Brother's Best Friend

Becca is Justin Bieber's best friends little sister. Justin has always been there for Becca and Corey. What happens when they both start liking each other more than expected? Read to find out!


90. Saying Goodbye


Justin: Lemme get a picture first.

Ryan: Dude, i'll break-

Justin: Break what? I can always buy a new one.

A smirk appeared on Ryan's face.

Ryan: I'll break Becca.

Justin: You wont touch Becca. OR i'll kill you.

Justin wrapped his arms around me and held on to me.

Ryan: Come at me bro.

Justin: No, i'd rather not.

Justin chuckled and kissed my face.

Becca: Aww, poor Ryan has to wearr a girls bathing suit.

I winked at him.

Ryan: You got the good dare, to have sex, and I on the other hand have to wear a ladies bathing suit.

Becca: SO you want ot have sex with Justin is what you're saying?

Ryan: NO. I'd rather fuck you.

Justin: First Of all I dont fuck her. I LOVE her.

Ryan: Well I love her.

Justin: I mean I Make Love to her.

Ryan: thats just a nice way to say you fuck her.

Justin: NO, fucking her is just when you bang her, I make love to her.

Justin kissed my cheek and i kissed him back.

Becca: He loves me, not fucks me.

Ryan: Mhmm.

I laughed and laid my head on Justin's sholder and kissed his neck.

Justin: DO you really wanna get me in that mood?

Ryan: You mean the fucking Oops.. I mean Love making mood.

Becca: All I did was kiss your neck.

Justin: But that turns me on.

Becca: Get outta here.

I pushed his chest playfully.

Justin: As long as you come with me.

I laughed and we started walking to the pool. Everybody laughed at Ryan and started taking pictures. I laughed and held on to Justin's arm. I didnt want to let go of him, no now, and Not ever.


The rest of the day me and Justin just talked and cuddled. When we went to eat it was just us two. and as the days hours passed, I realized Justin was all I wanted, all I needed. And not being with him for a week was going to kill me. As we got back to the room, I packed all of my stuff up. Justin watched me carefully. Once I finished I crawled over to the bed with him and laid on top of him.

Becca: I'm going to miss you.

He ran his hand through my hair and kissed my head.

Justin: I dont want to go to sleep, becuase when I wake up, it'll be time to go.

Becca: I love you Justin.

Justin: I love you too, one week...

Becca: One week...

Justin: Baby..

Becca: Yes?

Justin: Dont fall in love with anybody while im gone, okay?

Becca: I could never love another like I love you.

Justin: Promise?

Becca: Thats a promise.

He kissed my head and I closed my eyes.~~~ Within what seemed like minutes, I was awoken again. It was a sad morning. Justin and I were leaving Paridise, and going two seperate ways. But only for a week. Which seemed too long.

Justin: I dont want to leave.

Becca: We can always come back.

Justin: No, I mean, I dont want to leave you.

I gave him a hug and held on to him untill a worker came over to us.

Man: Your limo is waiting for you.

Justin and I got into the limo. Even though there was SOOO much room, Justin pulled me on to his lap and held on to me. I listened to him sing as we drove there. When we got to the airport, Our planes were leaving in an hour. We were riding different planes though. As we were about to go two different ways I held on to him and I just started crying.

Justin: Everything's going to be alright.

Becca: I hate goodbyes.

I cried into his neck and he held me close. He kept kissing my hair. I looked at him finally as we were spreading apart. Justin's eyes were red too. I moved closer to him again and gave him a kiss. He held the kiss for a minute. When we pulled our faces away I looked straight at him as our foreheads still touched. He put his hand up to my cheek and touched our noses together.

Justin: I love you.

Becca: I love you too.

Justin kissed me again, but this time more passionate than the one before. But when he kissed me, it felt like time stopped. My mind kept going through everything that could happen. Maybe Justin would fall in love with a belieber, maybe Selena would get him back, maybe he would just stop loving me, maybe his plane would crash, or maybe he just never loved me and he was just messing with me.

Justin: Whats the matter?

Becca: Huh?

Justin: SOmething's wrong.

Becca: Nothing.

Justin: Tell me.

Becca: My mind, is pshycing me out. Making me think of all the bad things that could happen...

Justin: Like what?

Becca: That you never loved me.. and you are just messing with me.

Justin: Boo, I would never do that to you-

Worker: You might want to go to your gates before your planes leave without you.

Becca: I guess this is goodbye..

More tears slipped from my eyes.

Justin: Baby, I promise, i wont let anything happen to you, and you'll be fine without me.

I started breathing heavy.

Becca: I'll be fine, but I wont be happy.

I pressed my lips against Justins once more.

Becca: Forever and Always.

Justin: Always and Forever.

My hands left his and I turned around and walked on to my plane. But as I took a glance back, Justin was starting to cry. I turned back around and walked on to the plane. And as I watch Justin slip away, the last thing I was thinking, was about how bad my life was going to be for the next week, and how much he meant to me. As I was turning off my phone for the ride, It buzzed I looked and my twitter was blowing up.

@justinbieber~ I miss my baby.









*AN Sorry its short, but it has a lot of meaning to it, This IS NOT the last chapter NOT the last chapter. I have been reading all of your comments and they are all so lovely <3 Thank you guys so much for the support. It really means a lot. I will update tomorrow lovies. And I dont mind if the comments are long, I love reading them <3 Night Boos*

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