Love At First Sight

Have you ever loved someone, but you barely knew them? That's what happened to Casey Jones. She had heard of One Direction, and she wouldn't admit it, but deep down she was a huge fan. Casey and her best friend Samantha visit Paris over the summer to visit Casey's aunt, but maybe Casey has more to discover on this trip, she must learn to trust people, and to have confidence in her self, and her soon to be first love is the only one who could help her.


2. First Sight

Samantha and I drag our bags up the stairs of my aunt's front porch. She smiles as she closes the trunk and rushes to unlock the front door. The sight of her home amazes me. It's complete with a pool, a garden, and a guest house. She opens the door and Samantha and I walk in slowly. I smile as I look around, and see Samantha's jaw dropped in awe, My aunt shows me to my room, and leaves to show Samantha to hers which is just across the hall. I walk around my room and look at the small details and finally plop down on the soft inviting bed. I smile to myself as I adjust to my surroundings, my new room. I pull myself off of the comfortable, now wadded up and wrinkled bed, and continue to look around the house. There are several extra bedrooms and bathrooms. I run into Samantha as I enter the kitchen. "How awesome is your room?" she promptly asks. "Let's just say, when we leave, I'm ripping the room out of the house and taking it with me." "It can't be THAT awesome." she wines. "Besides, I bet my room is way cooler." she boasts. My aunt chuckles as she walks in. "Are you really fighting over whose room is cooler? Because mine would win by far!" she states jokingly. I laugh as I grab a bottle of water and climb the stairs to my bedroom to unpack. I look at my phone to see that it's 11:34 a.m. I toss my phone on the bed, and unzip all of my suitcases. I put my clothes, shoes, and accessories away.I then move to the bathroom and put my makeup, hair supplies, perfumes, and body washes away. I then walk out to the pool side and call my mom. "Hello?" my mom answers eagerly. "Hey mommy" I say sweetly. "How was your flight?" "It was great, I can honestly say I'm not the biggest fan of flying but, I did sleep most of the time." My mom laughs gently at my statement. "Mommy, I wanna talk to Casey!" I hear Megan wine in the background. I laugh as the phone is passed from my mom to Megan. "Hey" she says perkily. "Hey, you need something?" I ask intently. "Yes, I need you to come home." "We went over this." "Can I at least come to you?" "I don't think mom would allow that." "So?" "So, I don't want you and me both to get in trouble, do you?" "No, not really." "Exactly."  She sighs and I hear the phone being passed around once more. "Sorry, she's upset you left." my mom's calm voice calls. "I know, she'll get over it soon enough." "I know, but it still hurts now." The words my mom spoke make me feel guilty, as though I never should of left. "Hey Casey, wanna go sight seeing?" Samantha calls from behind me. I turn to her and nod.  "Mom, I gotta go we-" "Are going sight seeing? I know. Have fun sweetie, bye I love you." "Bye, I love you too." I hang up and walk to Samantha. "Let me go change first." I say as I open the sliding glass door and run up the stairs. I quickly get dressed in and run back downstairs to see Samantha patiently waiting on the couch. "Ready?" she asks looking up from her phone. "Yeah, one problem, we have no car." I say. "It's called sight seeing, which means, we WALK." she responds sarcastically. I laugh as we both head to the door. We walk outside and I pull up a map on my phone. "How about, we visit the Eiffel Tower first?" I ask. "Sure!" Samantha says enthusiastically. We begin walking, following the directions of my phone.
~Harry's P.O.V.~
"Guys we've been to the Eiffel Tower six times, why are me going again?" Lou wines. "Because we can, and because it's beautiful out there." Liam responds as places his phone back in his pocket.  We approach the Eiffel Tower just as two girls are making their way to the elevator. One of them catches my eye though. She had blonde hair that was pulled up into a braid, stunning blue and green eyes, and her smile was absolutely gorgeous. I grabbed Liam's hand signaling him to follow me as I made a my way to the elevator. Unfortunately, the doors closed as I reached the elevator. Niall chuckled. "Chasing after girls hmm Harry?" he says sarcastically. Zayn looks at me, "I think that's exactly what just happened." he says examining me. My cheeks get hot and I can feel them turning red. "No, I'm just really excited." I protest. "About seeing the Eiffel Tower, for like the billionth time?"  Lou asks shocked. "Yeah, as Liam said, she's gorgeous." I cup my hounds over my mouth as the words slip out. "She?" Niall asked. Liam rolls his eyes. "Mhhhmmm, she." he huffs as the elevator doors open once more allowing us to step in.
~Casey's P.O.V.~ 
"Look!" Samantha shouts as she points to a shopping center across the street. "Let's go there next." I nod and roll my eyes agreeing with her. I take a picture of our view and promptly put my phone back in my pocket. I see the elevator doors open to reveal five very familiar boys. People begin taking pictures of them as the descend the elevator. They smile and cover their eyes as if they were used to it. One of the boys caught my attention. He was tall, had long curly hair, beautiful green eyes and a breathe taking smile. They slowly approached the edge where Samantha and I were standing. My heart began beating harder and harder. I felt a small tap on my shoulder. "Hi!" I turn around to be greeted by the boy with the curly hair. "Hi." I respond. "I'm Harry, I just thought I'd introduce myself, considering you and your friend are the only people who insist on not taking a picture." I laugh slightly and then I look at the other boys. "You look very familiar." I blurt out. He let's out a small chuckle. "Really?" He asks. "Yeah, I think I know you from somewhe-" I cut myself off realizing how stupid I sound. I am currently talking to Harry Styles. As in, the Harry Styles from the band One Direction. 

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