Summer Love

18 year old Samantha Payne grew up with her brother Liam and 4 special boys. Sam and Liam's best friends: Niall, Zayn, Louis, and Harry. Liam and Sam's dad left them when they were just kids, and they never knew why. Their mother was a mess since. She was never there for them, then one day she was gone without a goodbye. Niall, Zayn, Harry, and Louis were always there, and had been like a family to them. But people grow, change, develop feelings; love, hate, jealousy, and feelings they thought were impossible to ever feel. What happens when Sam starts to develop "feelings" for 1..or 2 of their life long best friends? Or if one of them ends up falling for her, but Liam's big brother instincts begin to kick in? These group of friends are going to have to find their way through many things. But together, they might just be able to make it. ~Summer Love (NOT FAMOUS) a Harry Styles and Niall Horan FanFiction~


7. Nialler's a Brave One

Niall's POV: We arrived at the little diner. I sat down and thoughts filled my head. Wow, I can't believe that they were seriously doing that for me! That's so sweet.  And I can't believe that- wait..WAIT. A. FREACKING. MINUTE...SAM LIKES ME! I swear I was about to go nuts, but then I realized we were out in, awkward much. I could tell that Liam saw the random sudden outburst of excitement in my eyes because he was smirking at me. I glanced over at Sam to see her laughing at something Harry said. It made me a bit irritated, just because he get's all the girls, plus he's single right now making him even more flirty than usual..but then she looked over at me. Crap, she caught me staring. But she smiled at me and turned back to Harry and they continued their conversation. That made me feel better. Sam's POV: I was talking to Harry, but at the corner of my eye I saw Niall looking my way. I turned towards him, not actually meaning to, but I did it anyways. He was looking right at me. Oh my goshh. Niall was staring at me. He started to blush, I didn't want to make it too obvious that I was excited so I just smiled at him. Soon after me and Harry finished our conversation. I turned back around to see Niall on his phone. I walked over and sat beside him. "Hey Niall.." he looked up at me and smiled. He put his phone away, not taking his eyes off me. "Hi Sam." he replied. Oh I swear those eyes, I could feel myself blushing like crazy. I know, it's weird because all he said was 'Hi'. It's just, I'm not the kind of girl that blushes, ever. Niall is the only one that can make me, that's how I know he's special."So.." I tried to fill the awkwardness. "So..." he replied. Wow, this has never happened before, and I've know the guy since I was born. Stupid hormones. "Uh, Niall, about last night..I'm sorry I didn't mean to do that. I think I had to much to drink an-" I was rambling but suddenly I was cut off by Niall pressing is lips against mine. A warm, fuzzy sensation went through my whole body. I could feel my arms and legs go tingly, I almost fell off my chair..that would've been embarassing. He pulled away, and we saw everyone looking at us, the girls were was actually kind of scary. Even Liam was smiling. What the hell? "Erm.." I said feeling extremely uncomfortable. The girls ran up to me jumping up and down. Niall and I kissed, ya, but shouldn't I be the one that's excited..? Niall's POV: Woah, did I just do that? I pulled away to see all of our friends looking at us. Thank goodness we were the only ones here. The kiss was fantastic, but this was beyond awkward. Next thing I knew, the girls were jumping around, surrounding Sam, and all the guys came up to me, congratulating me. "We were going to try and get you guys together ourselves, but what you just did there worked out way better!" Zayn said excitedly. We all left after that. We squished into the car. I was in between Liam and, awks. Liam nudged me. I looked over at him, "Hey, good job out there. You made her really happy. So..what happens now?" he whispered to me. "Well.." I started, I looked over at Sam. She looked at me and smiled. I turned back to Liam. "When we get home, I'm gonna talk to her. Should I ask her out?" I replied. "Yeah bro, go for it. I'm just happy she's happy, and that you're happy too." He said to me sweetly, aw. "Thanks Liam, for everything." I told him. I gave him a little side hug, and we arrived back at the house. Here goes nothing.. ---------- Author's Note: Yup, Nialler made a move himself! He's brave one isn't he? Let's see how long that lasts..later my little Carrot Guppies<3

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