Ready or Not

This is a fan fiction story about Niall, back in the xfactor days. You'l just have to read to figure out the rest ;)


4. Oops.


Niall's point of view

I walked into the bathroom and found Bradie and Jake kissing. He had his hand up her shirt.

“ Oh um I’m sorry for interrupting” trying to mask the jealousy I felt. Jake was Mr. Popular here and he was dating the new American girl, Bradie. I lived just a few houses away from her and as creepy as it sounded I watched her all the time. I don’t think she ever noticed me before and after our conversation in the bathroom, I was positive she hadn’t.

When she left the bathroom Jake pushed me and said “ Don’t talk to my girl again!” just before he left I shouted

“ Which one!” Jake turned around in anger

“ Don’t even… or I’ll break every bone in you’re body” he said leaving the bathroom. I kicked the bathroom stall and screamed

“ Why would she want to date him!” I said to myself in anger. I thought about Bradie all the time and even fantasized that I was her boyfriend sometimes even though I knew it would never happen.

“ I’m just a tiny nobody in chorus and she likes jocks like Jake” I made my way home with my hands in my pockets and kicking the same rock down the side walk. I saw Jake and Bradie drive by me; they started to slow down and rolled down their window.

“ Hey loser, heading home to play chess with you’re parents” Jake said in a mocking tone.

“ Stop it Jake, he never did anything to you!” Bradie said smiling at me and waving

“ Why don’t you get in we will drive you home” she said getting out and opening the door for me

“ Bradie are you serious this boy is a geek” Jake said as I got in the car.

“ Yes why don’t you take Niall home I think you could use the good deed.” She said giving him the evil eye

“ Yes my love” he said grabbing her hand and stepping on the gas

“ Where’d you live loser” Jake said to me. I started to answer but Bradie cut me off

“ He has a name you know.” Bradie said

“ Okay NIALL, where do you live?”

“That house on the left” I said pointing to the house three away from Bradie

“ Wait you live right there?” Bradie said and I nodded

“ I live three houses over, how come I’ve never seen you before.” She asked me and I shrugged my shoulders.

“ Maybe because he could disappear and no one would care” Jake said. Before Bradie could interrupt and stick up from me I defended myself

“ Listen you and you’re jocks are the only ones that have a problem with me. I’m nothing but sweet to everyone else” I said and Jake laughed

“ That’s the problem, you’re a little pussy!” Jake said. Within second I punched him in the face giving him a black eye. I got out of the car and said good bye to Bradie

“ Wait!” she said getting out of the car and giving me a hug

“ Why don’t you come over later, say around six o’clock?” she said while giving me a little hug goodbye

“ Ummm….. yeah… of course… I’ll see you then.” I said walking away and into my house.

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