Brother's Best Friend

Becca is Justin Bieber's best friends little sister. Justin has always been there for Becca and Corey. What happens when they both start liking each other more than expected? Read to find out!


60. You Said That Last Time....

Justin looked at me panicked.

Pattie: let me see our phone.

Justin handed her his phone. She typed in something and then handed the phone back to Justin. We were looking at a picture of Jesse pulling me into the bedroom, and another one of me and him on the beach. Justin quickly logged on to twitter.

@justinbieber: To clear the rumors, Becca is NOT secretly dating ANYBODY. I've been with her this whole vacation. #MuchLove.

Justin pulled me over to sit on his lap. I laid my head back on his shoulder.

Pattie looked at us for awhile. Justin went to kiss me, I stopped him and whispered in his ear.

Becca: Not in front of your mom.

Justin ignored me and pulled his lips to mine.

Pattie: Get a room.

Justin: This mother this is our room.

Pattie: Haha you're funny darling. Becca, im going to take you shopping.

Justin: Okay, we'll get ready.

Pattie: ONLY Becca.

There was one issue. Justin wasnt going to let this happen. Especially after Jesse's threat.

Justin: Mom, you know Jesse?

Pattie: Yes.

Justin: He's Becca's Ex. And when he was pulling her into the room, it was because he made her leave me or else he said he'd hurt me, then he tried to rape her, But I stopped him.

At this point Pattie looked shocked.

Justin(Cont): Then yesterday, he tried to take her away from me again, he slapped her across her face. And today he said if he got his hands on her he wasnt going to let her get away easily. And if I try to save her, he's going to shoot her in front of me. And it will be all my fault she's dead.

I turned my head to face Justin, and I buried my head in his neck.

Pattie hugged both of us at the same time.

Justin: So I can't leave her alone...

Justin hugged me and didnt let go of me.

Pattie: well , what if the security comes? Would that make you feel better?

Justin: Yea, it would, But I'll worry until she's back in my arms.

Pattie lifted my chin so I was looking at her.

Pattie: Are you okay?

I nodded yes slowly then gave Justin a hug. His hugs were always so comforting.

Pattie: Okay, both of you go get ready.

Justin and I stood up and walked into the bedroom. I threw on some shorts and Justin's shirt.

Justin: I love when you do that.

Becca: What?

Justin: Wear my clothes

Becca: Then I guess im going to have to wear them more often?

Justin: Oh Yes...

I laughed and we walked out where Pattie was waiting for us.

Pattie: Ready girlie.

Justin: I'm here too.

Pattie: You're not supposed to be...

I giggled and Justin held my hand. Jesse wouldnt come near me if Justin was with me. Jesse was afraid of Justin, if he didnt have his gun or knife.

Pattie hooked arms with me and I let go of Justins hand. Pattie was like my mom.

Justin: Hey.

He took a hold of my hand again

Pattie: When I talk to Justin on the phone the only thing he talks about is Becca this and Becca that.

I looked back at Justin and blushed.

Justin: Why are you embarrassed?

He ran his hand across my cheek and kissed me softly.

Pattie: Justin, you need to act like you're not here.

Justin: Fine i'll walk behind you guys.

He waited for us to walk further up then he put his arms around my waist and followed my every step.

Pattie: Oh Justin.

Becca: He does this ALL the time haha

Pattie:I feel bad for you....

Becca: I Love my Justin though.

Pattie: I do too.

Justin: I love my girlies too.

He kissed my cheek and smiled.

Pattie: We are here.

I looked up and we were at a jewlery store.

Pattie: Justin you stay out here.

Justin: But what if Jesse is in there..

Pattie: If he is then there is only one way out, and you would be able to stop him.

Justin looked at my hands.

Becca: I promise we'll be fast.

Justin: Thats what you said last time..


Becca: Dont worry i'll be back soon.

Justin kissed my cheek.

Justin: Be safe, if your not back in 15 minutes im coming to look for you.

Dakota: Okay, deal, but lets goo!

I stood up and she grabbed my arm.

Justin looked really worried.

Dakota saw this too.

Dakota: Ill take care of your girlfriend chill.

We walked out and she took me down by the beach. We walked for awhile. About 10 minutes.

Becca: Justin's probably going crazy.

Dakota: We have 5 minutes.

We started walking back when I heard a familiar voice.

Boy: Hey Babe.

I looked back and Jesse was there.

Keep walking becca just keep walking.

Jesse: Hey, slut I was talking to you.

Becca: Leave me alone.

Dakota: Yea Buzz off kid.

Jesse: I know you enjoyed that Becca.

Dakota started realizing who it was

Dakota: Stay the hell away from her.

He put his hands on my waist.

Dakota: Buddy, I wouldnt do that.

Dakota was in shock, but she was still managing to get some words out..

Jesse: Aww, why? Is her boy toy going to break my fingers? He doesnt look like he's here.

Becca: He'll hurt you.

Dakota: Becca, im going to get Justin.

Becca: Dont leave me with him please.

Dakota: I cant stop him, and it will take Justin awhile to find us. I promise ill be fast.

She ran, really fast.

Jesse: Lets go somewhere private baby..

Becca: Stop, im not the girl that was made for you.

Jesse: Yes you are baby, and Im going to make it painful for him too. You are going to have my kids, whether you like it or not.

He started kissing me. When I tried to push him off he slapped me.

Jesse: You fucking listen to me.

He pulled me along the beach. Tears started streaming down my face. I blinked and let them fall again and when I did I saw Dakota and Justin running towards me.

Becca: JUSTIN!


Jesse let go of me and I fell to the ground. Corey came running over too. Jesse ran away and Justin fell to his knees and held me in his arms.

Justin: Are you okay?

I nodded yes and buried my head in his chest.


Becca: I know, but this time we arent out in the open.

He put his hands on my hips and pulled me closer.

Justin: I know, Promise me you'll be fast though..?

Becca: I promise.

He pulled my face to his and held them there.

Pattie: Come on hunny, Justin, We'll be right in there.

I slipped away from Justins arms and walked in the store, as I looked back Justin's eyes followed me.




*A/N OKAY THERE IT IS LOVIES :D I gotta pick up my brother from the HS then I'll Update :)*

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