Brother's Best Friend

Becca is Justin Bieber's best friends little sister. Justin has always been there for Becca and Corey. What happens when they both start liking each other more than expected? Read to find out!


15. Shopping(:

I opened my eyes and I was in the same position I was in as I went to sleep. Except I was being woken up by Dakota running around downstairs. I sat up and slid out of Justin's arms.

Justin: where do you think you're going?

He pulled me back down next to him.

Becca: Im going to see why Dakota is running around at 8 in the morning.

Justin: Im pretty sure it's cause she's freaking out becuase she doesnt know what to bring on tour.

Becca: Maybe, but why can't I check on her.

Justin moved his mouth closer to my ear.

Justin: Because, today is my day to relax with you, You can deal with it.

I groaned.

Becca: But Justiinn.

Justin: Do you have any idea how many girls want to be here with me right now.

Becca: Then go take one of them on tour with you.

Justin: But thats the thing Becca, I don't want them to be with me. I want you, and only you, Im not settling for anybody else.

I couldn't help but smile. I looked over at Justin and he leaned closer and kissed me, passionately. Dakota burst through the door.

Dakota: AWWWWWW You two are just so freaking adorable.

I could feel my face getting red. Justin kissed my cheek.

Justin: I think you embarassed her Kota...

Dakota: Awh thats too bad, ANYWAYS Becca are you ready to go shopping?

Justin threw me a look. I shrugged my shoulers at him.

Becca: Suree...

Dakota: Okay I'll meet you downstairs in 5, Ill let you two say goodbye

Dakota left the room and Justin gave me the pouty face.

Justin: Becccaaaaaa!!

Becca: Justiiinnnn

Justin: Dont go. Tell her im keeping you hostage

Becca: Justin, I have to go.

Justin: All I gotta say is you better be back by 5.

Becca: I will. I promise.

I ran to my bathroom and got changed into my t-shirt and shorts. I ran out of the bathroom and Justin stopped me.

Justin: Promise?

Becca: I promise.

He gave me a kiss and walked into the bathroom. I ran downstairs with the keys to my car. Just as we were walking out Justin ran to us.

Becca: Justin.

Justin: I just wanted to give you a kiss and say goodbye.

He gave me a kiss and handed me the keys to his car.

Becca: What?

Justin: Just take it.

Becca: Nope, no way, not happening.

Justin: Yes,  please just take the car.

Dakota was so excited becuse she knew I wouldnt be able to leave if I didnt take his car.

Becca: Fine.

Justin and Dakota both smiled huge smiles. We started to walk out.

Becca: Justin, one last question, why do you want me to take the car so badly?

Justin: Because, you have a certain smell thats calming, and my car will now smell like you, and what's mine is yours.

Dakota: AWH Thats the cutest thing ever!

I gave Justin a hug and A Kiss and then we left. When we got in the car Dakota opened the consol and found a few pictures of me and Justin while she was looking for music.

Dakota: Most adorable thing EVER.

Becca: Awh (: That is adorable.

Dakota found A CD and put it in the CD player. It was Justin on the CD but it must have been the believe acoustic album, it wasn't released yet, because they had to work some things out.

Dakota: Wow, he is an amazing singer.

Becca: Yea, i know right?

Dakota: Does he sing to you?

Becca: Yea all the time, okay we're here.

When we got into the mall Dakota dragged me into a couple stores. We got some sweats, baithing suits, dresses, shoes,and jackets. We were checking out at Victoria's Secret with our yoga pants and other stuff when Dakota started screming. We checked out and Dakota was following a crowd of girls.

Becca: Please exlain to me what we are doing?

Dakota:  Its Justin!!

It all made sense, all the girls screaming, chasing one main person. As soon as I realized it was Justin I started laughing.

Becca: What is he doing here?

Dakota: OH MY GOD!! Today is the release of the Believe Acoustic album!! It makes sense now.

I looked back at Justin and caught a glimpse of him. He looked at me at the exact same time.

Justin: Becca!!

He started running toward me, the fans followed. As he ran by me he grabbed my arm and had me run with him, I could tell Dakota was enjoying the attention. We made it to the middle of the mall onto the stage that was set up. He pulled me up on stage with him and Dakota followed.

Justin called for security.

Justin: I just came to surprise some fans, but this isnt going to work out to well...

After Signing some CDs and taking some pictures We finally got to leave peacefully. Justin Drove us home and when we got back it was 6.

Justin: that was a LONG day

Becca: Thanks to you, it was longer than it was supposed to be.

Justin: Both of you guys go get ready.

Becca: For what?

Justin: Me and Corey are taking you somewhere special.... Just go get ready..

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