Summer Love

18 year old Samantha Payne grew up with her brother Liam and 4 special boys. Sam and Liam's best friends: Niall, Zayn, Louis, and Harry. Liam and Sam's dad left them when they were just kids, and they never knew why. Their mother was a mess since. She was never there for them, then one day she was gone without a goodbye. Niall, Zayn, Harry, and Louis were always there, and had been like a family to them. But people grow, change, develop feelings; love, hate, jealousy, and feelings they thought were impossible to ever feel. What happens when Sam starts to develop "feelings" for 1..or 2 of their life long best friends? Or if one of them ends up falling for her, but Liam's big brother instincts begin to kick in? These group of friends are going to have to find their way through many things. But together, they might just be able to make it. ~Summer Love (NOT FAMOUS) a Harry Styles and Niall Horan FanFiction~


13. Maybe one day, but not today

Sam's POV: I lightly knocked on Harry's door. "Harry?" I called, he still didn't answer. I sighed. Suddenly, the door swung open. In front of me stood a Harry I didn't recognize. He had an emotionless expression on his face. He didn't have the usual sparkle in his beautiful green eyes, his curls were bouncy like they usually were, and he wasn't flashing his cute little dimple. "Can I..come in?" I asked unsure what his actual answer might be, considering he was just standing there not saying anything. "Yeah okay." he said going back to sit on his bed. I sat beside him. "So..what's up?" I asked him. He just stared at me, raising one eyebrow questionably. "What?" I asked again. "Sam, why did you really come up here?" I slumped my shoulders. "Harry, what's going on? You're not acting like yourself. Where's the cute, charming, flirty Harry that I know?" I said to him, punching his shoulder playfully. Harry's POV: The fact that she thought of me like that, made me feel a bit better. "Eh, I don't know." I said shrugging my shoulders and looking down at my lap. "Harry, yes you do. What's wrong? Please, I miss you. I miss you jumping around and being excited at little stuff. Please?" she said and looked at me pleadingly. I looked into her eyes. She was so sweet and caring. A girl like her deserved to be happy. I need to let her and Niall be together, without me getting in the way. I smiled at her, "I'm sorry. I guess I just wasn't feeling like myself. I'm better now, I promise." I hugged her. She mumbled into my shoulder, "Okay Harry. I love you, you know that right?" she pulled away, and smiled at me. "Ya Sam, I know." I replied.  She said she loved me. It made me feel happy again, but I knew what kind of love she meant. Brotherly love. She could say she loves me all she wants, but it's never going to be the same as when she says it to Niall. I sighed silently and stood up. "Come on, let's go down now." I said standing at the door. She got up and we went downstairs to join the others. Maybe one day I'll tell her how I really feel, but not today. ------------Author's Note: Looks like Harry's planning on keeping quiet for a while.. Hope you liked the chapter! Sorry it's so short:/ but anyways, thanks for reading!Xx

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