Brother's Best Friend

Becca is Justin Bieber's best friends little sister. Justin has always been there for Becca and Corey. What happens when they both start liking each other more than expected? Read to find out!


86. Tattoos;)

We got dressed and walked out to the living room where Chaz and Ryan were sitting.

Chaz: Woooww...

Becca: I was wering clothes, just btw.

Chaz: I know! But you look good in almost nothing.

Justin: Calm yourself, she's mine.

Chaz:I know, just saying...

Corey: Second to last day... sad

JUstin: Yea, then back on tour.

Corey: Then back home... Beccca did you tell him?

Chaz: Tell him what?

Becca: Yes.

Justin pulled me closer.

Justin: Becca's going to go back to Florida for a week.

Chaz: Dude, what about your birthday?

I forgot, I was going to be gone during his birthday...

Justin: I dont know.

Becca: I'll fly to you that day.

Justin: No, I dont want you flying alone, I'll come to Florida.

Becca: But Ju-

Justin raised his finger to my mouth.

Justin: No buts.

I nodded and gave him a hug.

Chaz: Who cares, lets go to the pool.

Justin: Excuse me, I care.

He lifted my chin to his face and lightly kissed me.

The guys walked out and I stopped Justin. I ran into the bedroom and grabbed my clear nail polish.

Justin: What are you doing?

Becca: If you leave it on your skin while you tan, when you're done tanning, you'll have a tattoo.

Justin: I want a tattoo.

Becca: Okay, i'll give you one.

Justin: Lets go catch up with them.

We ran out and caught up to Chaz and the boys.

Chaz: What took long?

Becca: We got something shush up.

Chaz: And what was that.

Becca: A Suprise.

Chaz looked at me then we walked to the pool. I put the nail polish on my stomach, it was and infinity sign and JDB written next to it.

Justin: What did you do?

Becca: A secret.

Justin: Well, I want your anitials on my waist.

Becca: But when you take your shirt off at your concert, they'll see.

Justin: Hey, maybe I might even get a real one...

Becca: Dont.

Justin: You never know..

Becca: Justin!

Justin: Fine then, just put the nail polish on.

Chaz: WHAT!?!? You're getting nail polish put on?

Justin: No,wait yes, but not on my nails, its gunna make me have a tattoo.

Chaz: OOOO I want one!

Becca: First I gotta do Justins.

Chaz: Okay, I want one on my back staying 'Shaz Comers'

Becca: Okay Babe.

Chaz: Thats my girl.

Justin: MY girl.

I did Justins, then I did chaz's, but instead of Shaz Comers, I wrote, 'Im stupid' It was Justin's idea, but, he didnt want to mess it up, so he had me do it.

Justin: See, this is why I love you.

Becca: Even when Im worthless.

I grinned at Justin. It bothered him when I said that, because it would always remind him of the fight that we had, but if everything was perfect in our relationship, somebody would be lying or faking their feelings...

Justin: Beccaaa...

Becca: You know i'm messing with you, relax.

Justin: I still hate when you do that though...

Becca: Well, you shouldnt have said it.

I tapped his nose then walked over to the beach chair I was laying on. I laid down on my stomach.

Becca: Justin, can you untie the straps, i dont want the tan lines to look weird cause of the baithing suit.

Justin: Fine, but if you wanna flip, tell me, I dont want anybody else to see you like 'that'

I laughed at him as he untied my baithing suit straps.

Becca: Thank you.

Justin: Anything for you.

I smiled and laid there for awhile. After about half an hour, I had Justin tied my straps back and I flipped on my back, so my tattoo could start working.

Justin: I dont want to ever leave you.

Becca: You dont.

Justin: I will on the plane ride home, two different plane rides..

I flowned.

Becca: But you're not leaving me forever...

Justin: But a week..

I looked over at him and he was starring at me.

Becca: I promise, it wont be long.

Justin: Even that's too long.

Becca: You make no sense.

Justin: Ehh, thats okay, I love you.

Becca: I love you too.

I closed my eyes, and in the corner of my eyes, I saw Jesse starring straight at me.





*AN SORRY ITS SHORT. It would have been up sooner, but I was watching the news about Boston. And me, my older sister, and my mom were talked about my 'late' brother as you could say.... I might not be able to update a lot tomorrow, because my mom's leaving for Florida and I have to drop her off, then my brother and his annoying friends are going to be running around my house, so i'll have to boy-proof my room... but I'll try my best to Update, sorry for the short chapter and long wait, its not fair, i know ;(.... OHH And since you guys started 'Jecca' My friend made me a poster in are, that said 'JECCA FOREVER'... she's umm...yea..*

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