Brother's Best Friend

Becca is Justin Bieber's best friends little sister. Justin has always been there for Becca and Corey. What happens when they both start liking each other more than expected? Read to find out!


61. Time With Justin & Pattie

Pattie: Oh my! this necklace reminds me of you so much.

She pointed to an owl necklace and the diamonds were purple.

Becca: That does look like me, Its so beautiful.

Pattie: Excuse me?

Worker: Yes?

Pattie: Can we get this?

Worker: of coarse.

Becca: No, I dont want you to get me anything.

Pattie: Im sorry, I was informed to get you whatever you liked.

I bit my lip. Damn that Justin.

Pattie paid for the necklace then whe wrapped it around my neck.

Pattie: You look beautiful sweetie.

Justin: Yes you do.

I turned around and Justin was walking closer.

Becca: Cant you follow one simple rule. Stay out of the store.

Justin: No, I needed to see you.

Pattie: Someone misses their girlfriend..

I smiled at Justin then gave him a hug.

Pattie: Now Justin, you can't leave her alone for 10 minutes without you needing to see her, What would you have done if she didnt want to go on tour with you?

Justin: I don't know what I would do, especially if my baby wasnt with me.

We all started walking and Justin kept his eyes on me. I rested my head on his shoulder as we walked into a gift shop.

Becca: You should get Ryan, Chaz, Alfredo, And Scooter.

Justin: I'll get them stuff when we leave... BUT for now, i'll spend my time with you.

We went and bought some stuff. Me and Justin got matching shirts, they just said stuff about Mexico. He also got my pajama shorts.

Pattie: Do you guys want to get dinner?

I looked at Justin and he shrugged.

Justin: Can we order room service instead? 

Pattie: Sure, Why? Do you two wanna just curl up and snuggle.

She winked at us and threw us a smile. I nodded then gave Justin a hug. He buried his head in my neck and kissed my ear.

Justin: I love you Princess.

Becca: I love you Justin.

Pattie: Lets go back kiddies, im starving.

We walked back to the room and we all collapsed on the couch.

Becca: I'm going to go get into my pajamas..

I stood up and walked into the bedroom. I put on my new pajama shorts and my new t-shirt. When I walked out Justin and his mom were ordering food.

Justin: What do you want?

Becca: I dont care.

I sat in the chair on the other side of the room.

Justin: Whats the matter baby?

Becca: I'm just tired.

Justin: Well can you be tired in my arms?

I got up and walked over to him and sat in his lap.  I laid my head on his chest.

Justin: You can go to sleep baby.

Becca: No i'll stay awake.

Justin: Mhmm...

Justin started singing 'Never Let You Go' quietly.

Becca: I know what you're trying to do...

Justin: It's working isnt it.

I closed my eyes. The last thing I got out of my mouth before I fell asleep was 'mhmm'





Justin was next to me and I was curled up in a bundle of blankets. I pushed my way out of the blankets.

Justin: Where do you think you're going?

Becca: Just getting a bottle of water.

Justin: Don't be long.

I got up and walked and got a water as i was walking back I got picked up and kissed.

Justin: took you too long..

Becca: Well now im back, wanna set me down?

Justin: I dont want to, but im guessing youre going to make me.

Becca: Correct darling.

Justin: Let's wait until we get to the bed to set you down.

When we got to the bed he set me down.

Justin: We are going to escarae today. The place where we can ride the dolphins and stuff...

Becca: Okay, i'll get ready.

Justin: You just need your baithing suit and your clothes over them.

Becca: Okaiee... I'll go now.

He pulled me back to the bed by my waist then kissed me.

I walked back into the bathroom and changed. When I walked out Justin was holding his hand out for me to grab. We walked out into the living room and Corey, Dakota, and Pattie were waiting for us.

Justin: Ready baby?

Becca: As ready as i'llever be.









*A/N Sorry, We also went to lunch after we picked up my brother, he was on vacation for a week with the band so we didnt see him so.... OMB YOU GUYSS 291 comments to 1000 like asdfghjkl; <3 I'll update when I get come comments.. :D *

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