Brother's Best Friend

Becca is Justin Bieber's best friends little sister. Justin has always been there for Becca and Corey. What happens when they both start liking each other more than expected? Read to find out!


80. Ryan&Chaz

Cody: Stop rubbing it in!!

Justin: What that I have a girlfriend and you dont..?

Cody: Not only that.. but she's your girlfriend.

Justin: Listen flirty boy, she's mine, build a brdge and get over it.

I smiled and looked over at Justin.

Becca: Dont I have a say in who I like?

Cody: Yea, what if she likes me?

Justin: Well thats too bad.

He pulled me closer to him and held me tightly.

Justin: Because,you're mine, and you're not allowed to leave me, like ever.

Cody: Unless I steal her.

Cody put his hands on my shoulders.

Justin: Paws off buddy.

I started laughing. I mean of coarse I would choose Justin but this was hilarious.

Cody: I dont have paws buddy.

Justin lifted me off of him and Cody and him started wrestling. Obviously, not actually hurting each other.

Justin: She-'s MINE!

He pinned Cody to the sand and COdy pushed him off of him and then Cody picked me up.

Becca: Woah, pretty boy, set me down.

Cody: No, I dont think I will.

Becca: Wrong choice..

Cody: NAH

Becca: Justin, hellpppppp!

Justin got up off of the sand and ran over to me and took me out of his arms and kissed me. When our lips parted he started to run back in Cody's direction.

BeccA: No, I want you to stay with me.

I touched my forehead with his and held on to the hair on the back of his neck. When he looked in my eyes he concentrated on my eyes for a few seconds. Then he pulled me closer and leaned his lips against mine.

Becca: Please?

Justin: I'll get you later Simpson.

Cody: No, you're girlfriend wont let you, she'll act like she's your mother.

Justin: I respect my mother. And Becca, isnt what stopped me... I just didnt wannt hurt you.

Cody: Mhmm sure....

Cody walked by and kissed me on the cheek.

Justin: Oh, now you're going to get it!

Justin let go of me and charged for Cody. I started laughing because Justin was chasing Cody down the beach.

I felt arms around my waist and I jumped.

Voice: Hey babe.

I turned around and Chaz and Ryan were standing behind me.

Becca: BABE!

I smiled and gave them a group hug.

Chaz: Where's the bf?

Becca: Chasing Cody down the beach cause he kissed me on the cheek.

Ryan: What do you think he'd do to me?

Becca: I dont know...

Chaz: Dude, he'd kill us...

Becca: Sucks for you boys.

Ryan: Unless you dont tell him...

Chaz: Yea...

Becca: Nope, I dont keep secrets from him, UNLIKE him, do you know what the secret is about me?

Chaz: Yup.

Becca: SPILL

Ryan: No can do babe.

Becca: I hate you guys!

Chaz: Well we love you.

Chaz threw me on his back and ran us down to the water with Ryan next to us.

Chaz: Somebody needs to go swimming...

Becca: DONT

Chaz: Whatcha think Ryan?

Ryan: She needs to CHILL... in the water.

Becca: NO.

Chaz: 1


Justin: HEY release the girl, only I can throw her in the water.

Ryan: Then you can to the pleasure.

Justin: Allow me...

Chaz slid me into Justin's arms and I started squirmming.

Becca: Justin.

Justin: Becca.


Justin: Nope.


I held on to Justin and didnt let go.

Justin: Will it make you  feel better if I go without you?

Becca: It would, but it would make me feel WAY better if you set me down on the sand...

Justin: Nope.

I fluttered my eyes and he grinned at me.

Justin: GUYS! She's begging, and blinking her eyelashes..

Ryan: Grow a pair of balls man.

Becca: Oh trust me, he has them..

Justin smirked at me.

Chaz: What did you say?

Becca: Oh nothing.

Justin: ONE

Becca: JUSTIN.

Ryan: TWO


Chaz: THREE!

Becca: Boy-

I Got thrown into the water, but instead of whining to Justin and swimming back, I stayed in the water and walked farther into the water.


I ignored Justin and went under water and started swimming. When I came back up Ryan, chaz, and Justin all were gone. I knew exactly what was going to happen. I started swimming away. But OF COARSE......






*A/N  Sorry I havent Updated, and sorry its so short. I know, im a horrible person... I've been sick, and sleeping lately. I feel really bad, but im like about to pass out. Im sorry if it sucked, like HORRIBLE. I shouldnt have even published it...*

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