Love At First Sight

Have you ever loved someone, but you barely knew them? That's what happened to Casey Jones. She had heard of One Direction, and she wouldn't admit it, but deep down she was a huge fan. Casey and her best friend Samantha visit Paris over the summer to visit Casey's aunt, but maybe Casey has more to discover on this trip, she must learn to trust people, and to have confidence in her self, and her soon to be first love is the only one who could help her.


1. Paris Bound

"Don't forget a toothbrush!" my mom shouts to me from the bottom of the stairs. I smile to myself as I pack my suitcase. I slide my phone out of my back pocket and unlock it, dialing Samantha's number. "Mmmm hello?" her soft voice answers. "Hey, are you on your way to get me, I don't think I'll be able to stand 30 minutes of goodbyes with my already crying mother, and my angry dad, along with my 10 year old sister who wants to tag along."  I hear Samantha muffle a laugh. "Yeah, I'll be there in about, I want to say, 15 minutes, sound good?" "Yeah that's perfect thanks." I hang up and put my phone back in my pocket as I gather all of my things and  run down the stairs. "Are you leaving so soon?" my mom croaks as she looks up from her phone. I nod and smile. "Yes ma'm Samantha is on her way." My dads stands up, leaving his earlier position on the couch, and embraces me in a hug. "Please don't ever stop being my little girl." He cries in between tears. "Daddy it's just six months." I whisper trying not to laugh. "Six too many." My mom says looking at my father and I. "Guys, I'll be good I promise. You know me, I'm a good kid, I'll be fine."  My dad smiled and chuckled as he pulled apart from the hug. "I know that, but that doesn't mean we're not going to miss you any less." I smile softly as Megan makes her way down the stairs. "I don't want you to go." she says quietly. As she comes closer I can see that she, along with my parents, had been crying. I bend over and pull her into a tight hug. "You know how you have a different adventure everyday, and how every day you play a different game, a game that allows you to express yourself and do things freely?" I whisper softly. She nods wiping one tear from her cheek. "Well it's my turn, my turn to embark on a new adventure. Don't you want that for me?" She nods once more her eyes swelling with tears. "This is my journey, my chance to discover a new adventure, a chance of a lifetime, a chance I may never be given again.' She nods wiping the tears that are traveling down her cheeks. "But, I'm going to miss you." she cries out desperately. "I'm going to miss you too, but that doesn't change the fact that I'm going. I'll Skype you every chance I get okay?" "Promise?" she asks. "Promise I say holding out my finger. She loops hers with mine and smiles up at me. I hear a knock at the door as my mom descends the hall way to answer it.  My mom walks back in with even more tears streaming down her cheeks as Samantha comes in behind her. Megan impatiently releases my finger and runs to Samantha her arms spread prepared for a hug. Samantha welcomes her into her arms and smiles at me cheekily. "She loves me!" she mouths. I just roll my eyes. They release from the hug and Samantha comes to stand by me. "You take care of my daughter you hear me?" my dad says sternly. Samantha smiles and nods. "I will, but hey, isn't that what her aunt is for?" Samantha says trying to lighten the mood. My mom let's a small chuckle escape. "Bye mom, bye dad I love you so much." I say pulling them both into a hug. I look over at Megan, whose quietly tracing shapes on the floor with her foot. I walk to her and lift her up, hugging her tightly. "Don't get into any trouble, and always start a new adventure." I say smiling. She nods as I place her on the floor and grab my suitcases, rolling them to the door. "Bye." I whisper once more as Samantha heads to the car. I wave quickly and close the door behind myself. I put my stuff in the trunk of Samantha's red Mercedes as she starts the car. I hoist myself into the passenger's seat and buckle the seat belt as I wipe one final tear from my cheek. "Are you okay?" Samantha asks as she adjusts the radio before putting the car into gear. "Yeah" I say quietly.
~Time Skip~ (on the plane)
"Attention this is your captain speaking, we will be landing in 10 to 15 minutes, so please remain seated and we hope you enjoyed your flight" the intercom screeches as I cover my ears to avoid the ear piercing noise. "I'm so excited!" Samantha says happily as I look to her and groan. "Shhhh don't be so loud!" I grumble. "Someone's not a flying type." Samantha rambles. I roll my eyes as the flight attendant walks down the row handing everyone their carry  on, and wishing them a nice evening. I smile and nod saying "you too" as she hands me my bag. Minutes later I find myself descending the stairs of the plane as Samantha and I head to bag check out to receive the rest of our luggage. I smile to myself as I smell the fresh aroma of the airport and see people bustling about waiting for their planes, or rushing to get in line for the restroom, and some running to their loved ones with opened arms. Samantha returns with our bags and I happily attend to mine as we look around for my aunt. I soon see her waving her arms in the air running to me. I smile as I begin to walk towards her. She soon embraces me in a hug. "I'm so glad you came!" she smiles. "Me too." 

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