Brother's Best Friend

Becca is Justin Bieber's best friends little sister. Justin has always been there for Becca and Corey. What happens when they both start liking each other more than expected? Read to find out!


1. The Beginning ;)

*It was a normal day in Florida just like any other. My name's Becca. My brother is Justin Bieber's best friend. Me and Justin are close, practically family. * I woke up and something  just felt different. Corey and I were going to get to see Justin! Finally! We havent seen Justin since he went on his believe tour. I ran down the hall and woke Corey up.

Becca: Corey we get to see Justin again!

I ran out just as fast as i ran in. Now let me remind you, its been about a year since we've seen Justin, im nervous as fuck. I dont know why but something has changed about my feelings for him. I just shook it off, hoping it was nothing. After i got changed i met Corey in the living room. We were meeting Justin in about an hour. I was happy and nervous all at the same time. We went to Corey and Justins secret place. As we saw the ranger rover pull up Justin stepped out. I ran over to him and hugged him.

Becca: I Missed you so much Justin!

Justin: I Missed you too girlie!

He kissed my cheek and smiled at me. We looked back at Corey and he was shaking his head.


Corey:You two are rediculous.

We sat by the table that Corey had set up for us three. Corey's phone started ringing and he walked away to answer it.

Corey: Hey I gotta go Kota Decided she wanted to spend time with me.

I saw Justin frown.

Becca: Sorry Justin maybe next time?

As I was walking away Justin grabbed my wrist.

Justin:Hey, Can I just drive you home? I wanna see at least one of the Millers today!

Becca: Yea, Sure.

I smiled at Justin. We said goodbye to Corey and Justin took me up to a tree house.

Becca:What is this place?

Justin: Its a little secret. My secret, I guess  ours now

I Smiled and he took my hand.

Becca: Wait Justin you know I can't Dance.

Justin: Come on. Just try.

He put on a slow song and we started slow dancing. It was really nice having my best friend back. I almost fell out of the tree house a couple of times but Justin caught me. As the song was ending he leaned down slowly and kissed me. I closed my eyes as I felt his warm Plump lips against mine. As we oulled out of the kiss he smiled at me.

Justin: Lets go drop you off

He smiled and helped me down the tree house. We got in his car and drove to my house. We were laughing and singing the whole way home. He held my hand the whole time. I giggled as he kissed my cheek. He walked me inside and I showed him my room. I had just painted the walls a lavender color. I sat on the bed and took off my shoes. Justin sat next to me and smiled. He started singing Nothing Like Us. I turned my face towards his and he didnt even wait for me too look at him, He cupped my face and kissed me passionately. I changed into my Jammies as Justin talked to corey in the living room. I walked down stairs and Justin took my hand and we sat on the couch. I cuddled with Justin. Corey looked at us like we were crazy. I fell asleep in his arms. When I woke up I was being carried to my bedroom by Justin. When he laid me down he started walking away, I pulled him down by his arms.

Becca: Please Stay

Justin: Only if, you be my Girlfriend.

My jaw dropped.

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