Brother's Best Friend

Becca is Justin Bieber's best friends little sister. Justin has always been there for Becca and Corey. What happens when they both start liking each other more than expected? Read to find out!


41. The Picture :D

Jeremy: Ah, you are the famous Becca

I giggled and looked at Justin.

Becca: Famous?

Jeremy: Justin nevr shuts up about you it's all Becca This and Becca that-

Justin: All Right we get it dad.

Justins cheek were turning red. He pulled me closer to him.

We walked over to the table. I sat next to Justin. A few moments later Jazmyn ran over to Justin and gave him a hug.

Justin: Oh there's my favorite girl

Justin looked over at me and winked. Justin and Jazmyn started coloring on a piece of paper.

Jeremy: So, I think I know everything about you..

Becca: Really? Is Justin really that detailed.

Jeremy laughed.

Jeremy: Haha are you kidding me? When ever  we talk he never shuts up about you, when we Skyped he would always show me you when you were sleeping.

Becca: Haha I guess he purposely skyped you then.

I looked back and Justin was looking at me while still coloring with Jazmyn. I faced foward again and Jaxon walked over to me.

Becca: Is it okay if I pick him up?

Jeremy: he would love that.

I reached down and pulled Jaxon on to my lap. He started playing with the heart necklace Justin got me.

Jeremy: I think Justin misses you.

I looked back and Justin was staring at me. He stretched his arms out trying to reach me.

Becca: I have your baby brother, I cant

Justin: Then set him down, I want my Becca.

Becca: Don't be selfish, you can share me.

Justin: I share just about everything, but i dont share my Becca.

i rolled my eyes and turned back to Jeremy. I felt a tap on my shoulder. When I looked over I saw Jazmyn and she was blushing.

Becca: Yes Hunny?

She handed me the piece of paper she was coloring on. Justin walked up behind her and picked her up and held her on his hip. I looked at the paper and it was a picture of me and Justin, we were holding hands and kissing. I had a feeling that Justin told her what to draw.

Becca: It's beautiful Jazzy.

Jazmyn buried her face in Justin's chest. I smiled and looked down at Jaxon who had his head buried in my chest, but Jaxon was sleeping. I patted his back and kissed his head.

Justin: Becca, I wanna take you somewhere today.

Becca: Okay, when?

Justin: Soon.

Becca: I can't, not until little Jax wakes up.

Justin: Beccaaa!

Becca: Im sorry, but your little brother's sleeping and I'm not waking him up.

Justin set Jazmyn down and picked up Jaxon off my lap but Jaxon clutched on to my shirt pulling it up to my belly.

Justin looked at my stomach and licked his lips. He finally got Jaxon off of me and We walked back into his old bedroom. I smacked him when we got there.

Justin: Hey!

Becca: Dont be checking me out

I winked at him.

Justin: But you're mine so i'm allowed to.

 Becca: Im not anoybodys i am my own person.

Justin: except MINE.

He grabbed a hold of my hips and pulled me closer. He put his hand on the back of my neck and kissed me softly, but deeply, and passionately.

Justin: See, those are my lips, thats my face, those are my eyes, that my body, thats My Becca.

He picked me up and I wrapped my legs around his waist.

Justin: When I was holding Jazmyn, I was imagining she was you..

Becca: So thats why you were looking at her like that, Kidding.

He laughed at me and Pecked my lips.

Becca:So tell me again why im on your waist?

Justin: Because you're closer and I want you to be.

I smiled and gave him a big kiss. He squeezed my butt, I laughed as we kissed.

Justin: Im sorry, I couldnt resist.

I started laughing and he kissed me again.

I hopped down from his arms and gave him a hug.

Justin: Go get ready Im gunna take you somewhere...


*A/N Sorry i didnt Update earlier, Today was my birthday so I was busy doing things and such not. Buttt ANYWAYS, Theres chapter 41 Tell me whatcha thinkk! Oh AND THANK YOU SOO MUCH FOR 113 FAVORITES Like WOAHHHH!! I've seen you guys commenting more :D Thank always makes me SMILE:D Love you Boos [:*


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