Brother's Best Friend

Becca is Justin Bieber's best friends little sister. Justin has always been there for Becca and Corey. What happens when they both start liking each other more than expected? Read to find out!


42. Somewhere Special <3

I got dressed and walked out to the kitchen. Justin was sitting and talking to his dad. He looked up and smiled at me.

Justin: Okay Dad, we are leaving now.

He ran over to me and pulled me outside.

Becca: Bye Jeremy...

I had to yell because we were already halfway out the door.

Becca: Slow down! Where are we going?

I looked at Justin and he had his guitar with him.

Justin: Somewhere special..

Becca: Justiin! Tell me.

He stopped running and pulled me close to him.

Justin: That my dear is a secret.

He leaned down to kiss me and I pulled away.

Justin: HEY!

Becca: It will be a surprise when you get your next kiss.

Justin: That, is not fair, like at ALLL.

I laughed at Justin. I would have walked away but I didnt know where we were going.

Becca: Can we get going?

Justin: I want my kiss.

He crossed his arms and gave me the pouting face.

Becca: Oh No its not going to work this time.

I turned my back to him. He walked into my vision.

Justin: Pleaaasseee!

I shook my head no.Justin walked over to me and pulled me closer by my hips. He leaned his face down to my ear.

Justin: Please, just one kiss.

His voice was seductive and soft. I stepped back.

Becca: No.


I gave Justin a kiss on the cheek quickly.

Justin: Umm, Now you need to aim for the lips.

Becca: You said you want a kiss, Never said where.

Justin came over to me, cuped my face, and pressed his lips to mine. I wrapped my arms around his neck. He put his hands on my waist pulling me closer. We pulled away at the same time and Justin smiled at me.

Becca: You, my love, are an evil boy.

Justin: I just wanted a kiss from my Becca.

He pulled me closer again. I pushed away.

Becca: Lets go wherever we're going.

Justin took my hand and guided me foward.

Justin: Close your eyes.

Before I could close my eyes Justin's hands were over my eyes. We started running forward.

Becca: Stop running, I cant see and it makes me nervous.

Justin: You know i'd never let anything happen to you.

I smiled. After a couple more steps he sat me down on what felt like stairs.

Justin: I'm going to move my hands but keep your eyes closed.

I nodded my head and he moved his hands. After a few seconds, I heard Justin strumming somestrngs on his guitar.

Justin: Okay, You can open them baby.

I opened my eyes and Justin was sitting next to me with his guitar on his lap.

Justin: Let me tell you a story, about a boy and a girl, he fell in love with his best friend....

He continued singing "fall' I listened to every word he was singing. When he finished I noticed a bunch of people standing around us clapping. I looked arounnd and I noticed we were at the Avon theater. Justin starting singing another song. More and more people gathered around us.

Justin: I love you so much.

He set his guitar down and pulled me on his lap.

Becca: YOu know people are watching us right?

Justin: Well then they get to see how much I love you.

I looked over my shoulder at him and he kissed me. I felt so many pairs of eyes on me. It felt so weird, but I didnt care, I loved Justin and he was the only person right now that mattered to me.

I heard a few girls squeal when they noticed it was Justin sitting there. He laughed and called the girls over.

Girls: OH MY GODDD!! I love you soo much.

They were crying and smiling all at the same time. I stood up, Justin looked worried but let me get up. I think he was worried I was going to leave. I told the girls to sit on his lap. There were only two of then, and Justin was strong enough. They sat down on his lap and started crying tears of happiness.

I looked at them and they looked up at me and Thanked me. After Justin sang to them and signed some stuff for them, they got up and ran away screaming and crying happily.

Justin: You're amazing you know that?

Becca: I dont share my boyfriend, but everyonce and awhile the big and famous 'Justin Bieber' pops up, and I have to share him.

Justin: But sometimes Justin Bieber wants you not to share him.

Becca: I know tou loved spending time with them, dont lie.

Justin: I did, but I would have rathered it be you in my arms.

I smiled and kissed him. He squeezed my stomach.

I felt a couple more people staring at us. The crowd was getting closer and closer...

