Brother's Best Friend

Becca is Justin Bieber's best friends little sister. Justin has always been there for Becca and Corey. What happens when they both start liking each other more than expected? Read to find out!


85. Sickness, and Being honest.

I woke up and Justin was throwing up in the garbage can next to the bed.

Becca: SHIT!

I got up and ran to get paper towels. As soon as I got back into the room he was done. I ran over to him and started wiping his face.

Justin: I can do it, its okay.

Becca: Are you okay?

Justin: Just hung-over.. Wait...

Becca: Let me get you water.

Justin: Wait! I have a question for you.

Becca: Ask me later, right now im going to get you a water.

I ran out to the kitchen area and got a water bottle and ran back to the bedroom.

Becca: Here, drink.

Justin: Wait-

Becca: Please just take a drink, I want you to feel better.

Justin took at drink and closed his eyes.

Justin: Now, I have a question.

Becca: Okay what?

Justin: Last night, did I tell you to Shut the fuck up or was that an illusion?

Becca: Well Yes, you did-

Justin: Shit, Becca I didnt me-

Becca: Justin, I know, you told me last night that you didnt mean it and that you would never want me to leave.

Justin: I deserve to be sick, I told mhy fucking perfect girlfriend, that she needed to shut the fuck up.

Becca: Justin, you dont deserve that. You only deserve the best.

Justin: No, I deserve nothing.

Becca: HEY!

Justin: Its the truth, I swore at you, told you to leave.

Becca: Justin, you were wasted, I didnt take it personally.

I scooted closer to him. He relaxed a little more.

Becca: I want a kiss.

Justin: Not when Im sick, i'll get you sick too.

Becca: Do you think I care?

Justin: You might not, but I do.

Becca: Justinn!

I moved my face close to his, so only our foreheads touched. I went to kiss him and he moved.

Becca: You just rejected me!

Justin: No, im making sure you dont get sick.

Becca: You dont have cooties! Please just kiss me.

Justin: If I kiss you, I might not be able to stop. I mean.. you're barely wearing anything..

Becca: I think that you want that to happen..

Justin: I do remember those belly shorts.  And that turned me on...

I laid back and started laughing. He rolled on top on me.

Justin: I wonder if your belly still tastes like tequilla..

He moved his face down to my stomach and he licked where the tequilla was the night before.

Justin: Yes it does...

He moved his face to mine and pressed his lips to mine. He started laying on to of me and he moved his hands to my stomach and kissed his way down to my stomach.

Becca: What was that for?

Justin: Thats where my kids are going to be held for the first nine months of their life.

Becca: Come here.

He moved his face back up to mine.

Becca: I love you, more than anything.

Justin: I love you too.

He kissed me and laid next to me.

Justin: One more day... I dont want to leave...

Becca: I dont want to either.

Justin: Becca?

Becca: Yes?

Justin: Where are we going to raise our kids?

Becca: Where we want to raise them...

Justin: I love you.

Becca: I love you.

Justin started playing with my hair.

Justin: Are you happy to go back on tour?

Becca: About that..

Justin looked scared.

Justin: What?

Becca: Corey wants me to stay at home for a week, so you'll be on tour for a week,then i'd find a way to get back to you.

He looked hurt. I pulled myself closer to him and buried my head into his chest, He rubbed my back.

Justin: You have to call me, text me, facetime me, and skype me everyday.

Becca: I'm going to miss you too much.

Justin: Well, if you miss me, just call me, and I'll be there in an hour or two.

Becca: No, I wont call you...

Justin: Becca! I want to know. Promise you'll tell me?

Becca: I promise.

Justin: Now, lets go meet up with Corey and Kota.

Chaz and Ryan walked into the bedroom.


Becca: OUT! And im wearing clothes!

Justin: OUTTT!

They walked out and we started laughing.

Becca: Forever & Always. I promise.

Justin: Always&Forever, I promise too.





*AN SORRY IT SUCKS LMAO but i didnt want to lie to you guys...SO dere you go girlies... ;D I love reading your comments, they're so cute haha <3*

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