Brother's Best Friend

Becca is Justin Bieber's best friends little sister. Justin has always been there for Becca and Corey. What happens when they both start liking each other more than expected? Read to find out!


46. Where are we going?

Justin looked at me and saw the panick on my face.

Justin: Whats the matter?

I pointed at Jesse. Justin looked over and saw him.

Justin: Bastard.

Justin let go of me and walked downstairs fast. I ran after him. I stopped him before he could unlock the door.

Becca: Justin, dont go out there, you'll most likely get hurt, and you wont even be able to get to him

Justin looked at me, his face was still burning red.

Justin: I dont want him to take you from me.

Becca: I promise, im yours, nobody else.

Justin pulled my face into his chest and held me close against him.

Justin: We need to get out of here.

Becca: WHy?

Justin: I want it ot be just us.

Becca: Well obviously, you loose in this situation.

Justin: Unless we get a helicopter to pick us up.

Justin had a devious look on his face.

Becca: And where is it going to land?

Justin: thats what the ladder is for.

Becca: I would fall backwards.

Justin: I will catch you if you fall.

He lifted my chin to his face and he kissed me slowly.

Justin pulled out his phone and dialed a number.

Justin: He'll be here in 5 minutes.

Becca: That fast?

Justin: Im Justin BIEBER, people wait for me to call them silly girl.

Becca: Here you go, pulling the big and famous string.

Justin: Its handy sometimes.

Withing a few minutes I heard a buzzing coming from above us.

I walked out on to my balcony and A ladder was coming at me. Justin pulled me backwards so it didnt hit me.

Justin: Ladies first.

Becca: I'm too scared.

Justin: I promise you, you'll be fine.

I looked at Justin and he pointed to the ladder. I slowly got on it. The ladder was shakey since the helicopter was still in the air.

Justin: Baby, you can move faster.

Becca: I'll fall

Justin: I wont let you.

I started moving faster and before i knew it I was crawling in the helicopter. There was only one seat there.

Justin: Sit down.

Becca: I dont want you to get hurt.

Justin: Fine, then you have to sit on my lap.

We went over to the chair and he pulled me on to his lap and buckled us in.

As soon as they heard the seat belt click, the helicopter was off.

Becca: Where are we going?

Justin: Well, lets say we're going on a little vacation, they're dropping us off at the airport.

Becca: You totally planned this!

Justin: I planned the beliebers, but not Jesse.

I laid my head back on Justin's shoulder.

Justin: Can I get a kiss?

Becca: Do you really need one right now?

He stuck out his bottom lip and shook his head yes.

I lifted my head and gave him a kiss on the cheek. Satisfied he pulled my head back on to his shoulder and kissed the side of my head.

The helicopter landed at the airport a few minutes later.

Justin: I cant wait to see what you think.




*A/N I know if sucks again, I probably shouldnt have even added it becuase its that bad, but I saw all the comments and figured i'd try anyways... Im sorry I didnt update sooner I was soo busy this weekend.... BUT I have spring break starts Wednesday, which means I can Update SOONER! :D Sorry againn ;( I promise next time I wont disappoint*



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