Brother's Best Friend

Becca is Justin Bieber's best friends little sister. Justin has always been there for Becca and Corey. What happens when they both start liking each other more than expected? Read to find out!


82. Prepare

Justin: Come on, we only have an hour to get ready.

Becca: No, I wanna sleeppp

I pulled a pillow over our heads.

Justin: I promised the beliebers.

Becca: Fine..

I got up and walked into the shower. Damnit I was still hurting in the lower region, but not as bad, third times a charm I guess.

Justin: How do you feel now?

I looked back and Justin was standing behind me.

Becca: I dont hurt NEARLY as much as the first or second time.

Justin: Good, I went more gentle.

Becca: Justin, I dont want you to hold back.

Justin: Well I dont want to hurt you.

Becca: No pain, no gain.

I smiled and rinsed the soap off my body.

Justin: Just let me get this..

He reached for the soap and "accidentally" dropped it right by my feet. When he bent down I looked back at him.

Becca: Stop looking at my Ass!

Justin: Im not.

Becca: Justin, im looking at you right now, im not stupid.

Justin stood up and moved in front of me.

Justin: See im not looking at your ass.

Becca: You were five seconds ago.

Justin: Thats in the past...

I laughed and he grabbed my face and kissed me.

Becca: No shower sex, we have to leave soon..

Justin: Uacojlenc

Becca: What was that?

Justin: I was making a noise...

Becca: Special boy...

I grabbed the shampoo and put it in my hair.

Justin:You look like a guy with that hair.

Becca: Does my body look like a guys?

Justin looked at me from head to toe for a few second.

Becca: My face is up here..

Justin: No, you dont look like a guy.

I smiled and he took a ste closer.

Justin: I think you should give me a kiss. Like Now.

Becca: Nothing more than a kiss.

Justin pulled me closer until our bodies were touching and then he pressed his lips against mine. I could feel him getting harder. I started laughing as we kissed.

Justin: Hey, I cant help it.

Becca: I know, I just think its cute.

He kissed me again and I held my eyes closed. After we pulled away I rinsed the shampoo out of my hair and got out. Justin stayed in and washed his hair. When I got out I checked twitter.

Trending Worldwide:

1) #BeccaRocksBiebersWorld



WHAT!?!? Number one trending WORLDWIDE is Becca Rocks Biebers World.

Justin: Whats the matter?

I threw my phone across the room.

Becca: Nothing.

Justin: Becca...

I smiled and walked over and got out my clothes. I had on Justin's V-neck, and my sofe shorts. I braided my hair to the side and put on red lipstick. Justin had on a red shirt and Black shorts on.

Justin: Twinning.

Justin took a picture of us together and posted it to twitter, facebook, and instagram.

@justinbieber #TWINNING

Becca: You're weird.

Justin: Im bieber

Becca: And Im crazy for dating you.

Justin: You will one day be a bieber though...

Becca: Really! When is Jaxon going to propose.

Justin: If he does ill beat him up.

I laughed.

Becca: you do know i'd have to say yes to him... he's so adorable.

Justin: He takes after is older brother.

Becca: Yes he does..

Justin: But he doesnt have the abs his brother does and he also doesnt have what it takes to pleasu-

Becca: Enough said, I get it.

Justin: So therefore, im better for you.

Becca: Unless i didnt want to have sex, then its a toss up.

Justin: Well I feel loved.

Becca: You know Im kidding, I love you more than anything else in the world.

Justin: Even Corey.

Becca: Even Corey.

Justin: Well, I cant believe Im actually saying this, ive never said this to ANYONE, and I never will other than you...

Becca: What?

Justin ,moved his mouth to my ear.

Justin: I love you more than the beliebers.

Becca: Lies. All lies. I dont like lies.

Justin: No lies, just love. You're my best friend, girlfriend, and number one belieber, I love you more than anything else. You are kinda like a little sister to me too.

Becca: So you're banging your little sister?

Justin: Not banging, i dont bang you, I make love to you.

He walked closer to me and gave me a kiss.


Ryan: Yea, and if there are any hot girls, they're mine.

Chaz: I got my babe right here.

Chaz hooked arms.

Becca: Give it up, NEVER GOING TO HAPPEN!

Justin: Lets goooo.

Justin picked my up and I wrapped my legs around his waist.

Justin: Lets go meet my beliebers.





*SORRY ITS SHORT I HATE WHEN I DO THIS. I'm adding ALL names that want to be added. NEXT CHAPTER will be longer, and more exciting than usual, you guys will like it. I hope... HAHAHA... OMFG IK U GUYS DONT CARE BUT OH MY GOSHHHHH AUSTIN MAHONE'S BEST FRIEND ALEX CONSTANCIO CALLED ME! ME! I WAS LIKE FREAKING OUT. Just had to get that out...*

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