Lies, Lies, Love & Lies.

She never would have thought that her lies would land her in this position. They were just simple little lies, but Clara soon realized they were so much more than that. Now she must live with the people she's hurt, the decisions she's made and the emptiness that she feels inside..


2. "I need space"


Clara Lie #2- You’re the only boy in my life, I love you!

Truth – I need space and I can’t find a way to let you go easy so I’m going to fake everything.

                This was the biggest lie I have ever told in my entire life. It’s one of those lies where you can sit on your bed for hours just thinking up a billion different ways to put it nicely but in the end you just need to lie. I used this lie for just about everything, if he was upset I’d say it. If we got into an argument it was the glue that put all the pieces back together. It worked one hundred percent of the time, without a doubt. Until I actually relied and put my entire relationship on the line, then the lie was apparently evident.  Which of course did not help matters whatsoever, and that’s when Shane and I finally broke everything off.

                Shane and I had gotten into a tiny argument and I used my lying skills to make everything better. Then I told him that I was going to bed because I just didn’t have the strength to say anything else. We said our goodnight’s and left it there. However, being Clara, I did the exact opposite of going to bed. Instead I called up a few girlfriends, threw on a pair of skinny jeans and a tank top and made my way to a kick ass party a few doors down. I walked in feeling overly confident, not sure why I felt that way because 1. My boyfriend and I just had an argument and 2. Once again I lied to him about where I was going. I pushed the thoughts away and grabbed a drink, scoping the room for a new guy to flirt with. I found Liam, he was standing with a few girls already but I knew they were no threat. I slowly glided across the room and I was soon beside Liam.

“Hey Clara! Didn’t think I’d be seeing you here, how’s Shane?”

                Oh god damn Liam! He knew exactly how to ruin a buzz. “Oh he’s fine; he’s just a little tired tonight so I hit this one up solo. Plus things aren’t going so good.” I said through an exasperated sigh. Ladies and gentlemen today’s forecast calls for a 90% chance of Clara lie with a hint of truth throughout the course of the evening. “Oh that’s too bad! Are you okay?” Liam asked with concern painted on his voice. I shrugged my shoulders and held my head low, he pulled me into his chest and as he did so I smirked. As I was slowly being intoxicated by Liam’s cologne and the glass of vodka I had in my hand my favorite song came on the stereo. Lightning by The Wanted filled the room and the atmosphere went from cocktail hour to house party. I lifted my head and began pulling Liam towards the open space where people were beginning to dance.

                The song rushed through my veins and I let my body take over. I turned my back to Liam and brought my hands above my head while my hips swayed to the song. His hands slowly crept around my waist and I felt his touch on my stomach. His hands were cold but they sent a shock through my body forcing my hips to push even harder against him. He flipped my body around with one push and placed his hands on my ass. My arms snaked around his neck as our lips drew closer and closer. The song came to a finish and by then our lips were forcefully locked together and my hands slipped through his hair. People were giggling and cheering as I pulled my lips away from his. “Isn’t she with Shane?” “Did they break up?” “I’m happy she’s moving on.” These were just a few phrases I could hear amongst the crowd that apparently we collected.

                Liam and I danced for another hour or so, stopping for drinks and kisses once in a while. Then things just escaladed. The mixture of lust and vodka flowed through my veins and I knew I needed him more than I did at the start. I moved my lips close to his ear and whispered, “I won’t tell if you don’t.” He pulled away and winked at me. There we had the sign, as we moved our way through the crowd I could feel my urges start to take over. We ran into the first room we could find and he immediately laid on the bed. I locked the door behind me and went to join Liam on the bed. He pulled me on top of him and his lips met mine again and the same shocks were sent through my body. At this point the little voice inside of my head should’ve been saying “Clarabelle, what are you doing?! You have a boyfriend; Shane would not appreciate you sleeping with his buddy!” However all that little voice was saying was, “Oh sweet baby Jesus, look at his body.” Those were the only thoughts that were running through my mind, no doubts, no stress and absolutely no regret.

                After the deed was done and Liam was standing in front of me pulling his jeans back over his legs and throwing on his shirt I smiled and sat up. He tossed me my bra that was hanging off the lamp, and the rest of my clothing that was scattered around the room. As I was putting on my clothes I realized that something was missing. The necklace that Shane had bought me when we first started dating was not dangling around my neck. I frantically searched the bed and the floor that was surrounding me, but there was nothing. “What did you lose?” Liam asked. “My necklace! Have you seen it?” He shook his head and that’s when I really started to panic. I jumped off the bed and moved towards the door, I unlocked it and opened it. The door flew open in full force and I had barely even moved my arm to swing it open. The 6’1, muscled figure stood in front of me, anger building in his eyes, I knew exactly who it was. I bowed my head not wanting to make eye contact my eyes tracing those same tattoos that my fingers once did, and as I scanned his body I noticed my necklace. The silver heart dangling from his hands, then it slowly fell. As the necklace hit the floor, I could feel my own heart sinking. And for the first time I thought to myself, “there is no way I can lie my way out of this one.”

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