The Bachelor - Harry Styles

Harry Styles is trying to find his one true love. If you watch ABC's The Bachelor then you know how all of this works.

POV's - Harry Styles- the Bachelor, Hadleigh Thompson, Mackenzie Graves , Madeline Camden, and Christian Bryant.


2. meeting all the women

POV- Harry Styles 

It was about that time, it was time to meet all 26 women and decide in about 3 hours which 13 I should keep and actually get to know. I knew all of the women I would meet tonight would be beautiful.. I just didn't know how beautiful. Right before the first limo pulled up the house Christian gave me this pep talk about how amazing the end result of this journey would be. I hope he's right in the end...

The first limo pulled up to the house. My nerves were taking over, and there were a ton of butterflies fluttering around in my stomach. I thought to myself I do things more nerve wrecking than just meeting some women. I am a singer, I sing for people. I am a rock star. I am Harry Styles. I can do this.

The first girl popped out of the limo. She walked up to me slowly and kissed me on the cheek. She said her name was Madilyn and she was a doctor. She told me about how amazing she felt to be here tonight. She asked me to sing to her for a second because she loved the way my voice vibrated when I sang outside. I thought the way she said that was really weird but Madilyn was a very pretty. I couldn't say no to someone so beautiful. She was wearing a short purple dress with her brown hair covering some of the designs. I sang a few bars and then I kissed her on the cheek and we exchanged smiles, then she walked in the house without saying a word. I watched her as she walked into the house, I thought to myself, this is going to be good. The first girl I met tonight was so beautiful. I can't imagine what the other girls are going to look like! 


POV- Mackenzie Graves

I was next to get out of the limo. I was really nervous to see Harry again. I hadn't seen him in such a long time. I don't know what he's going to say when I come out of the limo. I hoped he'd be happy to see me because I am going to be happy to see him. When he left England, we didn't leave things on the best note. I hoped tonight would be the beginning of something good. 

The limo finally arrived at the house, I stepped I looked at Harry's perfection. I walked up to him and said '" Hey Harry, remember me?" He looked at me with his dark colored and whispered to himself I'm guessing.. Mackenzie? What the hell are you doing here? Finally his mouth opened, " Mackenzie, hi." He looked at me like the entire world had just came to a complete stop. It was the way he looked at me the night of the junior high dance. I thought, maybe I should say something back now. I looked at him and replied " I miss you Harry. I haven't seen you in so long. I talked to your mom a few months back. She said you were doing this show in America. She told me the only way I could see you again was if I was on the show because of you're busy schedule. I thought it was a good idea." He smiled, " I can't believe your here!" I thought he might say something like " You're here now, I don't need to find true love... again. My one true love is here now." but he didn't after is last sentence he just ended with ' Wow! We should really catch up inside. I'll see you in there?' That sentence literally broke my heart. I seriously thought I was just going to burst into tears. It took a lot of figures to get me  here today in California. I don't know what I'm going to say to him now. I shouldn't have come here.


POV- Harry Styles 

I cannot believe Mackenzie is here. When I saw her arrive my heart skipped a beat. Now all I can think about is talking to her and getting the whole reason why she's here. I don't get why she would come all the way from England to be on this show with me.

I only had a few more seconds until the next limo arrived... A girl popped out. She said her name was Heather. I wasn't 't really paying attention to the next few girls who came out of the limo. The only thing I could think about was Mackenzie. 

One girl became five girls and then 5 girls became 10 girls. I was still overloaded with thoughts about Mackenzie and I. I thought about where we hung out, where we used to have dates, what used to make her laugh, basically every little detail I knew about her. 

Finally the 26th girl was  about to arrive. 

POV- Hadleigh Thompson

The thought of seeing 25 other women with Harry tonight makes me want to slap a freaking bitch. Knowing me, by the end of this I probably will. I just want Harry and I to get in the limo I am about to get off and run away and get married. I know Harry and I are meant to be so why should we wait any longer.? 

When I got out of the limo there he was, the man of my dreams. I eyed him from his head to his toes; he was absolutely perfect. He was probably more perfect then one man should be. I pulled one leg out of the limo then the other. I stood straight up letting Harry get a good look at me.  Our first greeting was a firm handshake and a brief hello. I told him " I would love to talk to him inside and get to know the real Harry Styles. He said the same!


POV- Harry Styles

All the woman I met tonight are so beautiful. The one that stuck out to me the most though was Mackenzie. It was very surprising to see her tonight. She's the one I want to talk to the most. I can feel it going to be an interesting night. I can't wait to see whats in store for me. 







Sorry if you think this first part is so long.. haha(: 

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