Brother's Best Friend

Becca is Justin Bieber's best friends little sister. Justin has always been there for Becca and Corey. What happens when they both start liking each other more than expected? Read to find out!


88. Truth, OR Dare?

My world stopped. How could he be dead. Now, you guys may not know who Chris is, he's my half brother. I fell to my knees and put my face in my hands. I felt Justins arms around me. Then I heard Corey walk over to me.

Justin: It's okay, i'm here for you.

I turned to him and buried my head in his chest. He picked me up off the floor and laid me on the bed.

Justin: Are you sure that he's dead?

Corey: Well, the people from the hospital called and said that they found him OD on the side of the road, and their 99% sure, he's going to die.

Justin: Dude, there's still that one percent.

Corey: But I dont want her to think that our brother's going to make it if he isnt.

Justin: I know! But you dont come in here saying that he's dead if he isnt already dead.

Justin ran his hand through my hair and he laid next to me and cuddled next to me.

Justin: Baby, theres still a possibility that he's alive

I didnt feel like answering, I just wanted to disappear. I never wanted to come back to reality, too much pain in reality. But the reality of it, was that reality sucks. Just when you think life's getting better, it gets even worse.

I lifted my face and looked him in the eyes. He looked at me and pulled me on to his lap and kissed my head.

Becca: I-I want to find o-out.

Corey: I'll call the hospital and asking them when we can see him.

Becca: Okay.. I just need to say goodbye.

Justin held me in his arms and kept kissing my head softly.

I laid my head on his chest and closed my eyes. Chris wasnt a fan of Justin, but he didnt hate him,he had just thought he was a punk.

Justin: I promise, it'll be okay, i'm here for you baby

Corey: The hospital said that he is in critical condition, and nobody can visit.

Becca: Then tell them to keep us updated.

Justin wiped my eyes and took my chin and looked me in the eyes.

Justin: I'll be here for you, no matter what.

I nodded my haid and gave him a gentle kiss.

Justin: Always and Forever.

Becca: Forever and Always.

Justin: Everything's going ot be alright-aigh-aigh-aight.

I smiled at him and gave him a hug.

Chaz: Oh my god, babe, are you  okay?

Chaz came over and gave me a hug, then laid next to me and Justin. I laid on top of Justin and put my ear to his chest. I could hear his heart beat, it was beating slowly and softly. I closed my eyes as Justin kept singing be alright.


When I woke up, everybody was in the bedroom, laying on the floor watching a movie, except, Justin was laying next to me and holding me in his arms.

Becca: Why is everybody in here?

Justin looked down at me and kissed my forehead.

Justin: Because we dont want to leave you alone, and you fell asleep, so we decided to watch the movie in here.

I curled up closer to him and he lifted my chin and kissed me lightly again.

Becca: I love you, I dont tell you enough.

Justin: I love you too, and You dont have to say it, I know you do.

I leaned my face closer to his and gave him a kiss. I really did love him a lot.

Corey: Hey! We're watching a movie over here, make out in another room.

Becca: I just kissed him, god.

Justin: Yea, god.

He said that in a mocking tone, just to annoy me. Then he winked at me. I playfully pushed him but he pulled me back within seconds. When he did pull me back, he put his hands on my cheeks and smashed them together.

Justin: Baby, you look funny.

I tried to say something... but I really couldnt.

Justin: What was that? Oh, i-im sorry I cant hear you.

He grinned and I hit his arm away from my face.

Justin: What were you saying?

Becca: Never mind , you didnt wanna hear.

Justin: Come on, tell me.

Becca: Fine, I was asking for a kiss, but you didnt want to give me one.

Justin: No, no, I never said that.

Becca: You implied it though.

Justin: Well I want a kiss now, so, give me one.

Becca: No, it's too late.

Justin grabbed my face and smashed his lips to mine. When he pulled away he smiled at me.

Corey: Guys, a movie is happening, shut up!

I laughed and laid my head back on the pillows. Justin lifted my head and put his chest under my head.

Becca: What are you doing?

Justin: Making you lay on my chest.

Becca: Well, its very comfortable.

Justin: Good, only the best for you.

I smiled and looked at the Tv right as somebody got killed. I winced and Justin pulled my head up to his level.

Justin:It's just a movie princess.

He kissed me and I laid my head on his shoulder.

We finished watching the movie and everybody talked for a bit in the living room.

Dakota: Who wants to play truth or dare?

Justin: IM IN.

Chaz: If you dont do or answer your truth or dare, then you cant talk to the rest of us for the next month. Deal?

We all agreed on the consequences.

Chaz: Corey, truth or dare.

Corey: Truth.

Chaz: Hmm, this is personal, but how do you feel about your best friend taking your sisters virginity?

