Brother's Best Friend

Becca is Justin Bieber's best friends little sister. Justin has always been there for Becca and Corey. What happens when they both start liking each other more than expected? Read to find out!


56. Visitors..

Justin looked at me. I stood up and wrapped a towel around my bathing suit. Justin was right behind me.

Justin: Who is it?

Becca: I have no clue...

I opened the door.


Becca: What?

Corey: I heard about what happened.

I turned back to Justin.

Justin: He's your brother he deserved to know.

Becca: Justin!

Justin: What!

Becca: I'm not telling you anything anymore.

Justin: Umm, you couldnt really tell me considering you had tape over your mouth when it happened....

Becca: Well, im never telling you anything else.

Justin: What if you got in a car crash?

Becca: Nope.

Corey: Where is the jerk?

Justin: Well, free, roaming around here somewhere.

Becca: Where is Dakota?

Corey: She's going to the bathroom.

Justin: Uh dude, we have a bathroom here.

Corey: Hey, its not me.

I went in and sat on the bed while Corey and Justin talked in the living room. I was just fiddling with my fingers until I felt lips press agains my hair.

Justin: You okay baby?

Becca: Mhmm

Justin: Are you sure?

Becca: I'm fine Justin, go talk to Corey.

I looked up at him and smiled.

He bent down and gave me a kiss.

Justin: I'll be in the living room, if you need me just call for me.

Becca: I'm not going to leave you Justin, it's okay.

I could tell that he was worried that I might bolt.

Justin: I love you.

Becca: I love you too.

As Justin turned around Dakota ran over to me and gave me a hug.

Dakota: Are you okay? Did he touch you?

Becca: I'm fine, but yes he did touch me...

Dakota: Did he actually.... rape you?

Just thinking about it made me want to puke.

Becca: N-no I was just in my underwear and Bra, and the Justin busted down the down, and um knocked him out.

Dakota: Oh my god.

She got up and ran into the living room and hugged Justin i suppose, becuase all I heard from the other room was Dakota yelling "Thank You" "I love you" "you saved her" etc.

A few minutes after thanking Justin she walked in casually and sat back down.

Dakota: WAIT! how did Jesse get you if you were with Justin?

Becca: Well uhmmm.....

Dakota: REBECCA!

Becca: Jesse said that if I didnt leave Justin he was going to hurt him, and when I left Justin, Jesse took me into a room and... well.... yea


Becca: I know.... but I wasnt going to let Jesse hurt Justin...

Justin: Im never leaving her, no matter how many times she TRIES to leave.

We looked over and Justin was in the doorway. He walked over and sat beside me.

Dakota: wow, you two are in LOOOVVEEE

I rolled my eyes at her.

Justin: Now we arent, we Absolutely hate each other.

Dakota: Haha Funny Bieber.

Justin stuck his tongue out at her. Then he looked over at me.

Justin: What's the matter?

Becca: What do you mean?

Justin: I can tell, something's wrong.

Dakota: Justin, she seems fine.

Justin: Just because she acts like she's okay doesnt mean she is.

Dakota: Rawr, somebody is protective.

Justin: She's my baby, of coarse im going to be protective.

Dakota: I'm going to go see my Boyfriend now.. Let you guys talk...

Dakota left the bedroom and closed the door.

Justin: Baby whats wrong?

Becca: Nothing.

I laid my head back on his chest and looked up at him.

Justin: Please tell me.

I felt sick, like I needed to move. I got up off the bed and ran to the toilet and started vomiting. Justin ran after me. He held my hair out of my face.

Justin: you're okay.

He started rubbing my back with the other hand.

Once I stopped Justin brought some towels to wiped my mouth with. Once I cleaned up and brushed my teeth I started crying.

Justin: Whats the matter?

He wrapped his arms around me and hugged me.

I cried into his shirt and held on to him.

Becca: J-just the thought of what he was going to d-do to me makes me sick.

Justin: He isnt going to touch you, you are sasfe baby girl.

We stood hugging for awhile.

Justin: Is it okay If Corey and Dakota come in now?

Becca: Did they want in before?

Justin: yea when you were, "Sick" but i told them to wait a bit.

Becca: Yea, they can come in.

Justin: First lets lay you down.

Just and I walked over to the bed. He opened the covers for me and I got in. He kissed my forehead and he opened the bedroom door and let them in. I decided to close my eyes, Not sleep but just rest them.. I could hear them talking still.

Justin: I think she's sleeping.

Corey: Did she puke?

Justin: Yea, I was trying not to look hurt.

Corey: Why?

Justin: I want to be strong for her, I just hate seeing her hurt.

Dakota: Justin, she doesnt care if you're strong for her, she just wants you to be with her.

Justin: I would do anything to keep her in my arms forever.

Corey: Keep doing what you're doing, I think she would stay with you forever if she could.

Justin: I mean, she could....


Justin: Yes, wait No, not now anyways.

Corey: Well, when you do get married, you better ask me first.

I heard them all laugh.

Dakota: Justin, I think you are the best thing for Becca.

Corey: And you guys were only friends 3 months ago, now you two are wayy more than that.

Justin: Im glad.

I felt a hand brush my hair out of me face. Then I felt a kisson my forehead.

Justin: Corey I have to ask you a question..





*A/N OKAYY there you guys gooo... OH GAWD JESSE IS FREE D: *


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