The Bachelor - Harry Styles

Harry Styles is trying to find his one true love. If you watch ABC's The Bachelor then you know how all of this works.

POV's - Harry Styles- the Bachelor, Hadleigh Thompson, Mackenzie Graves , Madeline Camden, and Christian Bryant.


1. Introducing Ourselves

POV- Christian Bryant ( the Chris Harrison of the show ) 

Hello world, my name is Christian Bryant and this is the first day the new Bachelor, Harry Styles will get meet 26 woman, send 13 woman home tonight and find the woman of his dreams by the end of the journey. I know Harry will have a good time but overall its still going to be the toughest  time of his life, finding the woman of his dreams. 


POV - Harry Styles ( the Bachelor) 

My name is Harry Styles and I am on here today to find my one true love. If it wasn't for my sister I would not be here today on this show; I would have never had the guts to come on here. She nominated me without my approval. Apparently, a bunch of you want to see me fall in love on national television. I am going to go bonkers!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 

So tonight's the night; now is the time I put on a suit and try and impress a bunch of woman. Just kidding, I don't know why I sound so sarcastic! I am so excited for tonight! 

POV- Madilyn Camden (the attached one; the crazy fan) 

Hey, my names Madilyn Camden. I am 26 years old and I am a cardiac surgeon in Seattle, Washington.  I love Harry Styles already. I know the two of us together can be absolutely perfect together. I know everything about him and I love everything about him. Basically I stalk him. 


Hadleigh Thompson (the bitchy one)

Hey ya'll my name is Hadleigh Thompson, I am a model in Los Angles California. I model for a company that all of you may know. Victoria Secret. I love my job and I love life. I am missing one thing though, a husband of my own. I will do anything for Harry Styles to fall in love with me. I'll even take all of my clothes off for him and give him a naughty model dance. I think in about a year or 2 my name will officially be Hadleigh Styles!! 


Mackenzie Graves( the forever old girlfriend) 

Hey, I'm Mackenzie Graves, I live in Evesham, Worcestershire, England. I am here for only one purpose and that is to get my old boyfriend back from junior high. Harry and I actually already know each other. Harry and I dated in junior high. The two of us only broke up because he tried out for the X-factor. I really don't understand why he is here but I want him back and the only way I could figure out how to get him back is to come to America and win his heart back on The Bachelor. 

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