Brother's Best Friend

Becca is Justin Bieber's best friends little sister. Justin has always been there for Becca and Corey. What happens when they both start liking each other more than expected? Read to find out!


31. When Justin Attacks

Justin: I know man, when do you think she'll stop?

Usher: Probably not until you break that ones heart.

I could imagine that Usher was pointing at me.

Justin: Then she will be causing trouble for a long time, because i'm never letting her go.

Usher: That's going to effect your career then

Justin: Man you dont understand, I don tunderstand, i dont just love her i'm in love with her.

It got quiet for awhile. After a few minutes Usher talked again.

Usher: Is she okay? She's been asleep for awhile.

Justin: Yea, she's just not used to the tour life.

I felt a kiss on my cheek.

Usher: Should we wake her up?

Justin: yea, i'll wake her up.

I felt a soft kiss on my lips.

Justin: Wake up baby, we're going to the bus.

I opened my eyes and he gave me a kiss. I sat up and waved to Usher.

Justin: I'll carry you.

Becca: No Justin I'll walk.

Before I knew what happened he was picking me up.  I heard Usher laugh.

Becca: Justin!

Justin: What?

Becca:Please set me down.

Justin: Okay, but not until we get to the bus.

I managed to slip from his arms then I started to run to the bus. Usher and Justin were both running after me. Justin got me and pinned me up to a wall. I turned my head to the side so that I wasnt facing him. I could feel his warm breath hit my neck.

Justin: Don't ever try getting away from me. And you need to give me a kiss right this moment.

I shook my head no and closed my eyes.

Justin: One last chance until I attack you.

Becca: You wouldnt dare hurt me.

I turned my face so I was looking directly in his eyes. He moved his mouth closer to my ear.

Justin: Hunny, I would attack you with kisses.

Before I could say anything He started pecking my face with kisses. Then he started tickling me.

Becca: Okay, okay, I give in!

Justin laid a big kiss on my lips. After he let me move Usher started clapping slowly.

Usher: Well done Bieber

Justin took a bow jokingly. I was laughing so hard when Justin came over to me, and without warning he gave me another kiss. Justin kept his lips on mine for awhile. Usher actually pulled him away from me.

Usher: I didnt know if you were suffocating her.

All of us laughed at that remark.

Becca: Now do you think he would let me get suffocated?

Usher: Well... Shut up.

We started walking to the tour bus when a bunch of paparazzi started attacking us. Justin and Usher were professionals with the Paparazzi so they just shoved their way through, ignoring the remarks about them. The only thing that got Justin really mad was when they would make remarks about me. I always just made him keep walking when they said stuff about me.

When we finally got into the tour bus Justin and Usher made Pizza Rolls. I went into the bedroom to change. When I walked out Justin and Usher like they were about to do something bad. I caught a glimpse of what was behind Justins back. It was a plate with whipcream pilled high. I ran for the bedroom and locked the door.

Usher: SO close man!

Justin: I know!

Usher: We'll get her when she's  alseep.

I heard them both laugh. A few minutes later I heard the knob twist, or try to twist anyways.

Justin: Becca open the door.

Becca: No way.

Justin: Becca Open it!

Becca: Nope I dont trust you.

Justin: Us, Trust A couple things I cant spell without you..

I just ignored Justin. After a few minutes I laid down on the bed and fell asleep. But of coarse I was woken up by the one and only Justin.

Justin: We have an Issue Beccaaa.

Becca: What's that.

Justin: I can't go to bed unless you're in my arms, and I reallllllyyy wanna cuddle.

Becca: Go cuddle Usher or the plate of whipcream

Justin: Please open the door, I just want to cuddle with you. Only you. And if we could I'd cuddle you forever and ever. You'd be in my arms right now if it was up to me.

His voice sounded so tired and worn out. I decided to get up and unlock the door. He opened it and pulled me into a kiss. I went back over to the bed and laid down. Justin didnt even bother changing into his pajamas, Instead he Just took off his sweats and went to bed in his boxers.

Justin: I really need to cuddle with you, my heart aches when I dont get to cuddle with you when I should be.

He slid into bed next to me and he wrapped his arms around me. Within two minutes Justin was out.


When I woke up Justin wasnt in bed anymore. I went to the main part of the tour bus and he wasnt there either. I looked outside and Justin was standing there with Usher but now he had on a muscle shirt and his pajama pants. I decided that since he was busy I would go and lay in bed and watch the news. When I turned on the news there was a picture of Selena blowing Justin a kiss. Great, even more rumors. I heard the front door to the bus open, but this time Ryan, Chaz, Jaden, Usher, and Alfredo followed Justin into the bus. I decided to close the bedroom door since I was in my pajamas. Right as the door closed all the guys jumped on the bed.

 I stood up and got my Jacket.

Justin: Where are you going?

Becca: For a walk.

Justin: In those pajamas, that only go to the top of your theigh?

Becca: Yup.

Justin: Wrong, nobody is allowed to see you in those other than me.

He smiled. I turned my head into the bedroom.

Justin: They are different.

Becca: Dont you have a guys day today?

Justin pulled me closer by my hips.

Justin: Please dont leave.

I took off my jacket and gave him a kiss.

Justin: Its a guys day with Becca. Hey, but dont forget you're mine.

Becca: And you're mine.

He pulled me back into the bedroom and the guys were going through our drawers.

Justin: Get out of there.

Jaden pulled out a couple of pictures of me and Justin when we were younger.

I covered my face cause I knew it was going to be red.

Jaden: Look Justin was a flirt even back them.

We all ran over to Jaden and looked at the picture. It was a picture of Justin  holding my hand.

They all laughed and started flipping through the photos, then they got to a few recent pictures of me and Justin. I didnt realize he printed these out.

Usher: Wait, guys look at this one from last night.

He held out his phone and there was a picture of Justin and I cuddling in bed, Justins leg was wrapped around my legs, and my head was buried in his chest. All of the guys started joking around with Justin. A few minutes later we decided we were going to go shopping again. Now all we had to do was get everybody ready.


*A/N I tried to make this one longer than usually because of my lack of writing, I PROMISE I'll write more or longer chapter :) I really am sorry though :(*

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