Ready or Not

This is a fan fiction story about Niall, back in the xfactor days. You'l just have to read to figure out the rest ;)


2. Back Together

Jessika's point of view:



Seeing Bradie from across the hallway made my mood heighten immediately. Bradie was my other half, i swear going a day with out seeing her was impossible. Every time i was with her i knew we would have a good time, whether we were sitting around watching the telly or out go-karting.

I pushed with my elbow though the sea of people to get to her.

" Hey buddy!" I said smiling

" Hi Jessie" she said not to cheerfully. I wrapped my arm through hers and we began walking down the hall way to our first class, maths.

" You miss him don't you?" I asked her and she nodded. Bradie turned her attention to her  feet as they moved one in front of the other through the dirty tile hallways. 

“Don’t you get to see him after school though?” I asked and she just casually nodded again

“ Well until then you have me, love.” I kissed her head and she giggled as we walked into class. 

The two of sat in the back of the class room hoping to drag the attention away from us. Luckily we had all the same classes so i was able to catch up with Bradie, who had just got back from America. She had gone back home to New Jersey which is.. somewhere in the States. Whenever she came back from there she seemed so upset she had to come back to Ireland. 

I know Bradie said she lived in a small town where everyone hated her, but i think in reality she missed living in the States. She spent the entire day trying to explain to me how different things were in the States but i could't fully grasp the concept. Honestly what is so good about the Jersey Shore?



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