Dakota: OOOOOO This is awkward

Corey: Um, I dont like anybody taking my sisters virginity. Okay.. my turn, Ryan Truth or dare.

Ryan: Dare.

Corey: I dare you to wear a girls bathing suit tomorrow.

Ryan: Chaz, Truth or dare.

Chaz: Dare.

Ryan: I dare you to go up to a belieber and tell them that you wanna fuck them.

Chaz: Tomorrow, I will fo sho.

I smiled, this was going to be an interesting night.

Chaz: JUSTINNN! Truth or dare.

Justin put his arm around my waist and pulled me closer to him.

Justin: Dare.

Chaz: Hmm. You're going to hate me forever, I DARE you to... break up with Becca.

Justin: Haha, you're right, I do hate you.

Corey: You have to Justin..

Dakota: That totally ISNT fair, you cant do that.

Chaz: There was never a rule about it.

Justin turned to face me and had no expression on his face.

Justin: Rebecca, Im sorry, but im breaking up with you.






























haha, you guys probably thought the chapter was over, WRONG ;D


Within 2 seconds of him saying that he took my face in his hands and kissed me again.

Justin: Oh, and by the way, I want you back.

I laughed at him and gave him a kiss, as we pulled apart he tugged my lower lip.

Justin: Now its my turn.... Becca, truth or dare?

Becca: Dare.

Justin: I dare you, to make out with me.

Becca: When?

Justin: No, obviously.

Becca: For how long?

Justin: Half an hour.

I laughed at him.

Becca: And what if I want to breathe.

Justin: Well, that's too bad..

Becca: Fine, come here.

Justin: Lets go somewhere more private.

He stood up and took my hand and pulled me along with him. He dragged to to the bedroom and laid me down on the bed and crawled on top of me.

Becca: The dare was to make out, not to have sex, and we have to follow the rules.

Justin: You like torturing me, dont you?

Becca: I can only play by the rules.

Justin: Screw the rules, I wanna screw you.

Becca: Aw, somebody's frisky.

Justin leaned on me and kissed me and stuck his tongue in my mouth. Everytime he stuck his tongue farther down my throat it made me moan.

Justin: Are you sure, you dont want to go any farther than this?

I didnt feel like answering.

Justin: Well, I dont care what you say, becuase its going to go as far as I want it to go.





Justin pulled my shirt off of me and he pulled his shirt off too. He started sucking on my neck adn I let out a few moans. I let my fingers trace his V-line.

Becca: Justinn..

He ran his hands up and down my body. When he got to my shorts he pulled on them, but he couldnt un-button them.

Becca: Need some help?

Justin: Yes, and fast, Im about to rip them off of you.

I un-buttoned my shorts and Justin threw them off of me. Then he threw his pants to the side.

Becca: Now, Justin are you sure, you can handle this.

Justin: Shut up and kiss me.

He pressed his lips to mine and started grinding on me. He tried to undo my bra, but the bra I was wearing was the kind that hooked in the front.

Justin: What the fuck?

Becca: Un-hooks in the front babe.

He quickly moved his hands to the front of my bra and unhooked it. Then he moved his hands down to my panties. He pulled them down and started kissing me again, he sucked on my neck for a minute and then he grinned at me.

Justin: You sure you ready?

I nodded and bit my lip. He pushed himself into me. He is thrusted in and out of me, at first slowly, but then he got faster and faster. I bit my lip trying to keep quiet, but a few moans escaped my mouth. I stoppped kissing him, and sat up, so I was straddling him, he had his hands on my waist, I looked down and couldnt see Justin going in and out of me. It felt amazing though.

Justin: Mmm baby..

When we both hit our Climax,I fell on top of him. My head landed on his chest, all I could hear was his heart beat. It was going fast. I closed my eyes and the last thing I head, was Justin say 'I love you'


Justin: Wake up, it's our last day, I want us to see the sunrise.

I buried my head farther in his chest. He kissed my head.

Justin: Come on, get dressed.

I rolled out of bed and put on some panties and a bra. Then I threw on one of Justin's shirts and some shorts.

Justin: How are you feeling?

Becca: Good. I missed you when I was sleeping.

I walked over to him and gave him a hug and held my head against his chest.

Justin: I was next to you the whole night, If you ever miss me, I'll always be next to you.

Becca: Mmm, good.

Justin: Lets go down to the water and watch the sun set.

I took his hand and we walked down to the beach and watched as the sun rose.

Becca: That's so beautiful.

Justin: Yea, but not as beautiful as you.

Becca: Liar... I wish we didnt have to leave.

Justin: We dont have to...

Becca: You arent taking another week off.

Justin: Just saying..

Becca: Im going to miss this...

Justin: Im going to miss you....













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