Ready or Not

This is a fan fiction story about Niall, back in the xfactor days. You'l just have to read to figure out the rest ;)


3. Nothing But Tragedy


Bradie's point of view:

Every class was a blur for me, I didn’t remember anything any of my teachers said. The only thing I remember was my lecture from Jess during lunch.

“ Bradie don’t throw that out” she said grabbing my lunch out of my hand before I threw it into the garbage

“ I’m not eating it…” I said to her as we walked over to the table

“ I’m not letting you leave this table till you eat at least something” she said handing me a bag of fruit snacks.

“ 90 calories” I said shoving them away from me. She took out the granola bar and handed it to me. I shoved it away

“ That’s 100.” Jess shook her head and handed me and apple

“ Don’t refuse this cause I know its only like 30 calories” she whispered as the most popular girls in our school came up to our table.

“ Awe are you only eating an apple cause you’re watching your calories.” A tall blonde, Barbie doll looking girl named Caitlyn.

“ Good you could afford to loose a few pounds” a short curly haired brunette named Lindsey. I pushed my chair back away from the table and walked away throwing out all of my lunch. I made my way into the bathroom and took out my phone.

“ Hey babe what’s wrong” I heard Jake’s sweet voice say

“ How’d you know something was wrong?” I said trying to mask my pain

“ I had a feeling, and I can tell from you’re tone of voice you’re not okay. Did someone pick on you?” he asked and I nodded as I let the tears out

“ Alright this girl is getting a beating right now, she’s fucking done!” he shouted angrily. I let out a giggle

“ I love you Jake” I said

“ Love you too babe, but I have to go I’ll meet you later” he hung up the phone and I stepped out of the stall. Caitlyn, Lindsey and their dumb side kick Karen.

“ Awe you love you’re geeky little boyfriend” Lindsey said in a mocking voice. Caitlyn ripped my IPhone from my hands and threw it into the toilet.

“ Oops I’m sorry” she said flushing the toilet, laughing before the walked out of the bathroom. I walked out the bathroom and was an inch away from punching Caitlyn in the face but the bell rang and kids came pouring out of the doors and into the hallway

“ You better watch you’re back, or my boyfriend and I will come after you” I said

“ That’s funny, I think Jake could beat you guys up with one arm.” Caitlyn said laughing and walking away from me.

“wait Jake who!”” I shouted back at them. They stopped in their tracks and turned back around “ Miller, her popular boyfriend duh” Karen said sassily. They laughed walking away. I dropped to the ground in the middle of the hallway.  Everyone walked around me or on top of me not giving a care in the world. After my talk with the guidance counselor I was just counting down the exact minutes till I could see Jake. Hearing the ending day bell ring had never felt so good. The second I heard it I jumped out of my seat and sprinted out the door.

I raced across the street to the quad where all the boys from Coláiste Mhuir would meet the girls from Coláiste Cionn Toirc. I saw Jake and jumped into his arms.  Jake kissed my cheek and pulled me in tighter “I’ve been counting down to this all day” Jake said as we sat down on a bench.  

“ Babe, don’t you have to be with you’re other girlfriend” I said

“ I don’t have another girl friend?” he said shaking. I pointed towards Caitlyn

“ Yes you do, she thinks you’re dating.” I said crossing my arms and looking at the ground

“ Okay, I did hook up with her but it was a drunken mistake.” I nodded

“ Yeah okay”

“ Look Bradie let’s go talk about this in a more private place” he grabbed my hand and took me into the bathroom. He pushed me up against the wall and kissed me so passionately I couldn’t resist. I gave in and kissed him back. I pulled away after a few minutes

“ This isn’t talking.” I said biting my lip

“ I like this better babe” Jake kissed me again as he moved his hands up my shirt but stopped when a little blonde boy walked in to the bathroom

“ Oh um I’m sorry for interrupting” he said in his sweet little voice

“ It’s okay I’m actually the one in the wrong place here” I said pushing Jake off of me and started to head out the door

“ Oh I didn’t catch your name?” I said making him smile

“ My name is Niall, I’m not sure I’ve ever scene you before, you’re from America though aren’t you?” he asked and I nodded

“ Yeah, I moved her last year, but I have to go it was nice to meet you” I opened the door but remembered I never told him my name

“ Oh yeah I’m Bradie by the way” I closed to door and headed out into the quad.

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