Brother's Best Friend

Becca is Justin Bieber's best friends little sister. Justin has always been there for Becca and Corey. What happens when they both start liking each other more than expected? Read to find out!


75. The Morning Talk

Damn, that boy was rough last night. I couldnt move, like at all. I rolled on to my back and it hurt, like bad.

Justin: Come back here.

His face was buried in the pillows and mumbling into the pillow, somehow, even when he couldnt see me, he knew exactly where I was. He arm wrapped around my stomach and pulled me back closer to him. I lifted the pillow in which his head was under, then I put my head under with his.

Justin: Im worn out.

Becca: Too much?

Justin: I could never get enough of you.

He pulled me closer to him again. When he pulled me closer my whole body ached.

Justin: Are you alright?

Becca: Yea, just sore.

Justin: I'm sorry...

Becca: Don't be sorry, I just need to adjust to it...

Justin: No, I should be more gentle.

Becca: You were perfect.

He looked me in the eyes then moved his lips to mine. I noticed something.

BeccA: Justin, how'd you get me in my pajamas?

Justin: Im magic..

Becca: Mhmm sure...

Justin: Are you sure you're okay?

Becca: I'm fine, I promise.

I wrapped my arms around him and gave him a hug. He held my body close to his and kissed my head.


BEcca: Shut up, you're too loud, Im trying to sleep.

Dakota: YEA, cause you didnt get any last night.

Becca: Shush!

I pulled my head out from under the pillow and Justin's arms tightened around my waist, but he did it sneakily so Dakota wouldnt notice.

Dakota: Okay, Well you need to tell me about it!


Dakota: Come on! Is he good?

I started laughing and Justin started squirming, trying to hold in his laugh.

Becca: Do I really have to talk to you about this?


Becca: OKAY! Yes, very good, if  he wasnt would I be that loud...?

Dakota:  IS HE BIG??

Now you could hear Justin laugh a little bit..

Becca: Kota...

Dakota: COME ON!!!

Becca: Yes, now end of conversation.

Dakota: URGHH.

Becca: Im not going to tell you about my sex life, my god.

Justin bursted out laughing, then Dakota hit him in the head with the pillow.


Justin: Hey, she knew I was awake.

Dakota looked at me, then hit me with a pillow too.

Justin: HEY! Don't hit her, she's sore, hit me instead.

Dakota: FINE! Justin, tell me about yourself, do you plan on banging her then running? Are you using protection? Are you going to hurt her? IF YOU HURT HER ILL SMASH YOU.

Justin: Umm, You know me already, No, I plan on staying with her forever, and of coarse I use protection, and I would never hurt Becca, well not on purpose.

He looked at me and smiled.

Dakota: On purpose?

Justin: Yea, I hurt her last night, but not on purpose..


Corey: Stop yelling Dakota.

Oh great, now Corey can join this conversation.

Becca: Oh so hows the weather?

Corey: Um, good, what were you guys talking about?


Justin: Dakota was just making sure that I wont hurt Becca.

He kissed my shoulder and smiled at me.

Corey: SO tell me Mr.Bieber, are you going to hurt her.

Justin: NO! You guys know that!

Corey: Sir, we are going to treat you like any other boyfriend. And you called her worthless before.


Justin started getting worried, everytime somebody brought that up, he got more and more worried that I was going to leave.

Corey: Well, you cant be too careful.

Becca: GUYS! Drop it! Before you two dated, you guys always said bad stuff about each other! Why do you act like we're different?

I looked at Justin and he looked more calm. It still made my heart hurt that he said that, even if he didnt mean it, it wasnt right, but I wasnt going to let Justin feel like he was making me sad. It was just what he said that made me sad, but he shouldnt have that burden on him.

Justin: You know I didnt me-

Becca: Justin, I know, it's alright

Justin: No, I should have never said that, I loved you then, I just didnt know you loved me too, so I made it seem like you were nothing, because I never thought you would feel the same..

Becca: Justin, I loved you then, I knew we were friends that were flirty but I didnt think you liked me either...

Justin: Well, you were crazy.

He lifted my chin and pulled it to his. I always felt that same spark like the first kiss.

Becca: I still am.

I smiled t him then went to kiss him when Corey pulled me away.

Becca: Ouch! Back off.

Justin: Careful!

Corey: Geez, i barely touched you.

Justin: Can you guys leave I wanna talk to Becca, alone.

Corey and Dakota looked at us weird then they walked out of the room and closed the door behind them.

Justin: Boo, you dont look like you're feeling so hot... Are you okay?

Becca: Yea, it just hurts a lil bit.

Justin: You dont wince in pain when somebody touched you if you just hurt 'a little bit' Whats the matter?

He pulled me closer to him and looked me in the eyes.

Becca: My body just hurts, i need to get used to it, like I said before.

Justin: Im sorry, I just couldn't help it.. I should have..

Becca: No, I wanted it too Justin.

Justin: But, I shouldnt have...

Justin looked hurt, like he was sad he hurt me.

Becca: Justin, no.

I stood up, it really hurt, like I wanted to scream.

Becca: See im fine.

Justin: I can tell you're faking.

Becca: Dont be sad, or else i'll walk out of here.

Justin: Um, not with those booty shorts on.

I walked over to him and sat on his lap. I tried to kiss him, but he turned his face.

Becca: Please, im fine..

Justin: I just dont want to hurt you...

Becca: Please? You've never turned down a kiss..

Justin: That's true. Can I have another...?

I smiled and pressed my lips against his and he rubbed my back. When he pulled my back closer, it was sore, but it was okay, I was just glad he was kissing me again.

Justin: Im glad I got that.. I want another, and another, and another..

I pecked his lips three more times.

Becca: And MWAH

I kissed his nose and he laughed at me and kissed my forehead.

Corey walked through the door.

Corey: We kinda have an issue....






*A/N SORRY ITS SHORT ;(  I have exams tomorrow, so im going to go study, I get half days for the next three day, so i'll write more, COMMENT or yanoe, i wont update :P SORRY AGAIN!!! ;( It sucks, ik ik *

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