Brother's Best Friend

Becca is Justin Bieber's best friends little sister. Justin has always been there for Becca and Corey. What happens when they both start liking each other more than expected? Read to find out!


89. Sunrise and Bathingsuits

Justin kissed my head and I looked at him. He looked like he was about to cry. As soon as I gave him a kiss a tear fell on my cheek. I opened my eyes and his eyes were red.

Becca: Baby, dont cry.

I wiped his tears and then I started tearing up.

Justin: Why are you crying?

Becca: Becuase you are, and im going to miss you.

He gave me a hug and I just held on to him.

Justin: Lets make a deal.

Becca: And whats that?

Justin: We talk everyday. Text every minute. And think about each other every second.

Becca: I'd do that every day anyways. And We cant text every minute.

Justin looked at me sad.

Justin: Why?

Becca: You'll be doing concerts and practicing.

Justin: That wont stop me.

I kissed his cheek and he kissed my nose.

Justin: Oh, and you have to facetime me every day too.

Becca: I will, I promise.

Justin: I love you.

Becca: I love you more.

Justin: I love you way more.

Becca: No, I believe I love you WAYYY more.

Justin: Oh really?

Becca: Mhmm.

Justin: Well, I believe you're wrong.

Becca: Well I KNOW you're wrong.

Justin: Hey Im not the one who tried to leave the relationship before.

He took a step closer to me so our faces were cm apart.

Becca: Well I wouldnt have left if you hadnt said I didnt matter to you.

He starred at me.

Justin: Well, I lied.

Becca: No, I think you just hated me then.

Justin: I never have hated you in my life.

Becca: Maybe  it's when i was dating Jesse, you seemed pretty mad about that when you found out..

Justin: Shut up...

Becca: ORR you just loved me so much that you thought I didnt love you back so you just acted like I was worthless.

Justin: I think you're right about that one.

I laughed then put my hand behind his head and held on to the hair on the back of his neck. He put his hands on my ass. I pulled his face to mine and kissed me passionately, but gentle. When we pulled apart he brushed his hand across my face.

Justin: I might die this week.

BeccA: You arent allowed to.

Justin: Says who.

Becca: Says the girl who you want to be the mother of your kids.

He grinned at me and took my right hand and started running me down the beach.

Becca: What are you doing?

Justin: making you run faster and wake up.

Becca: Justin! I can run fast enough.

Justin: Well, if our kids take after me, they will be fast, im just training you to run as fast so you will be able to catch them.

Becca: Well if you're fast, you can chase them.

Justin: Well, maybe i'll be asleep

Becca: Then i'll wake your ass up.

Justin: ORR!!

Becca: What?

Justin: Maybe our whole family will be cuddling in bed.

Becca: Exactly how many kids do we plan on having?

Justin: 50 thousand.

Becca: Justin, we wont have time to do anything except have sex.

Justin: Now you understand.

I rolled my eyes and pushed him playfully.

Justin: But at LEAST I want two.

Becca: Sounds perfect.

Justin smiled at me and pulled my face to his.

Justin: You are perfect.

Becca: Dont lie to yourself.

Justin: Not lying...

Becca: Whatever.

Justin: Guess what?

Becca: What?

Justin: I know a secret.

Becca: When are you going to tell me!!

Justin: Soon enough...

Becca: Justy!

Justin looked at me. Ever since that night Selena called Justin Justy, I mimicked her to make Justin mad.

Justin: No.

Becca: I hate you.

Justin: Awhh, somebody's upset.

Becca: Yes, because YOU

I poked Justin in the chest.

Becca(continued): Brought up the secret thing and now you wont tell me!

He pulled me closer again by my hips. Then he moved his lips to my ear and whispered.

Justin: Trust me, you'll love it...

I looked him in the eyes and he smiled at me.

Justin: Look at the sun.

He sat in the sand and pulled me on to his lap.

Becca: It's beautiful.

Justin just starred at me and smiled.

Becca: What?

Justin: You're just so. So.. beautiful.

I could feel the blood rush to my cheeks and spread across my face.

Justin: And you're even cute when you blush.

I turned around so my legs were wrapped around Justin's waist as we sat on the sand. I buried my head in his chest and he rubbed my back.

Justin: Dont be embarrassed. I love you.

Becca: I love you too.

Justin: Now let me see your bootiful face.

I lifted my head a little so he could just see my eyes.

Justin: Your WHOLE face.

I lifted my head and looked down.

Justin: Lemme see my lips.

Becca: Your lips?

Justin: Yea, they're MINE.

I laughed and lifted my face millimeters away from his.

Becca(whispering): Better?

Justin pressed his lips against mine and held them there.

Justin(Also Whispering): Much.

Becca: Good.

Justin smiled at me and I laid on top of him as he laid back in the sand.

Justin: We should go back to the room if we are going to cuddle.

Becca: Mmm good idea.

I slowly got up and Justin followed me. He took my hand and spun my around. He started dancing with me along the beach. He smiled at me then dipped me and acted like he was going to let me fall but he caught me. When we made it to the room, Ryan And Chaz were up.

Chaz: There are the two sex addicts.

Becca: We didnt even have sex last night.

Chaz: The moans I heard last night disagree.

Justin: You're imagining things.

Justin winked at me and I started laughing.

Ryan: Knew it..

Becca: You're juust Jelly.

Chaz: Yess..

Justin: You aren't ever going to get this.

Justin pointed to me and put his hands on his hips.

Ryan: You know... we could have a three-some...

I covered my face with my hands.

Becca: You boys have fun with that...

Chaz: NO NO NO. We mean with Us and you Becca.

Justin: You arent laying a finger on her.

As soon as Justin said tht Chaz poked me.


He started chasing Chaz around the hotel room and Ryan walked over to me.

Ryan: Hey.. umm.. I have an awkward question...

Becca: go ahead ask..

Ryan: Can I borrow a bathing suit.

Becca: Yea sure, i'll let you use my purple leopard lacey one.

Ryan: Hate you.

Becca: Hate you too bby

We walked into the bedroom where all my clothes were. I got out the bathing suit and handed it to Ryan.

Justin walked in and fell to the ground and burst into laughter.

Justin: YOu are going to rock that bathing suit dude.

I laughed and Ryan walked out of the room and flicked us the middle finger. Justin got up and Jumped on the bed and ptted the spot next to him.

Justin: COME HERE.

Becca: Coming.

I ran over and Jumped next to him and he started kissing me.

Becca: Oh Juju.

Justin: Promise you wontr forget me this week.

Becca: I cant forget you.

Justin: Im going to miss my baby.

Becca: Your baby is going to miss you...

As Justin gave me a kiss Ryan walked in with my bathing suit on. I just about peed my pants from laughter seeing this.

Ryan: Bastards...

Justin: Oh I love you baby.

Becca: I love you too, Forever and Always?

Justin: Always and Forever <3










*AN Okay.. Im going to make the story shorter than originally planned.. I got some 'Un-kind' comments... and they do effect me. They are deleted now but.. yea... So it will be cut short.. Sorry boos :/ OHHH BUTTTTTT!!! Go read one of my FAVORITE movellas 'Made For Eachother' by Bri.Nicole111. I was talking to her on kik and she is soo nice<3 OH and also shout out to MELISSA. Becuase, we're that cool that we sit on skype and talk about random shit ;)*

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