Justin knew I was chlostraphobic, but I dont think he knew I was feeling more suffocated faster and faster. I stood up off his lap and pushed past the crowd.

Justin:Um, excuse me, excuse me.

I looked back and Justin was pushing through the crowd getting to me. I felt to hands on my waist.

Justin: Whats the matter? Did I do something?

Becca: No, its just im chlostraphobic, and they were just coming closer faster and faster.

Justin: It's okay, you're not going to be strapped in a corner.

He pulled me into a hug. Everybody was turning around and coming towards us.

I let go of Justin and started running away. Everybody was Just following us. I ran back to his house and went inside. I felt bad because Justin couldnt come back or else everybody would know where he lives. I ran in and went into Justin's old bedroom. I laid down on the bed and curled up in the blanket that was on his blanket. It was warm and smelt like Justin. Before I knew it i had fallen asleep.


I woke up to somebody squeezing my arm. When I woke up Jaxon and Jazmyn were on each side of me, I didnt move, instead I just laid there cuddling with them. A few minutes later I heard the front door open. I closed my eyes. I hear running and the door flew open. There was a sigh of relief.

Justin: Thank the lord.

Justin came over and sat on the edge on the bed.

Justin: You're gunna make a great mother.

He leaned down and kissed me. I slowly opened my eyes and saw Justin smiling at me.

Justin: Hi sweetie.

Becca:I'm sorry I left you its ju-

Justin: Its okay baby, I understand.

I smiled and h leaned down and kissed me again.

Justin: Now, is there anyway I could get into this family cuddle.

Becca: I'm sure we could arrange that.

Justin kicked off his shoes and Laid Jaxon on top of me. Jaxon held on tightly to my shirt. Justin got under the blankets and wrapped his arms around me.

Justin: You're mine.

Becca: And You're mine.

Justin: I was scared that you left me today, there was a slight part of me who thought that you were going to run away and I wasnt going to see you again.

Becca: Justin i'm not going to leave you.

He tried to give me a hug but Jaxon was holding on to me tightly.

Justin: Hey, I think my brother is trying to steal you from me.

Becca: I think he's winning.

I winked at Justin and he gave me a kiss.

Justin: I dont think Jaxon can kiss you as good as me.

He winked at me then we both laughed.

Becca: Maybe he can

Justin: Well thats too bad cause those are my lips, not his.

Becca: Awwwh is somebody protective.

Justin: I'm always going to be rotective, you're my Becca.

I fell asleep listening to him hum. When I woke up Jazmyn and Justin were awake and jumping around the bed.

Justin: Shhh Jazzy she's waking up, don't tell her.

Becca: Don't tell me what?

Jazmyn: Justin said-

Justin covered her mouth.

Justin: Nothing Baby.

Becca: Tell me Justin!!

Justin: Nope

Justin: Now Jazzy, dont tell her.

She nodded her head okay.

Jazmyn: Justin said he loves you.

She said it fast before Justin could stop her.

Justin: JAZZY! Im gunna get you!

Justin started fake chasing after her and she ran away.

Jazzy ran back into the room and ran over to me. She hopped on the bed and hid behind me.

Justin ran into the room.

Justin: I guess i'm going to have to get BOTH of you.

He ran over and threw me over his shoulder and picked up Jazzy, He took us both into the living room and he threw me on the couch. He sat on my lap.

Becca: Justinnn get off of me!!!

He pinned me back and lookedme straight in the eyes.

Justin: Give me a kiss.

I pulled his face to mine and crashed our lips together.

Justin: I should do this more often.

I threw my head back and laughed at him.

Becca: Now get off of mee!

Justin: Why?

Becca: becuse your little brother is in that room, probably looking for us!

Justin got up and we walked into the bedroom and got Jaxon. We went into the Kitchen and sat down. A few minutes later there was a knock on the door. We got up and walked there, when we opened the door Selena was standing there.

Selena: Ho guys....



*This was supposed to be done A LOT eairlier but I had to go rder my cake, it has My other boo Austin Mahone on it :D YEE! Then I had Gymnastics and Homework, ill try to add two chapters tomorrow :D Tell me whatcha think Guyyss!! <3*


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