Ready or Not

This is a fan fiction story about Niall, back in the xfactor days. You'l just have to read to figure out the rest ;)


1. First Day


The summer holiday had officially ended and I was ready to go back to Coláiste Cionn Toirc, or as ready as I'd ever be. Coláiste Cionn Toirc was an all girl’s Christian school in Mullingar, Ireland. Just like every other private school we had ugly school uniforms consisting of white button down shirts, red and yellow striped ties; blue blazers and plaid skirts. I took one last look in the mirror before I existed my room. Oddly the reflection I saw in the mirror didn't make me feel insecure or repulsed. My long brown hair was loosely curled and fell down past the middle of my back. My skirt was well past mid thigh and the button down shirt wasn't as unflattering as I remembered. I stood in the mirror smiling as I finished the look with a light sparkly lip-gloss. 


" Bradie we better get going. The bus should be here in a minute" My sister Kelsey screamed frantically up the stairs to me. I grabbed my bags and books and ran down the stairs, almost missing the last few steps, which would have cause tremendous pain. My mom handed me a bag of lunch as my sister and I walked out the door. Kelsey and I walked onto the bus and sat in seat 22 together. I sighed heavily fearing my sister's first day of school more than mine.


" Bradie, please don't be worried about me" Kelsey said grabbing my hand to stop it from shaking

" Kels this private school hasn't helped you." I said in a whisper so no one else could hear us.


" Oh and it's helped you with your e--" I put my hand over her mouth to cut her off


" This isn't about me, it's about you" I said defensively.


" We both aren't okay. We both have to battle a lot just to get through the day" Kelsey said and I nodded in agreement. I looked out the window and watched each car that past us. I thought to myself; do these people have to struggle issues like me?


" Yes they do" Kelsey said reading my mind


" They do what?" I said in shock


" Suffer issues like us, maybe not as bad but we all have problems." Kelsey said just as the bus stopped to drop us off.


Everyone shuffled off the bus and into a sea of people. I walked though the crowd with out a single person turning their attention to me. I looked across the street to Coláiste Mhuire. I could just barely see all the boys making their way into school and I couldn't help but think about my boyfriend Jake. He was a tall brown haired boy with puppy dog brown eyes.

" I wish I was with you." I whispered to myself as I entered the crowded hallways. I opened my locker put away my books and kept only what I needed. I found my best friend Jess who looked just as lost as me. Jess was a short blonde with blue grey eyes. We were insuperable ever since we met; the first day I moved to Ireland.

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