sleep. Liam's POV: Wow, that was..intense. I went downstairs to find everyone already asleep. Perrie with Zayn, El with Lou, Dani on the couch where I was an hour ago, and Sam resting on Niall's shoulder. I stared at them for a minute. Poor Harry. I need to talk to him again tomorrow. Maybe we can find a way to fix this. I looked at my watch, 2:09 am. I walked over to the couch and picked up Danielle bridal style. She nuzzled her head into the crook of my neck. I walked upstairs into the girl's room and set her down on her bed. I pulled the blanket on top of her, and headed back downstairs. I woke up the guys, and they all brought the rest of the girls up, as I did. Finally at 2:30 am I was ready for bed. I got into bed and drifted off with thoughts of today. So much happened in one day. I couldn't stop thinking of poor Harry. I'm going to help him find a way to solve this. It's just not fair. ------------------- Author's Note: I wonder what's going to happen to Harry? Will he get over Sam, or will his feelings escalate? Is Harry gonna make it or break it? Look's like you'll have to wait and find out! Bye my Carrot Guppies<3'

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