Summer Love

18 year old Samantha Payne grew up with her brother Liam and 4 special boys. Sam and Liam's best friends: Niall, Zayn, Louis, and Harry. Liam and Sam's dad left them when they were just kids, and they never knew why. Their mother was a mess since. She was never there for them, then one day she was gone without a goodbye. Niall, Zayn, Harry, and Louis were always there, and had been like a family to them. But people grow, change, develop feelings; love, hate, jealousy, and feelings they thought were impossible to ever feel. What happens when Sam starts to develop "feelings" for 1..or 2 of their life long best friends? Or if one of them ends up falling for her, but Liam's big brother instincts begin to kick in? These group of friends are going to have to find their way through many things. But together, they might just be able to make it. ~Summer Love (NOT FAMOUS) a Harry Styles and Niall Horan FanFiction~


6. Please Liam?

Liam's POV: I woke up to hear someone knocking at the door. "Hello?" I heard the soft voice of my girlfriend, Danielle. I loved her, but I wanted to be alone right now. "Ugh, whaat?" I asked throwing my face into a pillow. "Please let me in? I really need to talk to you." Agh, I couldn't say no.."Okay, I guess." She walked in, delicately shutting the door behind her. She sat at the edge of my bed, playing with the bottom of her shirt. Something she did when she was nervous or upset. I got out from under the covers and sat beside her. I pulled her into a small hug, "Babe, what's the matter?" I asked her. "I'm sorry Li..we never meant to make you mad. We just know that Sam hasn't had a boyfriend in so long. And we all knew her and Niall liked each other. We just figured it would be nice for them." She looked down, with a sad expression in her eyes. "Dani, I'm sorry for storming out like that. I just freaked out a bit because, well, I don't want her getting hurt." I told her quietly. "But Niall would never hurt her. You know that." She said with her head still down. I felt bad I made her this upset.. "Look, the truth is..last year, Sam did have a boyfriend. It didn't last too long because he was crazy. He was so posessive and it was too hard for her to get out of the relationship, so she never mentioned it to anyone else but me. He scared the crap out of her when she left him. He told her one day he would find her and get her back, and that she would regret leaving him." I told her the story, it all just spilled out. "Oh my gosh," "Yeah. I know Niall would never hurt her, I just can't stand the idea of her potentially getting hurt again. Since then I've been really protective of her." "Oh, I'm sorry I didn't know." She said, this time pulling me into a hug. "Well, I know you probably want to know more, but I think you should get Sam to tell you that. And Dani?" "Yeah babe?" "Can we put this 'playing cupid' thing aside for a bit? I kind of have to get used to the idea.." I asked her. "Okay, sure. But wait, does this mean that you're going to let them date?" She said hopefully. I thought about it. I'll give Niall a little talk. I know Niall's a great guy, and I know he's always liked my sister. He wouldn't hurt her, and I know that. I trust him. "..Yeah, okay." I finally said back. Danielle jumped up off the bed and did a little jumping/dancing/clapping motion. "Oh thank you Liam!" she said excitedly. She bent over and kissed me. "It's 10:00 right now, we're going out for lunch in about an hour. I'll let you rest." She said as she headed for the door. "Thanks Dani, I'll head down soon." I called back at her. She nodded and smiled, then headed out the door. Niall's POV: I went out to get some errands. Usually it only takes me an hour or so, but I couldn't decide on only a bit of food, so I got a whole bunch. I had all the bags in my arms, and I set them down on the front steps. I took out my keys and unlocked the door to see Zayn, Perrie, Louis, El, Harry, and Sam sitting on the couches watching TV. "Hey guys, I'm back with the food!" I yelled out to them. "Gosh Niall, did you buy the whole store?" Sam asked me giggling. She was too cute. "Hey guys, I got great new-" she stopped midway through her sentence. "Oh, Sam, Niall, uh hey." She said awkwardly, walking down the stairs. "Hey Dani, what's the good news?" Sam asked her as she sat on the couch. "Oh, uh, nothing. We're still going out for lunch later right?" "Yup." Louis and El replied together. Awh, they're so cute..I wish me and Sam could be like that. But even after the kiss nothing seemed to change. Besides, we all drank so much last night she probably doesn't even remember. Heck, I'm surprised she was even able to put her pants on today! So much for asking her out..besides, Liam would never be okay with that. "Hey guys.." Liam said walking down the stairs. "Hey." they all said with their eyes still on the TV. I headed towards the kitchen to put the bags on the counter. "Here, let me help." Liam said walking over. "Thanks bro." I said handing him some bags. "Hey Liam, I'm sorry about last night. It was the alcohol. I never meant to kiss Sam back." I lied. Truthfully, I completely did mean to kiss her back. But Liam can't know that. "It's okay Niall, I know you like her. And I wanted to warn you, the others are trying to get you two together." Wait, what did he just say? Liam's POV: "Really?" he asked me, probably finding this a bit awkward. "Yeah, I wanted to be the first one to talk to you about it. I know she likes you back. I also know that you would never hurt her-" "I wouldn't, I promise Li!" he quickly added, cutting me off. I could tell he was begining to get excited. "Yes, I know Niall. I wanted to say I give you permission to date her. But at least try to go along with their plans. You know, to make them happy." I added. "Oh Liam! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!" he exclaimed, hugging me and jumping up and down. "You're welcome Niall. But just remember, if you do anything to hurt her even the slightest bit, I'll cut your balls off." I scolded him, being completely serious. "Yes, of course. I know. Don't worry Li, you can trust me!" he said, with the biggest smile. I've never actually seen him this happy. That reassured me that I could trust him. We headed back to the group, I sat beside Danielle and Niall sat beside Sam. Aww. I felt really good now. "So is everyone ready to go?" Harry asked. We all nodded and got into the car. We headed out to lunch. I wonder what they're planning to do to get Sam and Niall together..? ------------- Author's Note: Hope you liked it! I wonder if they're little plan will work? ;) Thanks for readingggg<3 Until next time my Carrot Guppies! (And yes, that's now your new name.)

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