Brother's Best Friend

Becca is Justin Bieber's best friends little sister. Justin has always been there for Becca and Corey. What happens when they both start liking each other more than expected? Read to find out!


51. Safety

After I felt the tear, I started crying too. Justin held me in his arms for a few minutes.

Justin: I'm never going to let you go, you're never going to leave my amrs.

Becca: What if I have to go to the bathroom?

Justin and I both started laughed.

Justin: Well, we can make an exception for that.

He bent down and kissed me.

Justin: I love you, more than anything.

Becca: I love Justin.

Justin picked me up.

Becca: WHat are you doing!

Justin: We are going to cuddle.

He carried me to the bedroom and laid me on the bed. He crawled on top of me and gave me a kiss.

He flopped over next to me and wrapped his arms around me. I faced him and wrapped my arms around his neck.

Becca: Forever and Always.

Justin: Always and Forever.

I moved my face closer to his, inches apart.

Justin: What if Jesse gets you back? What if he is the father of your children?

Becca: He never will.

Justin: Never say never.

Becca: Justin, when we are talking about me leaving you, that needs the word 'Never'

Justin pulled me closer and held me there. After a few minutes I could hear him snoring.

Becca: Oh Justin.

I wanted to get up, but I didnt want to disturb Justin. I decided to slowly slide out of his arms. I put a pillow where I was. When I broke free I started crying. It was my fault that Justin was sad, it was my fault he was crying. And to top it off Jesse is somewhere in the resort, probably stalking us, well specifically me.

I walked out on to the porch. I looked at the ocean, wondering what it would be like if I could just disappear, never have existed. Basically I wanted to die because I was hurting Justin.

When I looked down at the sidewalk, the one and only Jesse was there.

Jesse: Like Romeo and Juliette.

Becca: Leave me alone.

Jesse: You leave Justin or I'll hurt him instead.

Becca: You wont lay a finger on him.

Jesse: Fist, bullet, knife, any of them or all of them.

Becca: I'll call the police.

Jesse: Haha, I have people that will do that for me.

Becca: I'll tell the cops it was you.

Jesse: No Proof. Now Babe, if you love Justin and you dont want him to get hurt, i'd leave right now, the sooner the less he gets hurt.

Now I was hurt. I COULDNT leave Justin, and I couldnt let Jesse hurt him.

Becca: Fine, i'll leave.

Jesse: And Oh, if you tell him why, then he gets hurt still.

I started crying even harder and I ran inside.

Justin was standing there when I ran in. He pulled me into a hug. I buried my head in his chest.

Justin: What's the matter baby?

I couldnt do this, I couldnt, but I had to. I looked him in the eyes.

Becca: I-Im leaving.

I pushed away from him.

Justin: What the hell do you mean your leaving.

Becca: I'm leaving.

Justin: Why? What happened? Did I do something wrong?

Becca: You did absolutely nothing. Im leaving so nothing will happen to you.

I ran into the bedroom and got my clothes together.

When I looked back at Justin he was crying.

Justin: Stop, you cant do this.

Becca: I just want you to be safe.

Justin: What happened to Forever and Always?

Becca: If I tell you you'll get hurt.

Justin: Becca, you're hurting me the most by leaving.

He fell to his knees and started begging me to stay.

Becca: I cant Justin.

Justin: I'll do anything, you CANT leave me. I will kill myself.

Becca: You're over exaggerating, im not that important, i've never been that important.

Justin: Becca, you were supposed to be my bride, my wife, the mother of my kids.

Becca: Im doing this for your safety.

I opened the door.

Justin: DONT.

He ran over to me.

I kissed him one last time, then walked out the door.

I looked back and Justin was on his knees, his jaw was dropped, and he was crying.









*A/N OMB IM SORRY ITS SHORT. Just the thought of Justin crying made me cry ;( ITS FOR HIS SAFETY OKAYY!! ;(........

HAPPY BIRTHDAY Abby12 :D I'll update soon Lovies<3 *


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