Brother's Best Friend

Becca is Justin Bieber's best friends little sister. Justin has always been there for Becca and Corey. What happens when they both start liking each other more than expected? Read to find out!


57. You did the right thing.

When I woke up Justin's arms were around my stomach. I sat up and realized what had happened. I didnt get to hear the freaking question ARGHH BECCA! Your so stupid! STUPID STUPID BECCA You HAD to fall asleep THEN!

Justin: How are you feeling?

He sat up next to me. and kissed my cheek.

Becca: Normal.. Why?

Justin: You were sick last night.

He went to give me a kiss but I put my hand up so he couldnt.

Justin: Whats the matter?

Becca: I dont want to get you sick..

Justin: I dont care, I want a kiss.

He moved my hand and Kissed me gently. Every kiss we had, since the first one, were electric, one of a kind, just simply perfect.

Justin pulled me on to his lap the he laid down. I guess I was supposed to lay down on top of him since he pulled me down on top of him.

Justin: Becca?

Becca: Yes Justin?

Justin: I'm sorry, I was just worried...

Becca: Sorry about what?

Justin: Calling Corey..

Becca: As long as you are comfortable with your decision.

I laid my head over his heart. I could hear it beat. 1_2_1_2_1_2

Becca: I can hear your heart.

Justin: It's yours.

Becca: What do you mean?

Justin: My heart is yours.

Becca: We swapped hears then, becuase you have mine...

Justin raised up his right hand, I raised mine next to his. He slid my fingers between his. They were like puzzle pieces, they fit perfect.

Justin: Perfect for each other.

I smiled and rolled on to my stomach and placed my chin on his chest.

He wrapped his arms around my back.

Justin: I want to spend forever with you, even that isnt enough time.

Becca: I love you Justin..... but.....

Justin: But...?

He looked like he was about to cry.

Becca: But.... I cant let go...

Justin: Who in the world said I wanted you to let go? You're mine, I have claimed you.

Becca: Just saying, if you ever wanted me to let go, I wouldnt be able to.

Justin: And I wouldnt let you.

As me and Justin went to kiss Corey walked in with a huge smile on his face.

Corey: Me and Kota are going to get breakfast, you guys wanna come?

Justin: Umm

He looked at me and I smiled.

Justin(Cont): Yea, that would be great let us just get our bathing suits on.

I sat up up Justin.

Becca: Time to get up.

Justin: I guess so....

He put his hands on my stomach and started tickling me.

Becca: Jusstin Stop!

Justin: Nope.

I rolled off of Justina nd laid on my back laughing. I pulled his arms away from my stomach and he fell on top of me. His face landed right on top of mine.

Justin: Lucky fall...

 He smiled at me then kissed me again. I pushed him off of me and walked to where my bathing suit was.

Justin: Hey! I wanted a kiss!

I went into the bathroom and changed into my bathing suit. When I walked out Justin was on his phone. I sat on the edge of my bed and went on to my phone to find a tweet from Justin:

@RebeccaElizabe7 I WANT A KISS.

I rolled my eyes and put my phone down.

Justin walked over and sat next to me and puckered his lips. When he did I went to give him a kiss and Corey knocked on the door. Justin opened his eyes and pulled my face to him.

Justin: I wasnt going to wait any longer.

I laughed at him.

Justin: COME INN!

Corey and Dakota walked in with their clothes over their bathing suits.

Corey: My god hurry up guys.

I slipped on my shorts and Justin threw me a shirt. I thought it was mine, until I realized it was his.

Becca: Wrong shirt.

Justin: No, I meant to give you that.

I slid it over my head and put on my flip flops.

Justin Took my hand and we walked outside. I missed the sun.

Justin: It's so bright..

He threw me on his back and started walking.

Becca: Do you like giving me piggy back rides?

Justin: Of coarse pricess.

When we got to the resturaunt, we sat down ordered our drinks then got up and got breakfast, It was a buffet, so it was up to us to get what we want. After we all sat down Dakota and Corey started talking about something.

Justin: How's your food?

Becca: Amazing, and how is yours?

Justin: Good.

He put his hand on my leg and held it there. Justin and Corey started talking aabout something to do with hockey.

Dakota: Oh boys... hey Becca wanna go for a walk.

Becca: Yea!

Dakota: Boys we are going for a walk.

Justin looked at me.

Becca: Dont worry i'll be back soon.

Justin kissed my cheek.

Justin: Be safe, if your not back in 15 minutes im coming to look for you.

Dakota: Okay, deal, but lets goo!

I stood up and she grabbed my arm.

Justin looked really worried.

Dakota saw this too.

Dakota: Ill take care of your girlfriend chill.

We walked out and she took me down by the beach. We walked for awhile. About 10 minutes.

Becca: Justin's probably going crazy.

Dakota: We have 5 minutes.

We started walking back when I heard a familiar voice.

Boy: Hey Babe.

I looked back and Jesse was there.

Keep walking becca just keep walking.

Jesse: Hey, slut I was talking to you.

Becca: Leave me alone.

Dakota: Yea Buzz off kid.

Jesse: I know you enjoyed that Becca.

Dakota started realizing who it was

Dakota: Stay the hell away from her.

He put his hands on my waist.

Dakota: Buddy, I wouldnt do that.

Dakota was in shock, but she was still managing to get some words out..

 Jesse: Aww, why? Is her boy toy going to break my fingers? He doesnt look like he's here.

Becca: He'll hurt you.

Dakota: Becca, im going to get Justin.

Becca: Dont leave me with him please.

Dakota: I cant stop him, and it will take Justin awhile to find us. I promise ill be fast.

She ran, really fast.

Jesse: Lets go somewhere private baby..

Becca: Stop, im not the girl that was made for you.

Jesse: Yes you are baby, and Im going to make it painful for him too. You are going to have my kids, whether you like it or not.

He started kissing me. When I tried to push him off he slapped me.

Jesse: You fucking listen to me.

He pulled me along the beach.  Tears started streaming down my face. I blinked and let them fall again and when I did I saw Dakota and Justin running towards me.

Becca: JUSTIN!


Jesse let go of me and I fell to the ground. Corey came running over too. Jesse ran away and Justin fell to his knees and held me in his arms.

Justin: Are you okay?

I nodded yes and buried my head in his chest.

My cheek was burning. It hurt, I wanted to scream...

Justin picked my up and carried me back to the room. He sat me on the bed.

Justin: What happened to your cheek.

Becca: H-he H-hit me..

Justin: Im  call ing the police thats abuse.

Justin was crying too.

Becca: I'm fine. Just dont get hurt.

He sat next to me and held me in his arms.

Justin called the security again, but apparently Jesse had left the resort for the day.

Justin: He isnt going to hurt you, ever again.

Corey walked in.

Becca: Where is Dakota?

Corey: She feels bad cause she left you...

Becca: No, she did the right thing by getting Justin, we wouldnt have been able to handle him by ourselves.

Corey: I'll go get her.

He came in with Dakota.

Dakota: Im sorry becca, I just was in shock.

Becca: Kota, you did the right thing...

Justin: I think we all need to rest, lets jsut take a nap okay?

We all agreed. Justin laid next to me and wrapped me in his arms.


That day, I had nightmares about Jesse taking me away, tearing me away from Justin, The part that made me the most scared is when Justin walked away from me, and met up with Selena....






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