Brother's Best Friend

Becca is Justin Bieber's best friends little sister. Justin has always been there for Becca and Corey. What happens when they both start liking each other more than expected? Read to find out!


47. Welcome, to Mexico

Justin: Keep them closed.

I could feel the heat of the sun hit my face.

Becca: When are you going to tell me where I am?

Justin: When I let you open your eyes.

Becca: And when will that be?

Justin: When we get to the resort.

I could hear screams from girls, I could also hear Justin laugh.

Justin: Step up.

Becca: I stepped up something.

Justin: Okay now sit.

Becca: Can I open yet??

Justin: Not for a few minutes, we're almost there.

The whole ride to wherever we were going we just sat there and did nothing. I was getting quite tired from having my eyes closed. Every time I tried to sneak a peak of the view outside the windows Justin would cover my eyes with his hands.

Justin: Thanks

Becca: What?

Justin: I was talking to the driver.

Before I could stand up out of the seat Justin was picking me up and hopped out of the car and set me down.

Justin: Okay Open.

I opened my eyes and I was looking at a resort, in the one and only Cancun Mexico.

Becca: Justin, this is beautiful.

I turned to face Justin and he leaned down and kissed me.

Justin: Good, I only want the best for my girl.

Becca: As long as I have you, I have the best.

We touched foreheads and he pulled me closer to him.

Somebody started walking toward us.

Man: Let me take your bags for you.

I found out that everybody here spoke english, but you could tell they were spanish.

Becca: We dont have bags.

Justin: Yeaa... They should be here somewhere.

Becca: What?

Justin: I had Corey send them.

Man: Then Let me take you to your room.

Justin: Okay perfect.

We walked over to a golf cart and sat in the back. The man started the golf cart and took us around the resort and explained everything. When we drove by the beach, my eyes lit up. It was the most beautiful water I have ever seen.

Justin: Did you hear that baby?

Becca:Hmm What?

Justin: We can go swimming with the dolphins, or sharks, and we can go to another resort and do other activities.

Becca: Sounds fun, but expensive.

Justin: It's my money i'll spend it on you if I want to.

I rolled my eyes at him. He knew I hated it when he did that, which probably made him want to do it even more.

Man: We are here, Floor four room 1100.

He got our bags from the back of the cart and we got on the elevator and went to floor four.

Man: Here are your keys.

Justin took the key and slid it on the swiper thing. When he opened the door there was a lobby kind of thing, it split off to two rooms, one had two double beds and a bathroom and the other led to a room with a Plazma screen Tv, a bathroom, A kitchen a Dining room table that sat 10 people, a bedroom with a king sized bed and a private bathroom for the main bedroom.

Becca: Justin this is huge.

Justin: Its presidential hunny, what did you expect?

He started laughing at me.

I walked out to the porch as Justin talked to the man.

We had a perfect view of the crystal blue ocean I had seen before.

I heard the door to the porch close. When I looked back Justin was making his way over to me.

Becca: I can't believe you brought me to Mexico.

Justin: And I couldn't believe that you said you'd be my girlfriend, but it really happened... Unless this is just some dream that I never want to wake up from.

Becca: Why? Because you thought I would say no?

Justin: Yes, I was so afraid you were going to reject me.

I gave Justin a soft kiss.

Becca: I would't reject you Justin, I love you.

Justin: I know that now, but im still afraid that you'll leave me someday, and be with somebody else, I wont be the father of your kids.

Becca: I'll be with you forever, I promise.

He moved his hands to my waist and pulled me closer.

Justin: You better not, and that Jesse dude needs to back off.

Becca: Do you really think he is competition?

Justin: Expect the unexpected.

He winked at me then gave me a kiss.

Justin: Do you want to go for a walk on the beach?

Becca: I would love to.

I went into the bathroom and put on my bathing suit and put my shorts over the bottoms. When I walked out Justin was wearing his swimming trunks.

Justin: Ready?

Becca: Yess :)

Justin took my hand and we walked down to the beach.

Becca: I bet that water is cold.

Justin: Lets find out.

He picked me up and threw me in the water.

Becca: I hate you so much!

Justin: I love you too baby girl.

I walked over to him and he put his Jacket around me.

Justin: I'm sorry, I didnt expect it to be that cold.

Becca: Expect the unexpected.

Justin laughed at me quoting him.

Justin: Oh you're too cute.

He pulled me into a hug.

Justin: Geez, you must be freezing.

Becca: Noooo of coarse not.

Justin: I'm sorry, Come here.

He pulled his jacket off of me and wraped his arms around me. That boy was warmer than the jacket.

I nuzzled my head into his neck.

Justin: Look Becca, the sunset.

I looked toward the ocean and the sun was setting perfectly.

Becca: It's perfect.

Justin looked at me and kissed me until the sun had fully set.

This was going to be a perfect vacation.





*A/N OKayy, I took my time writing thiss soo it shoudl be better... By the wayy... The resort im describing is real, and so is the presidentual suite... Its called 'Moon Palace' :D Usher performed there ;D buttttttttt ANYWAYS, umm I might update tonight, it depends on the comments i guesss :P Ima go shower, when I get back MAYBE I'll update, like i said depends on comments :D *


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