You love me, you love me not

Hello, my name is Vanessa Holmes. Im 15 and im a freshman. Being in high school is really tough. I heard there were gonna be 5 new exchange students in my class. This is gonna be one crazy year....

I know it really doesnt sound good but please bare with ive never written one of these so i hope you like it!xx


1. 5 new exchange students

Well you know One direction right? Yeah well those were the 5 exchange students that came to my school. They were really nice though. I felt like i was being watched cause Zayn kept staring at me for some reason. The boys asked me to hang out with them after school and I agreed. " Well see you guys after school!" i said and we said our goodbyes. 

* Zayns p.o.v* 

"Well mates, I think im falling for Vanessa. Shes soo beautiful", I said.  Harry said," You just met her mate. You only know her name." "Well thats true but I have this feeling when i ask her out, she'll reject me, then ill feel like the stupidest man alive." I said. Liam said," Well mate, get to know her better and then when the times right, ask her. Dont rush it or pressure her into it." "Heres a tip mate, dont stare at her the whole time. She probably thought you were a creeper or something." Niall said. They all burst into laughter and headed to thier classes.


*Vanessas p.o.v.* 

As soon as I got home I changed into some sweats and my volleyball shirt. I hope boys dont mind I look like this. When I came downstairs, I saw my dad and mum fighting. " STOP FIGHTING!" I yelled. They both gave me an apollogetic look and I ignored it. " Why are you here dad? You've finally decide to come around? You left my mom and she had a child and you disowned us both! She was struggling with bills and everything and your lazy ass didnt bother to help! I hate you and you need to leave NOW!" I said as tears fell from my eyes. He grabbed his coat and left. I ran up to my mom and hugged her tight. "I'm sorry mum but I had too." "Its alright sweetie." She said. " Do you mind if i go over to a friends house and hang?" I asked. " Yeah, be careful." She said. I texted Harry and told him im on my way since he lived two houses down from me. I knocked and Harry said" Hello come on in the boys and i are down stairs in the basement hanging out." "Okay." I said. Harry introduces me to his mum and we head downstairs. Niall is stuffing his face (like always) Louis and Liam were playing xbox kinect and Zayn was watching them. I like Zayn but im still not sure because he didnt even talk to me, he just stood there and stared. "Shes here guys! Louis Liam,stop the game, be pollite and say hi." Harry said. They turned the game off and exchanged hellos. Out of nowhere, Niall runs up and hugs me. We both fall over and burst out laughing. We got up and sat on the other couch. The fight that happened before I left came rushing back to me and I had a sad look on my face. Zayn came over and asked whats wrong. I just started balling my eyes out. It was soo embarrassing and Zayn just gave me a hug and asked if we could go outside and talk. I agreed and we went outside. 

*Zayns p.o.v.* 

I asked her if she wanted to go outside and talk cause i really wanted to get to know her better. She agreed and we sat on the swing. "Are you okay?" i asked. "Not really..." she said. "What happened?" I asked. " Well after I came home from school my parents were fighting. My dad came to my house unexpectedly. I told him to get out and he left. When he found out my mom was pregnant, he left cause he didnt want a child just yet. my mom was struggling for a while till she got on her feet. Me and my mom have this really close bond and I dont want my dad in the picture. He just decided he wanted a family and thats when they got into it. I put a stop to it and left." She said. She started crying again and i held her tight, kissing her cheek. "I have a question." I said. " What is it?" She said. " How do you feel about me? I know I didnt talk to you and i was being an ass but im really sorry and ill make it up in anyway i can." I said. "I like you zayn but i dont know you feel about me and I dont want it to be a game, i want a real relationship where you dont want anyone else but me."She said. "Well you dont have to worry about that cause im really faithful and i dont just like you, I love you and I know its so soon but its how I feel." I said. She just sat there very quiet. I kissed her passionatley and stood up. She stood up and gave me a hug and she said that she will date me. I hugged her and kissed her cheek. She told me that she was gonna go home and for me to tell the boys night and she gave me a hug and a kiss and she left.

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