Brother's Best Friend

Becca is Justin Bieber's best friends little sister. Justin has always been there for Becca and Corey. What happens when they both start liking each other more than expected? Read to find out!


59. Thinking about the future...

I woke up to Justin singing.

Justin: With the strength of our love we can go nowhere but up...

i sat up and Justin was watching TV. I scooted closer to him and laid my head on his chest.

Justin: Hello beautiful.

Becca: Hello.

Justin: You knoww.... we never got to finish what we had started, when Corey interrupted us..

Becca: And then you... fell asleep when I came back...

Justin: What did he want to talk about anyways?

Becca: He heard us making out and he wanted to stop... and some other things....

He wrapped his arms around my waist and pulled me on his lap.

Justin: I love you princess.

Becca: I love you too.

Corey walked into the bedroom.

Corey: Justin? Can we talk?

Justin: Yea, sure...

Corey walked out of the bedroom.

Justin: Well, i might not be back.

Becca: you will, I promise.

Justin got up and walke out into the hall.

I got up too and walked out on to the balcony.

I didnt look down because I was afraid that I would see Jesse again. I looked out at the ocean. It was so pretty. I looked down, I was relieved that Jesse wasnt there. Somebody else was though. It was Selena, she was talking to a person, I didnt know who exactly. I was glad it wasnt Justin though.

Justin: BECCA?

Corey: Justin calm down, she's gotta be here somewhere.

I looked back at the room. I decided that they'd find out either way. I looked down and Selena was walking away.

Justin: Then where is she?

Corey: I dont know, there's not a lot of places she could go.

I started thinking about how Jesse treated me, and how Selena was here now... and how she wanted him back... I couldnt hold it in anymore. A tear dropped from my

I heard a knock at the door. I looked back and Justin was opened the door.

I turned back to the ocean and leaned against the railing.

Justin: Becca, whats the matter?

Becca: I-i Keep thinking about what Jesse did...

I kept on hearing a voice. I wasnt sure if it was in my head. I was pretty sure I was imagining it. I turned around and Justin held me in his arms.

Justin: He isnt going to hurt you.

I buried my head in his chest and held on to him. I heard the voice again. I let go of Justin and walked to the edge of the balcony.

I covered my mouth and turned back to Justin. He held my head against his chest.

Justin:Whats the matter baby?

I pointed to the balcony. We walked over together.

Jesse: Oh You.

Justin: Why the hell wouldnt I be with her if she's my girlfriend.

Jesse: I know oyu might think im just some guy thats obsessed with you're girlfriend, but I actually love her...

Becca: But I DONT love you..

Jesse: Justin, you know how you wouldnt give up on Becca, if she left?

Justin: Yea so?

Jesse: Im not giving up on her...

Justin held me close to his chest.

I was surprised Jesse was being so... so..... nice. It soon faded though.

Jesse: I will be the father of her children, there will be absolutely nothing you can do about it. And next time I get my arms on her, if you come to save her, i'll shoot her. Right in front of you. And it will be all your fault.

Justin lost expression in his face.

Becca: There's one problem though. You're not going to get me.

Jesse: Whatever you want to say babe.

Justin: You wont lay a finger on her, and dont call her babe.

Justin cupped my face and kissed me passionately.

Justin: You're mine, he isnt going to hurt you.

Becca: Even if he doesn get me, try to save me..

Justin: You'll die though.

Becca: You'll be the last thing I see though.

He kissed me again, but this time he didnt pull away. I had to, so I could breathe. We looked back down and Jesse was gone.

Justin picked me up and carried me into the room and laid me on the bed.

He smiled at me then kissed my stomach.

Becca: What was that for?

Justin: Thats where my future kids are goig to be carried.

I smiled and brought his face to mine.

Becca: I love you Justin.

Justin: I love you Rebecca.

He leaned on top of me and kissed me. He kissed my neck and started leaving a hickey in the same spot as before.

Corey: Justin, somebody is here for you.

Justin looked me in the eyes.

Justin: EVERY time...

He got up off me and I started laughing. He helped me stand up and we walked out to the living room where pattie was sitting.

Justin: Mom!

Pattie: Justin! Becca!

We sat next to her and smiled, she didnt look happy....

Pattie: Who is Jesse?

Justin: How do you know aboutt him?

Pattie: Its all over the news... they're saying Becca and Him are secretly dating...




*A/N SORRY I DIDNT UPDATE SOONERR! I had writers block and changed A LOT of things... sorry if its bad Lol but anywayss.... Jesse=Bad News... *

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