Just The begining ( A Zayn Malik Love Story)

Rose use to be a bright-eyed happy child. But that was before her mother died, he dad started drinking and abusing her in all ways. She self-harms because of what he hasdone to her. One day she finally has had enough. What happens when she bumps into a certian dark-haired boy that will change her life forever? Will her dad find her? Read to find out.

*Warning: There will be sex scenes, and cursing*

(This is my first fanfict ever so I'm sorry if it sucks!)


1. Chapter 1


Rose's P.O.V.


I slowly walked down the stairs hoping my "dad" wouldn't hear me. I just wanted to get something to eat, I haven't eaten in days. I was starving. As I crept into the kitchen, I heard a grunt coming from the living room. That's when I got scared; I froze and my breathing slowed. It went quiet and I relaxed a little bit. I quickly grabbed an apple and ran up to my room. Let me explain why I was so scared of my father; he abuses me, in every way you can think of. He will beat me....rape me..... mentally torcher me, and the worst part of it was I couldn't do anything about it. As I reached the top of the stairs I was pulled out my thoughts  I turned into my room, and faced the mirror. I was a small thing, tiny to say the least. Super skinny; only 5' 2' so I was freakishly short, I have long blond hair and icy blue eyes. I sat on my bed and sighlently ate my apple savioring every bite knowing that it might be my last for a while. I finished it; I went downstairs to throw it away but my dad was standing in the kitchen getting beer I assume. He looked at me and I tensed up, "What are you doind down here you little slut?!" he shouted. "I - I was just throwing away my apple" I whispered. "I don't give a shit, come here you worthless whore" he spat slurring a little. I could tell he was drunk. Yet I obeyed and slowly walked over to him, before I could even blink I felt a stinging in my cheek and I was on the ground. He kicked me in the stomach multiple times; I yelped in pain. "Shut up!" He hissed. He picked me up by my hair and threw up against a wall. I felt pain all over my body; and I was crying. I just lie there until finally he left.

I had gotten the streghth to get up and hobble to my room. I locked the door and headed for the bathroom. I knew exactly what I was going to do....cut. I needed the relief. I took out the blade, lifted my arm, and slowly pressed the sharp edge into my skin. I imedietly felt a mix of pain, and relief come over me. I cut my arm multiple time until I decided it was enough. I washed the cuts and went to get something to drink. I was so thirsty; I crept down once again to find my dad passed out on the couch. I thought for a second. I am done with this. I ran upstairs and started stuffing my backpack with things I need. Clothes. Check. Phone. Check. Phone charger. Check. Money I have been saving. Check. I made a mental checklist; when I had everything I slowly went downstairs making sure he was still asleep. Thank god he was; I went to the door. Locked. Well shit. Then I thought about the window in my dad's room, it was on the first floor so I tried that. I worked. I was free... at least thats what I thought. "ROSE GET BACK HERE!!!!!!!" I heard him scream. I ran, faster than I had ever before. I wasn't going back there ever. I ran for what seemed like miles, I couldn't hear him anymore but I wasn't  going to take any chances. Just as I turned a corner I bumped into something, wait someone, and fell. I looked up in fear luckly it wasn't my father; it was a tall, tan, handsome boy with his hair styled in a quiff. He looked down in shock. I then realized that I had bumped into him and made him spill his coffe all over him. Shit.



Zayn's P.O.V.

Perrie and I had broken up a few days ago, I'll admit I wasn't taking it very well. I needed some fresh air so I went for a walk and got a coffee. As I walked out of the shop, and just I was about to turn the corner, someone ran into me spilling my coffee all over me. I looked down in shock to find a beautiful girl looking back at me in fear. "I'm really sorry, I swear I didn't mean to run into you," she sounded really scared. " It's ok love don't worry about it just a little stain," I said soothingly. I reached out my hand to help her up, slowly she took it. "What were you running from love?" I asked rather curious, I regreted it due to her response. She broke down in tears; falling to the ground and burrying her head into her hands. I sat down and comforted her, "Shh don't cry, everything's going to be ok" I soothed. Let's go back to my flat," She looked up with those gorgeous blue eyes and nodded. I helped her up and we walked to my flat. Once we got there she sat on the sofa and started bawling her eyes out. I sat there and held her, letting her cry into my chest. I know I had just met her but I was really worried about her. After crying for a while she looked at me, "I'm sorry you have to see me like this, ecpsecially since we just barely met." she said turning her head to look down. I took my hand and lifted her chin, she flinched at my touch but didn't move away, "Don't worry dear it's ok I want to help you. Now what wereyou running from?" "My dad" she said bearly audiable. I sat there stunned, that I noticed a few brusies on her arm, and a few on her leg, then it hit me. She was running from her dad because he abused her. What the hell. "I'm sorry love, don't worry I won't let him hurt you again," with that she looked up with hope in her eyes. "Thank you, oh my gosh I forgot. My name is Rose." "Zayn." Unlike other girls she just sat there and smiled, I realized that she must not know about the band I'm in. One Direction, the other members were somewhere in the city. I should call them and let them know about Rose. I'll do that later. I looked down and saw that Rose had fallen asleep in my arms; poor thing she must be so tired. I'll let her sleep. I'm going to keep my promise I won't let anyone hurt her again.





A/N first chapter done!! PLease tell me what you think! Thanks for reading!! (And about the sex scenes that's later in the story! Just making that clear!) Ok byeee! xoxo

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