Brother's Best Friend

Becca is Justin Bieber's best friends little sister. Justin has always been there for Becca and Corey. What happens when they both start liking each other more than expected? Read to find out!


25. You Dont Know Us

*A/N OMB I'm soo sorry I didnt update sooner :'( I had dance for 3 hourse :\ And i saw a comment that said that you sucked at writing stories, NEVER GIVE UP! And if you eveer need help with a story you can make me a co-author and I can help you out, Im always here for you guys(:*

Justin saw the paparazzi and he took off his sweat shirt and handed it to me. I put it on, Justin and all of us walked past the paparazzi. As we approached all they kept doing was asking about Selena, and asking if I was an attempt to make Selena Gomez. Justin was getting pertty tense. But the thing that put him over the top was when the one paparazzi said that he probably didnt even love me.

Justin: You don't Fuckin know us, and no im not using her, I DO love her, I would die for her, And dont you ever fucking say i dont love her again.

Justin pulled me closer to him. I buried my face in his chest so they couldnt get pictures of me. Whenever we started walking some of the paps followed us. Justin looked over at me while I was looking down at my feet as we walked.

Justin: I meant everyword I said back there.

Becca: What that I dont fucking know us?

I giggled as Justin raised an eye brow. He pulled my body parallel to him. I put my arms around his neck. I felt him move his hands to my waist.

Justin: Nobody knows me better than you.

He leaned down and kissed me, but instead of just letting me walk next to him like a normal person, he picked me up and had me wrap my legs aorund his waist. Mallory, Corey, and Dakota were all walking in front of us. He kissed me a few more times then he sped up and caught up with the others. When Dakota saw how Justin was acting towards me she looked a little jealous and sad to me, but she brightened up as Corey threw her on his back.

Justin: I really do love you.

Becca: I love you too Justin, more than you can imagine, But why are we leaving the Ranch if that's where we are having dinner?

Justin: Just to loose the paps.

I held on to Justin like how a little girl holds on to her mom, I laid my head on his shoulder and he kissed my ear. After awhile of walking around Justin and the rest of us headed back to the Ranch. When we got there Mallory's boyfriend was there too, his name was Peyton, they used to be best friends like me and Justin, but they wanted to be more than that.

Justin set me down in a chair next to him. Mallory sat across from me with Peyton next to her, and Corey and Dakota sat across from each other. After we ate Mallory took us out to where she would always sit with her horse and just watch the stars. It was the most beautiful thing ever.

Justin: I enjoyed tonight with you, you mean everything to me

Becca: I love you so much Justin.

Justin: I love you too becca.

A few seconds later I was asleep with my head on Justins chest. I was awoken an hour later by flashing lights. Aparently we had all fallen asleep and the paparazzi started Justin taking pictures, I buried my head in Justins chest to the lights wouldnt bother me. To be completely honest, I didnt care if they took pictures, I wasnt ashamed to be seen with Justin, I Just didnt want them to disturb us. Justin covered my face by putting the blanket on top of our heads. After awhile, I got up and started walking to the tour bus. I could hear the aparazzi following me. But a few seconds later I felt hands on my waist.

Justin: Why didnt you wake me up?

Becca: You were sound asleep and you were so peaceful.

Justin: But baby when you leave my arms I get uncomfortable and wake up.

Becca: Im sorry, I wasnt thinking, Im just tired.

Justin: The others are just going back to Mallorys house, we are going to meet them there.

Becca: The paps are still following us though.

Justin: Mallorys house has a gate to get into the neighborhood, the paparazzi cant get in, only we can.

I had never thought of that. Wow I felt stupid. When we finally got to the car he started driving. when he turned on the radio 'Fall' was on. Justin started singing along. As we pulled up to the gate we explained the situation, when we pulled up to Mallorys house the song started ending.

Justin: I will catch you when you fall, I will catch you when you fal, if you spread your wings you can fly away with me, but you cant fly unless you let yourself, let yourself fall.

He leaned in and kissed me. As we pulled out of the kiss we walked into Mallorys house, it was a mansion, they designed it in fact.

Justin: Holy Shit

I covered his mouth with my hands showing him to shush. Mallory walked over to us and led us to the guest room on the third floor.

Becca: I need Pajamas, Im going to go get some from Mal.

Justin: Okay, I have to sleep in my boxers tonight.

He winked at me, Oh that boy. After I got pajamas I walked back into the room. It was obvious Justin was waiting for me so he could go to bed. I walked over and got under the covers with him, I didnt mind that he was sleeping in his boxers. He curled up next to me and cuddled me. He had on the news. The screens title was "Bieber and Mystery girl" Justin didnt even bother watching it, instead he put on a movie. I fell asleep cuddling in his arms. I loved him honestly, nothing could ever tear me away from him nothing. Until I started getting hate, not just from anybody, but his beliebers.


*A/N :$ I'm gunna stop this chapter there... maybe I wont update for the weekend, JUST KIDDING :D I wouldnt do that to you guys, I'll add about 3 long chapters tomorrow MAYBE. So what do you think will happen? Will the hate get to her? MAYBE ... Maybe not... you'll see in chapter 26 ;) But like I said before, If you need help witing a story or you wanna write a story together Just request me as a co-author ORR You can Tweet me (@RebeccaElizabe7)  Or you can Kik me (RebeccaBooLovesYou) for any advise or help:) Love you guyss <3*



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