Brother's Best Friend

Becca is Justin Bieber's best friends little sister. Justin has always been there for Becca and Corey. What happens when they both start liking each other more than expected? Read to find out!


69. Special Night *MATURE AUDIENCE*

I went into the bathroom and put on my strapless floral dress, I did my makeup, and curled my hair at the ends. When I walked out into the bedroom Justin was standing there in a suit, TRYING to finish his tie.

Becca: Need some help.

Justin: That obvious?

I wawlked over to him and did his tie for him.

Justin: Im so glad I dont have to do this everyday.

Becca: Me too, because then you'd be waking me up every morning to do your tie.

Justin: You know me so well.

Becca: We've known each other since we were one, I think i would know you well...

Justin pulled me closer and gave me a kiss.

Justin: And I'm hoping we'll be together until We die.

Becca: We will be, doesnt always mean we'll be 'Us' though, no matter what, i'll stand by you.

Justin: We will be 'Us' though, we will be together. Nothing is going to stop me from keeping you in my arms forever.

I kisssed his cheek, but as soon as I pulled away he pulled my face back to his, except this time he held his lips to mine for a long time. When we pulled apart I sat on the bed and put my owl necklace back on. He came over and sat next to me.

Justin: You look tired.

Becca: A little bit.

Justin: We can go later.

Becca: No, no, you planned this for now, we can go now.

I laid my head on his shoulder. He started singing.

Becca: You know what you're doing.

Justin: Yes, and im doing it so you'll get some rest. We'll go when you wake up.

Justin kept singing until I fell asleep.

When I woke up Justin was half awake, and he was looking at me.

Becca: I cant believe you made me fall asleep.

Justin: You just needed some rest, Now you'll be awake.

I smiled at him and kissed him.

Becca: You ready.

Justin: I've been ready for two hours sleepy head.

Becca: I've been sleeing for two hours, becuase of YOU.

Justin: Well then leats leave sleepy.

Becca: Okay Dopey.

Justin smiled and took my hand, as we were walking out the door Corey stopped us.

Corey: Hey, just FYI me and Kota are staying in tonight, ordering room service, she's not feeling well.

Justin: Okay, we'll be back around nine.

Nine? Wait what time was it? I looked at my watch and realized it was Seven.

Corey: Okay, be safe.

We left the hotel and walked on the beach. It was dim outside, But further down the beach I saw lights and a table.

Becca: You didnt.

Justin: But honey, I did.

I smiled at him and kissed his cheek. We walked further until we got to the table. When we got to the table, Justin pulled out my chair for me. Then he went around to his side and sat down.

A waitor came over.

Waitor: What can I get you to drink?

Becca: Water.      

Justin: I'll have a Water too.

Becca: I cant believe you did this.

Justin: Well believe it.

After we ate, the waitor cleaned the table and Justin turned on a radio, It had a disk in it. He played a slow song and put his hand out for me to grab on to. I took his hand. He put his hands on my waist and I wrapped my arms around his neck.

Becca: You know I cant dance Justin...

Justin: Thats what  you said last time we slow danced,and look where we are now....


Justin:Hey, Can I just drive you home? I wanna see at least one of the Crowns today!

Becca: Yea, Sure.

I smiled at Justin. We said goodbye to Corey and Justin took me up to a tree house.

Becca:What is this place?

Justin: Its a little secret. My secret, I guess ours now

I Smiled and he took my hand.

Becca: Wait Justin you know I can't Dance.

Justin: Come on. Just try.

He put on a slow song and we started slow dancing. It was really nice having my best friend back. I almost fell out of the tree house a couple of times but Justin caught me. As the song was ending he leaned down slowly and kissed me. I closed my eyes as I felt his warm Plump lips against mine. As we oulled out of the kiss he smiled at me.


I smiled at the thought of it.

Becca: Fine..

I bit my lip and let my feet follow Justins. At the end of the song he leaned me back and kissed me.

Justin: Now that wasnt so bad was it..

I smiled and Kissed his cheek. We danced to a couple more times before we started walking back to the room.

Becca: I had so much fun.

Justin: Good, only the best for you.

I smiled and kissed his cheek.

Justin: Now, arent you glad I made you take that nap?

Becca: Oh Shush.

Justin: Guess what?

Becca: What?

Justin: I bet there are sharks in the water at this time..

BeccA: Justin! You know I hate them!

Justin: You know I'm kidding!

He picked me up bridal style and walked to the room.

Becca: Do you enjoy carrying me or something?

Justin: I LOVE carrying you.

I rolled my eyes at him.

Becca: You my love, have problems.

Justin: Awh! Thank you.

When we got into the room, and Justin FINALLY put me down I went and Changed into Justin's t-shirt again. When I walked out he was on his phone again. I laid on top of the bed and went on my phone and started playing temple run.

I caught Justin staring at me, in his t-shirt.

Becca: Stop looking at me like that!

 He didint say a word, he looked into my eyes, put his finger under my chin and pulled my face towards him, and kissed me softly. He had his arm around my shoulder and grabed my leg and pulls it closer to him and caresses it. I started to kiss him harder and longer. He slowly started moving on top of me while I slid onto my back. I stoped and sat up a little

Becca:Justin, my brother's in the other room..

Justin: I want to love you, not bang you... I'll be gentle




 I bit my lip and started kissing him again. I felt  his tongue slip into my  mouth,  we both started breathing heavily as I felt Justin getting hard underneath his Suit while he started to grind against me. His motions are in sync with his kissing, I ran my hands through that beautiful hair of his. Then, he pulled my shirt over my head. He started kissing down my neck,  while he undid my bra and it fell off. He rode his tongue up and down my body, and stopped to take off his shirt before he presses his body against me.  He stands up and takes off his suit and then I pulled him back down onto me. He slid my panties off and pulled his boxers down.He laid  me down on the bed, spread my legs, and pushed himself into me. He starts pumping me slowly. I felt him inside of me and started to moan softly. But I remembered Corey  was in the other room. I bit onto my lip and breathed heavily while he went in and out of me. I closed my eyes and grab onto anything I could. Slowly, he started to push harder into me. Then he pulled my body closer to him and I started clawing into his back. I fought the urge not to start moaning really loud. Little moans escape from my mouth cause it felt so good. My body filled with pleasure and every inch of me started to contract then… biebergasm.....












*A/N :) Okay, so we ALL knew that was going to happen, and Please, NO negative comments, they will be deleted, and also, if you didnt like it, THERE WERE THREE WARNINGS :D But for all of those Dirty beliebers, I HOPE YOU ENJOYED THAT CHAPTER! I mean it's chapter 69 what did you guys expect :P Okay soo, Comment? When I get enough I'll start writing next chapter :) *

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